About Hannah

The Life Purpose Queen

Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Mentor
Hello Beautiful Soul, lovely to have you here, learning about me.

I am an Intuitive Healer and Life Purpose Mentor. I have been working as a Healer, guide, teacher and more for many, many lifetimes. My gifts are strong, deep, very connected and run back a very long way, back through to Ancient times, when practises of magic, mysticism and Earth based spiritual practises were real, very active and accepted on this planet.

These gifts, live in my blood, they are in my DNA and it is here that I activate my awakening again this lifetime, to serve again, to the highest level of evolution to help humanity awaken back to their true nature.

I live and work by the 12 Principles of: 

This lifetime, I have re-activated my skills through:

Lightworker Practitioner Training – Master Lightworker Level (2005)

Lightfilled Yoga Co-Creator and Facilitator (2005 & 2011)

Angel Intuitive (2007)

Yoga Teacher (Level 1 2009 & Level 2 2016)

Aware Parenting & Non-Violent Communication Since 2009

I frequently visit the realms of:

I frequently visit the realms of:


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