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From July 2019, I will be holding 'Psychic Reading Sunday' in my Reality Awareness Support Group on Facebook. (Click here to join if you're not a member in there yet!)

Psychic Reading Sunday will go for 1 hour and you have to be live to receive a Psychic Reading. I know that I won't be able to get to everyone on the livestream, but if you listen carefully you will receive a message and it will be exactly what you need to hear in that moment. 

I choose who to read, intuitively, that comes through from Spirit and I trust this. 

Which leads me to this page. I was intuitively guided to set up this page here, so when you are needing guidance, messages and help right now, you can come to this page, ask your question out loud or in your mind, then scroll down the page to 'randomly' stop on a video and just scroll the toggle across to a certain point and press play. The message on that video you intuitively choose - will support you with guidance in that moment. 

This is my intention and guidance for this page for you. 

There are only a few videos here for you right now, yet, over the next six months, that will greatly increase and it begins from our Psychic Reading Sunday's, so come along and join us in the Reality Awareness Facebook Support Group - or scroll down to receive a message now.


Psychic Reading & Oracle Healing Videos:

Ask your question, out aloud or in your mind, then scroll down to a video, to intuitively receive your answer ❤️


Please feel free to leave me a Comment below ❤️


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