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Activating timelines, collapsing distorted dimensions and shifting trauma with quantum activation of trusting your intuition, welcome to the

This is a self healing space that steps into certification access because, let’s be real, when you’re called to this work, 99.9% of the time, you’re a leader guiding the masses to Awaken the Consciousness of Humanity in some way, shape or form, that is why, you’re here reading this far. 


The Reality Awareness Members Lounge is your Access to both levels of Certification - Trust Your Intuition and the Advanced Chakra Consciousness Certification - plus ALL content, courses, meditations and activations that you will ever find on Reality Awareness.


As we unlock different dimensions of yourself, you are set free to rage the fire of your passion on the world with your big open hearted spirit that led you here in the first place… to Reality  Awareness - the place, where your Heart meets your Home. 


I know, I know another quantum speciality course claiming all the things, and yes pretty much!


Except - this is not a just a course - I have been living and breathing this for 17 years. I know these realms like the back of my hand.


Yeah, I know you don’t have time for another course and yet… this isn’t just another course… 


This is a Home.


A Healing Centre.


A Career.


A transitionary leap on your journey through consciousness to grounding new dimensions of yourself on this Earth plane.


A place to strengthen that connection that you innately have. 


A place to accelerate the growth of your consciousness, that changes your entire reality. 


This is Reality Awareness, Awakening the Consciousness of Humanity, a mission born in 2006 and appointed to Hannah as the Guardian of Reality Awareness and you’re here.. because,


Or you just wouldn’t be.. 


You see, the healing industry is changing. 


Spirituality isn’t the same anymore, neither is the truth, let alone the world. 


There is a convoluted diluted and messed up mish-mash of he said she said and this is right and you’re wrong mentality and quite frankly 🤢😳…..enough! 


Reality Awareness is here to change the status quo, to appoint you as a Leader of Your Own Kind as you rise into the conscious evolution of your unique individual soul, shining forth on the world, trusting your own intuition and transforming darkness to light by being who you are. This is the


This is a place to heal, to quantum shift your consciousness and activate your Life Purpose, stepping into your unique Leadership with evolutionary Soul Growth.


For the Revolutionaries.


For the Entrepreneurial Rebels. 


For the ones whose heart is set on fire by their passion, who back themselves the entire way. 


For those who trust themselves. 


For those who see the next level of truth before anyone else does. 


For those who are One Of A Kind.


This is a 12 Month Membership with Lifetime Access Advantages. 


This is a place to get access to all content and this includes: 

~ Trust Your Intuition Certification (Lifetime Access)

~ Advanced Chakra Consciousness Certification (Lifetime Access) 

~ Access to All Courses & Meditations Released for 12 Months


Hi precious Soul,

My name is Hannah Andrews and I am the Guardian of Reality Awareness. I am here to contribute to the mass Awakening of the Consciousness of Humanity on this planet.

I serve as an intermediary between Darkness and Light, translating consciousness into Human understanding to usher in a wave of mass awakening, transforming darkness to light and a beacon of truth for all that cross our path at Reality Awareness. 

As an Author, Self-Made Millionaire, Mother, Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Mentor, I have been serving the community since 2005 and love living and breathing this reality, through all it's darkness and light. 

Welcome, to Reality Awareness.  

What is the Investment?


with payment plan options available

Increasing to $7,777 on the 1st January 2023


With Lifetime Access to Trust Your Intuition to Become a Certified Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Activator: 

Trust Your Intuition

Become a Certified Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Activator to step into your Professional Career as a Healer or add to your tool collection. 

With Lifetime Access to the Advanced Chakra Consciousness Series: 

Crown Chakra Consciousness

Activating Your True Spiritual Connection

Third Eye Chakra Consciousness

Activating True Spiritual Sight & Dynamic Clairvoyance

Ear Chakra Consciousness

Activating Quantum Realms

Throat Chakra Consciousness

Activating Your Quantum Being, Transforming Darkness to Light

Heart Chakra Consciousness

The Realm of Your HEarth

Solar Plexus Chakra Consciousness

Quantum Empowerment

Sacral Chakra Consciousness

Ultimate Nourishment & Gestation of Your Unique Life Purpose

Base Chakra Consciousness

Birth of Your Unique Life Purpose & Quantum Physical Reality Activation

Integration Consciousness

Quantum Establishment