Activating timelines, collapsing distorted dimensions, shifting trauma, quantum activation of trusting your intuition and impacting the world, welcome to the

Reality Awareness Members Lounge!

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This is not just any ordinary space - it's a self-healing sanctuary that offers you access to certification programs and a wealth of transformative content. This is the Inner Circle for Reality Awareness.

If you've been called to guide and awaken the consciousness of humanity in some way, shape or form (perhaps you already do whether you get paid for it or not), you're in the right place.

As a member of the Inner Circle, you will receive a treasure trove of courses, meditations, and activations that will take you on a profound journey of self-discovery. You get VIP access to any course or meditation I release over the 12 Month Membership Portal.


This is a place to heal, to quantum shift your consciousness and activate your Life Purpose, stepping into your unique Leadership with evolutionary Soul Growth.


For the Revolutionaries.


For the Entrepreneurial Rebels. 


For the ones whose heart is set on fire by their passion, who back themselves the entire way. 


For those who trust themselves. 


For those who see the next level of truth before anyone else does. 


For those who are One Of A Kind.


This is a 12 Month Membership with Lifetime Access Advantages. 


The Reality Awareness Members Lounge is the Inner Circle therefore granting you access to all content and this includes: 

~ Trust Your Intuition Certification (Lifetime Access)

~ Advanced Chakra Consciousness Certification (Lifetime Access) 

~ Access to All Courses & Meditations Released whilst you're a member in the Lounge. (except for hardcopy books, oracle & tarot decks and master resell rights courses). For example, if I release Transcendence (valued at $555) you receive lifetime access to this course whilst you're a member in the Lounge. 

~ Plus a treasure trove of courses already there for you as soon as you jump in. There is a Reality Awareness Members Lounge Guide Map,  so you can go through each course, understand what you have access to and let yourself absorb it all like the greatest netflix binge for your consciousness ever! 

~ 12 Months Access to the Members Lounge Facebook Group

~ 12 Months Access to Full Moon Ceremonies when they are held


What is the Investment?



Hi precious Soul,

My name is Hannah Andrews and I am the Guardian of Reality Awareness. I am here to contribute to the mass Awakening of the Consciousness of Humanity on this planet.

I serve as an intermediary between Darkness and Light, translating consciousness into Human understanding to usher in a wave of mass awakening, a beacon of truth for all that cross our path at Reality Awareness. 

As an Author, Self-Made Millionaire, Mother, Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Mentor, I have been serving the community since 2005 and love living and breathing this reality, through all it's darkness and light. 

Welcome, to Reality Awareness.  

What is the Investment?




With Lifetime Access to Trust Your Intuition to Become a Certified Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Activator: 

Trust Your Intuition

Become a Certified Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Activator to step into your Professional Career as a Healer or add to your tool collection. 

With Lifetime Access to the Advanced Chakra Consciousness Series: 

Crown Chakra Consciousness

Activating Your True Spiritual Connection

Third Eye Chakra Consciousness

Activating True Spiritual Sight & Dynamic Clairvoyance

Ear Chakra Consciousness

Activating Quantum Realms

Throat Chakra Consciousness

Activating Your Quantum Being, Transforming Darkness to Light

Heart Chakra Consciousness

The Realm of Your HEarth

Solar Plexus Chakra Consciousness

Quantum Empowerment

Sacral Chakra Consciousness

Ultimate Nourishment & Gestation of Your Unique Life Purpose

Base Chakra Consciousness

Birth of Your Unique Life Purpose & Quantum Physical Reality Activation

Integration Consciousness

Quantum Establishment

I believe in unlocking the vast dimensions of your being and setting your inner fire ablaze. Your open-hearted spirit has led you here, to the intersection of Reality Awareness and your true home, where your heart finds solace.


Now, I understand that there are plenty of quantum specialty courses out there, each claiming to offer incredible results. What sets us apart is our deep-rooted experience. I have been immersed in this realm for 18 years, becoming intimately familiar with every aspect of it.


I acknowledge that you may feel overwhelmed by the thought of taking yet another course. However, please understand that this is not just another course. It is a place that will become your sanctuary — a healing centre and a career opportunity all rolled into one.


By joining, you'll experience a transitional leap on your consciousness journey, grounding new dimensions of yourself on this earthly plane. You will strengthen your innate connection and accelerate the growth of your consciousness, ultimately transforming your entire reality.


Reality Awareness was born from a mission in 2006, entrusted to myself as the Guardian of Reality Awareness. And you, precious Soul, are here because you share in this mission. Together, we will awaken the consciousness of humanity and create a profound impact on the world.


So, take a step forward and immerse yourself in the Reality Awareness Members Lounge. Your journey of igniting and living your Life Purpose begins here.