Are you ready to harness the power of your intuition to drive your spiritual business forward?

In the world of spiritual entrepreneurship, the clarity and strength of your intuition aren't just nice to have - they're essential.

They're a required element of your Destiny, of living your Life's Purpose and creating a life that you love, leaving a legacy that you are proud of.

Whether you're just starting out or harnessing your focus for the level beyond the foundations you've built, knowing how to listen to and trust your intuitive guidance can be the difference between a thriving business and one that struggles to make the moolah doing what you love.

Transform Uncertainty into Empowered Business Decisions

Many spiritual business owners face the challenge of making decisions that align deeply with their values while also ensuring profitability and growth. The epitome of doing what you love and making the moolah to match it - on your terms.

It's easy to get bogged down by doubts and the noise of conventional business advice. Strategy is so important in the intuitive flow of business or you'll never gain traction - but marrying intuition with strategic soul aligned business solutions is a skill. It is one that I have twenty years experience and a million dollar+ company from doing what I love, that I pass on this wisdom to you here in Trust Your Intuition. 

Imagine if you could cut through this noise with soul precision, identifying the subtle cues your intuition sends about which paths will lead you to the ultimate success in your Life Purpose Business. Only you can hear the whispers of your own Soul and only you can distinguish that voice. It is here, in Trust Your Intuition you become a Master at the voice of your own intuitive Soul. 

Trust Your Intuition is designed to empower you with the tools to not only listen to your inner voice but to trust it fully and have the courage to carry out what your intuition is guiding you for your Unique Life Purpose Business. This transformative life & business changing program will help you:

  •  Strategic Intuitive Skills: Learn practical techniques to discern genuine intuitive insights from everyday thoughts, helping you make informed, confident decisions about your business's direction.
  •  Energy Dynamics Mastery: Gain a deep understanding of the energetic dynamics in your business and learn strategies to maintain your spiritual equilibrium, even when facing business challenges.
  •  Communication Clarity: Develop skills to communicate your vision and values clearly and persuasively, attracting clients and partnerships that resonate with your unique mission.

Step into Your Power as a Spiritual Entrepreneur

With 'Trust Your Intuition,' you're not just learning to use your intuition; you're integrating it into the foundation of your business practices.


This course offers you a clear pathway to:

  •  Aligning Your Business with Your Spiritual Values: Ensure every decision and client interaction reflects your deepest values and contributes to a greater purpose.
  •  Attracting the Right Clients: Use your honed intuition to connect with and attract clients who are seeking the unique spiritual insights and services you offer.
  •  Maintaining Business Integrity: Navigate complex business situations with integrity, ensuring your spiritual business thrives in alignment with universal laws of abundance, service and essential business requirements.


Embrace the Intuitive Path to Business Success


What You'll Receive

Comprehensive Training: Dive into 14 detailed modules tailored specifically for spiritual entrepreneurs. These sessions cover everything from foundational psychic development to advanced intuitive healing techniques, all designed to enhance your business acumen and personal spiritual journey.

Supportive Community: Access to the Life Purpose Legacy group, a vibrant community of like-minded spiritual business owners. Here, you will find ongoing support and the opportunity to network, share insights, and collaborate with peers who are also on a journey to align their businesses with their spiritual missions.

Live Interactive Sessions: Engage in fortnightly livestreams tailored to the unique challenges faced by spiritual entrepreneurs. These sessions are a chance to receive personalized guidance on both business and personal growth challenges, helping you integrate your intuitive skills seamlessly into your business practices.

Dynamic Resources: Benefit from a rich assortment of resources, including live group mentoring sessions, video trainings, meditation audio tracks, and a hardcopy training manual. Each tool is crafted to support the specific needs of spiritual entrepreneurs, empowering you to thrive in both your personal and professional life.

Certification Opportunity: Upon completion, receive a certification as an Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Activator. This certification not only recognizes your expertise but also enhances your credibility and influence as a leader in the spiritual business community.

Limited-Time Bonus: Enrol now and receive an exclusive one-hour personal consultation with me (optional). This session is designed to help you clarify your business and spiritual objectives, ensuring you maximise the impact of your course experience. Make sure to schedule your session within the first 30 days of enrolment to set a powerful intention for your journey.


What our TYI Tribe have experienced:

Emma Allen

"Trust Your Intuition online course was brilliant, really enjoyed it. I loved the mixture of the online videos from Hannah, to writing, answering questions, being a part of the support calls and the psychic development classes. The support calls were a great source of information and great support, I had so many aha moments. This course was such a healing, expansive and at times confronting experience."

Tamara Turner

"There is so much quality content and amazing resources. I now have a tool for just about everything that is quick and easy to use. Trust Your Intuition came into my life at my lowest point and I was searching for a way to clear the misery and find a way back to myself. Some parts I flew through and others took me a long time to build the courage to dive into and there were a lot of surprises along the way. My biggest changes have to be my self-awareness, confidence and willingness to just dive in and clear out whatever comes up immediately. My overall experience…. life changing!"

Renee Crittenden

"The change in my energy from taking part in Trust Your Intuition has been amazing. So much looking deep inside at old wounds from both past and present lives and being able to clear away what was weighing me down. Some of the work has been confronting as I have buried so many emotions in the past so I could get through the harder periods and ‘function’, a lot of which I had forgotten."

Trust Your Intuition is specifically crafted to equip spiritual entrepreneurs with the tools to deeply trust and act on their inner guidance. This transformative program is designed to propel your purpose-driven business to new heights by helping you:

  • Master Your Intuitive Skills: Gain the confidence to harness your intuition with precision, making it a powerful ally in business decision-making and client interactions.

  • Overcome Emotional Obstacles: Address and clear past traumas that obstruct your path to spiritual clarity and business success, opening doors to greater personal growth and effectiveness.

  • Manifest Your Spiritual Mission: Step confidently into your role as a spiritual leader and healer, using your business as a platform to impact the world in profound and meaningful ways.

By enhancing your intuitive abilities, you’ll not only improve your personal life but also create a business that truly reflects your spiritual values and mission, creating a life you love.


You get to live your life - on Purpose, doing what you love 🤍

Enrol in Trust Your Intuition 

Are you ready to fully activate your intuitive abilities and align your business with your spiritual purpose? Click the button below to enrol in Trust Your Intuition and gain instant access to our comprehensive course, housed within the vibrant Life Purpose Legacy platform.

Upon enrolment, you will receive:

  •  Immediate Access: Dive straight into the Trust Your Intuition course and start harnessing your psychic potential today.
  •  Lifetime Access: Unlock all current and future courses within the Life Purpose Legacy platform. You step into the Inner Circle when you enrol, which means you get access to everything.
  •  Extensive Support Network: Benefit from live calls and a supportive community that understands the unique challenges of spiritual entrepreneurship.
  •  Inner Circle Membership: Stepping into the Inner Circle means you're always connected. You'll never miss out on the latest courses, meditations, and new offerings released during your membership.

Step into your Destiny, where every step is an intentional stride towards living and working in true alignment with your deepest values - creating a life you love whilst making the moolah to match. Enrol and transform your approach to spiritual entrepreneurship, doors are open now.


What our TYI Tribe have experienced:

Carollyn Darby

"I really enjoyed the pace of the course and seeing how each module unfolded into each other. I found the course heavily packed with information and tangible tools to help myself and others. At times I did find the content too much with so many video’s to watch, especially working full time, however I ensured I stayed on top of the meditations each week so they did not compound. The amount of content was value for money and it was great to have; just finding the time to pack it all in was my challenge. The course definitely opened my skills and knowledge to listening and trusting myself more and realising that I hold the answers and I don’t need to seek validations outside of myself when searching for answers."

Pauline Wheadon

"I didn't quite know what to expect when I signed up for Hannah's Trust your Intuition course, I just knew I was called to jump in. I knew from Hannah's other work it would be amazing. What I didn't know was how amazing! I have been on my spiritual journey for 15 years or so, and this course taught me some new and awsome things I will treasure, explained some old things in such a way I have new insight into my past, I had so many "aha" moments. Hannah's authentic vulnerability made this course accessible and "real". Her meditations are beautiful & I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to step into their life more fully & make the changes they want to make. Thanks Hannah."

Kam Kaur

"My overall experience with Trust Your Intuition Online course was amazing and so rewarding for me. It was like coming home to soul-tribe members where we can grow and learn, excel in our skills/mindset. I am thankful that I found this online course it has assisted me in so many ways, such as I am speaking up more and setting boundaries which I never have done as an empath/sensitive soul. The course content was very informative and eye opening experience for me. Some information, of-course I knew which is why I was drawn to this Trust Your Intuition Online Course. It assisted me to hone in on my intuition, which I did not know before taking the course. It was great to go to live classes and interact with like-minded people. I would totally recommend this course for others."

Detailed Course Overview

Trust Your Intuition is more than a course—it’s a transformative journey designed specifically for spiritual entrepreneurs and those committed to living their life purpose. This program will empower you to master your intuitive powers and deepen your understanding of your spiritual capabilities, unlocking the unique life purpose that only you can fulfill. Each module is meticulously crafted to guide you step-by-step, building a solid foundation of skills and knowledge that will serve both your personal growth and your business needs. Here’s what you’ll explore:

Core Curriculum Highlights:

Foundation of Intuition:

  • Discover, harness and hone the four essential elements for trusting your intuition.
  • Learn techniques to permanently dispel doubt and confusion, fostering a mindset of clarity and decisiveness crucial for business leadership.

Energy Mastery:

  • Navigate and clear heavy energies to maintain clarity in your decision-making.
  • Connect with your Spirit Guides and Animal Totems for guidance and support in your entrepreneurial journey.

Advanced Intuitive Skills:

  • Engage with Archangels and other Spiritual Guides to enhance your business’s spiritual alignment.
  • Master techniques to activate and amplify your intuition, turning it into a strategic asset in business.
  • Delve into Mediumship Mastery, Quantum Frequency Activations, Advanced Healing Diagnostics & Remedies, enriching your service offerings and client interactions.

Clearing and Healing:

  • Follow a comprehensive blueprint on energy clearing and quantum activation to transform not only your intuition but also your business’s frequency.
  • Deep dive into generational healing and pattern breaking, essential for overcoming recurring life and business obstacles.

Practical Intuition:

  • Apply real-world intuitive strategies to manage and clear psychic attacks and negative energies, ensuring a harmonious business environment.
  • Trust your intuition to make sound, ethical decisions that enhance your personal and professional life.

Specialised Topics:

  • Clair Organs: Identify and strengthen your most sensitive intuitive channels, enhancing your ability to perceive subtle shifts in the market or client needs.
  • Advanced Healing Diagnostics: Integrating the core to support long term healing and unique purpose alignment that you were born for. 
  • Deep Trauma Healing: Address and heal wounds from this life and past lives in a manner that supports your ongoing business and personal development.

Living Your Purpose:

  • Embrace techniques for aligning with your life’s purpose, supported by the powerful Moon Goddess energies.
  • Learn practical steps for wealth creation and enhancing self-worth through intuitive alignment, crucial for building a prosperous spiritual business.
  • Develop soul-based, purpose-driven intuitive business strategies to step into a career doing what you love, creating a life and legacy you can be proud of.

Join us on this destiny activating journey and unlock the full potential of your intuitive abilities to create a thriving, spiritually aligned business.


Interactive and Supportive Learning Experience

Fortnightly Live Support Calls: Dive deep into your spiritual and business queries in real-time with Hannah during our live calls. These sessions are invaluable for learning from the collective experiences of peers who are also navigating the path of spiritual entrepreneurship.

Community Engagement: Become part of a vibrant online community dedicated to spiritual and business growth. Here, you can share insights, collaborate, and grow alongside fellow spiritual business owners.

Transformative Bonuses

  • Exclusive Workshops: Participate in exclusive workshops designed to enhance your spiritual toolkit. Learn the ethical ways to cut energetic cords, utilize tarot and oracle cards for business and personal guidance, and create powerful crystal grids, ceremonies and activations to enhance the energy of your workspace and offerings.
  • Spiritual Business Training: Gain access to specialised training that helps you start or amplify your spiritually based business, turning your passion as a healer into a profitable venture.
  • Monthly Full Moon Ceremony: Join the best psychic development class in town. These ceremonies are timed with the full moon to harness its potent energy, boosting your intuitive skills and aligning your business activities with lunar cycles for optimal growth.

Enrolment Extras

  • Immediate Access: Upon enrolment, gain instant access to the entire content library, including a comprehensive suite of meditations and digital resources tailored for spiritual businesses.
  • Personalised Roadmap: Receive a personalised roadmap for your spiritual and intuitive development during a 1-hour video call with Hannah. This tailored guidance ensures you know exactly where to start and how to integrate your spiritual practices with your business strategies effectively. (optional)
  • Special Gift for Full Payments: Pay in full and receive a signed copy of Hannah's book, Ancient Blooded Healer, You're One Of A Kind, a guide to embracing your unique healing powers and thriving as a spiritual entrepreneur.

What our TYI Tribe have experienced:

Renelle McPherson

"Fantastic. It was easy to follow, very insightful."

Gemma Jones

"Insightful, Wondrous, Confronting, Intriguing, Contentment."

Alison Slipper

"This is a very well presented course lots of help."

Ready to Step Into Your Power?

With Trust Your Intuition, you're not just learning to use your intuitive abilities; you're setting the stage for a life of fulfilment and purpose. Each module builds on the last, ensuring you develop the confidence and skills needed to thrive. I am right beside you, every step of the way. 

I am, The Life Purpose Queen after all 🌟

Enrol Now and start your journey towards intuitive mastery and spiritual fulfilment and a life you not only love to live, but can be proud of. 

Transform your intuition, transform your life—join the TYI Tribe!


Ready to Step Into Your Power?

With Trust Your Intuition, you’re not just learning to use your intuitive abilities; you’re crafting a pathway to a life of fulfilment and profound purpose. Each module is specifically designed to build upon the last, developing the confidence and skills you need to excel - not just personally but in your spiritual business as well. Remember, I am right beside you, every step of the way.

After all, I am The Life Purpose Queen. 🌟

Enrol Now and embark on your journey towards intuitive mastery, spiritual fulfilment, and a life you not only love but are proud to lead. This isn’t just about learning - it’s about transforming your intuition into a powerful tool for business success and personal growth to live your Life Purpose. 

Transform your intuition, transform your life - join the TYI Tribe today and start living your dream with purpose and power!