Welcome to Reality Awareness

My name is Hannah Andrews and I am the Guardian of Reality Awareness. I am here to contribute to the mass Awakening of the Consciousness of Humanity on this planet.

I serve as an intermediary between Darkness and Light, translating consciousness into Human understanding to usher in a wave of mass awakening, transforming darkness to light and a beacon of truth for all that cross our path at Reality Awareness. 

As an Author, Self-Made Millionaire, Mother, Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Mentor, I have been serving the community in this industry since 2005 and love living and breathing this reality, through all it's darkness and light. 

Welcome, to Reality Awareness. 

Our Mission is to Awaken the Consciousness of Humanity. 

I am here for the Psychic Entrepreneurs who are here to change the World. 

I train you to Certified Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Activator Level through our Reality Awareness Members Lounge and Advanced Psychic Development is my forte.

You were born for a Mission, you are here for a reason and my Purpose is to keep you on that task through deepening your connection to your Highest Self, your Life Purpose and your Intuition to accelerate you in your business and life.

I am a Healer to the Healers, a Leader to the Leaders and a Teacher to the Teachers. 

I am not for everyone and swear like a trooper when I am passionate about this Life Purpose gig that fires me up at times!  

I am The Life Purpose Queen after all. Queen of our Earth and Goddess of the Night who sees straight through your bullshit and to the truth of what really wants to come out. 

So, if swearing ain't your thing, then it is best you leave this place now. 

However, if you understand the passionate fire of deep Soul led living and ass kicking of you getting your own damn self out of the God damn way so you can truly live your life of pure Heart and Soul led, Life Purpose alignment and pure intuitive flow, then you're definitely in the right place. 

I drop you straight into the truth and won't sugar coat what is really going on under the surface. 

My gift is seeing straight beyond what is hiding and what is buried. I shift it out so you can get on doing what you do best and stop wasting time dilly dallying around. 

I am an Intuitive Healer and I heal you. 

I used to hide that fact for so long, behind a cloak of "I don't heal you, I teach you to heal yourself." - Whilst this is definitely still 100% true and all of my trainings are deeply based in this, I own the fact that I pull the shit straight out of your Soul so your Light can shine instantly and through long term work and mentoring, you come into the full alignment of your Soul's Life Purpose Mission. 

I won't lie that this work is easy. 

Far from it. 

It is like walking through fire with quadruple scarring layers and some, let alone the mud that you dredge through when you start facing the truth of your reality - and let's be real - that's what Reality Awareness is all about. 

Reality Awareness is here to support you through that fire, through the squelchy mud of your consciousness that sometimes you don't know if you can ever come back from that darkness, that your aching breaking heart can even take another breath, let alone see the Light of day again. 

That one. 


That is what we are here for. 

The Light and the Dark. 

All of it. 

Not many are. 

They will shy away from the dark, from the negative emotions, from the things that surface from doing the frigging work in the first place and then walk away when it all get's too hard or love and light it away.  

Doesn't work... does it? Nope.

THAT is why you've found yourself here.

Reality Awareness is about the truth, about the Shadows that are transformed by the truth, by the uncomfortable feelings and some, that you don't know how to work with, that no healer, counsellor or coach can seem to help you with anymore and so you're still just..... well, looking around because it seems that they just don't get it... or something. 

Reality Awareness is here for the illnesses and physical ailments that doctor after doctor doesn't know what to do with anymore, have thrown their hands up, given up or you keep getting palmed off to different doctors and PHEW - ENOUGH. 

So. Fucking. Glad. You. Are. HERE ❤️

Welcome, to Reality Awareness. 

You've arrived here because you've reached a level of your Soul's evolution and growth that normal society nor everything that led you here couldn't help you anymore. 

You've arrived here, because you're at a level of Consciousness that requires Advanced Psychic Development to shift you, to heal you, to activate you and for you to own who you truly are on this planet. Your Life Purpose requires this of you and is exactly.... why you're here.  

I did mention, I am The Life Purpose Queen - this is what I live for. This is, my Soul's Mission and the reason I am here - for You.  

There are two places you can start:


Self Help Page 


Reality Awareness Members Lounge


Or, if you know it's just time to go all in, Trust Your Intuition to Become a Certified Intuitive Healer and Life Purpose Activator or Life Purpose Accelerator 12 Month 1:1 Mentoring Sacred Space is where it is at.


If you're looking for your A-Z of Spirituality, Healing and Psychic Development, you've come to the right place.   

My Self-Help page is a plethora of years of my work of videos, trainings, blogs, meditations, chakra consciousness and psychic readings that you can always come back to anytime when you need that intuition boost or some psychic magic to shift your funk and bring you back to centre. 

Reality Awareness Members Lounge is where you can find us activating timelines, collapsing distorted dimensions and shifting trauma with quantum activation of trusting your intuition. 

I am honoured to have you here and love that through synchronistic events have found your way here to this Soul Food and Nourishment.

I am also excited, because you wouldn't be here if you weren't at a Soul Evolution and Consciousness Level that is ready for this and that.. is something to be jumping up and down about, celebrating you with big open arms and a hug as you enter the vortex of Reality Awareness. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑


My Book - Ancient Blooded Healer is OUT NOW on Amazon, or if signed copies are more you thing, click here:



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