🌟 3D to 5D Acceleration Meditation 🌟

meditation Mar 29, 2024

🌟 3D to 5D Acceleration Meditation 🌟

~ Help move through the recalibration when the Eclipses stir up all the changes in your life that you don't know whether you are Arthur or Martha anymore and your world seems to be shifting through your fingers and you can't stop it

~ Use it when you feel lost (psst, you're not lost, you're recalibrating)

~ Heal the 3D, the violence, destruction and pain in our world

~ Merge to 5D Consciousness - your Heart, Activated, Humans Hearts, activated around the world

~ Transmute Negative Energies

~ When you're feeling lost or in despair, that you cannot see a way out of the issue you're faced with at hand, in particular due to world issues 3D to 5D will bring you back to feeling yourself immediately

~ Anytime the confidence has been knocked out of you 3D to 5D is for you

~ Helps you to not feel alone through the world changes
If you're uncertain about which direction to take feeling distraught from a situation 3D to 5D is for you

~ A beautiful everyday morning Activation if you choose, or as many times as you need to zone in and zone out of the world stuff, so you can stay centred with what you are being called to do through your day, whilst being the beacon in the darkness

Click here for the 3D to 5D Acceleration Meditation: https://www.realityawareness.com/3d-to-5d-acceleration

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑