Healing the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine through Conscious Reconnection
Clear & Heal Generational Karmic Lineage
Clear Ancestral Wounds
Healing sexual trauma and abuse wounds on both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine
Heal Mother and Father Wounds
Heal & reconnect Inner Child
Heal & reconnect Maiden, Mother, Crone
Heal & reconnect Youth, Stag, Sage
Heal body image issues
Reconnect to the Divine that you are
Release resentment, anger and torture wounds from your energetic system that has been passed down for eons of time
Shift, release and heal Past Life Witch Hunt and War Battle wounds that is sitting in your energetic field creating more of this
Heal expelling from the Tribe wounds
Release current unhealthy relationship cycles and issues
Break the cycle for your children and many generations below you to come
Return to Homeostasis
Assist the Planet to do the...
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Realm Attunement Meditation

Do you have my FREE Realm Attunement Meditation?

With Life Purpose Blueprint DNA Upgrades, Energetic Enhancements & Activations to strengthen and build your intuition and recalling memories of your Past Lives, let alone the fact you get to go HOME to your place you lived/were/are from, before you came here on Earth -

YES - I keep telling you, if you put my FREE content INTO ACTION and actually USE it - you will exponentially shift your life. THAT is important to me.

My Realm Attunement Meditation is found in the FREE Essentials Meditation Pack and you can click here to download it now:

This Meditation I recommend doing with concentration (unlike the Internal Compass Chakra Clearing Meditation that you can do whilst multi-tasking like doing the dishes), this one I recommend sitting or laying down to listen to and taking some time after the meditation to write and draw your experiences from the meditation in your...

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A Taste of the Triune God Healing & Integration Meditation


Healing The Divine Masculine - The Triune God Meditation

Put down your hard shell, put down your armour - and let us IN.

Here is the start - and to listen to the end, click here for The Triune God Healing & Integration Meditation found in The Divine Balance:

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