A lot of people mis-interpreted my predictive post the other day..

A lot of people mis-interpreted my predictive post the other day, saying about what if JB won and low and behold he has - and then many people have mis-interpreted my posts - because you think that I am blinded by 'Hannah - he hasn't won - you are wrong! The media made that happen and it is all a scam! Don't you get it?!?!' **cue them unfriending and unfollowing me and eye rolling me 'Ergh not you too' they say and yet... they missed the entire piece...
I saw this two days ago... and it made me exhale... I saw it on a post by The Leo King - someone had commented it in the comments in response to someone else's comment and it made me exhale because, whilst I know a TONNE of Aware Parenter's on this planet are changing the world with this style of parenting... It made me exhale.. because there are a TONNE of people.. just delicately but DEEPLY grounded in the middle..
We are the body of the bird 🦅
WE are directing the wings 🦅
Now, you might disagree with me...
I am not asking you to agree with me. I am asking you to be open. I am sure, if I said - that the very people in power you are hating on - are not open to seeing the harm they are doing, or how closed minded they are being to other people in the world that what they are doing is more harm than good?
Now, you don't want to be closed minded like them too right? So... you want to stop judging every post without being OPEN and curious to the deeper reality that someone is going through or has been through and what they actually know about what is going on?
Many people mis-interpreted what I shared - like I am celebrating the winner - um no... I am watching what is going on. With deep intuitive eye on EVERYTHING...
Just like the Eagle does 🦅 Eagle Eye view of everything yes? We aren't on one side of the Wing... we are in the middle, we are the Body - and that hold's more weight than a wing. Sure, if it tilts this side, it is is going to be going this way for a while.. then back the other way... yep 🦅
However, what you have to realise, that even though it hasn't been officially called yet... You have to remember that since when did things have to be legal, official or real to be going ahead in the world? You have to remember that the court proceedings - can take YEARS! Look at that, they will probably drag it out for 4-5 years hey? We all know court cases can drag out.. so don't sit around waiting for that to be cleared next year - because you'll be in the same position this time next year, probably more angry that you didn't start NOW when you kept getting this intuitive message, but you're not listening... or are you now? 🤔
So push against a door frame in your house to get your anger and frustration out about what you see in the world, take back your damn power aka energy and stop giving it to them - because - they are WINNING by you focusing on the damn thing - with your ENERGY angry or positive - you are giving them energy to tilt that wing just a little bit more. Now, I can hear you saying, 'Oh Hannah, didn't you see the laws getting passed in the world right now?!' And I say, remember, I said, this next 4-5 years is going to be one wild ride?! I have my intuitive eye on it all remember? 🦅
However, what I am not doing is wasting PRECIOUS TIME of worrying about it, because this second in time we can't stop the laws that are being passed (what, are you going to run into their office with a gun and kill them are you?! No, probably not - and as far as I see, that is the only way to stop this madness right now - this second!) So, if you aren't going to do that - then STOP GIVING THEM YOUR DAMN ENERGY!!! That is what they are looshing right? You know this right? You've seen The Great Hack and you've seen The Social Dilemma right? So... why are you still feeding them??
Whilst you're wasting precious time to get ready and focusing on sharing the content that is feeding them, you're missing the opportunity to prepare yourself and your family for the inevitable that is about to come to pass in these next 4-5 years. FOCUS on where the Eagle is REALLY going with what the Eagle is REALLY seeing. I have been saying since January 2020 - before ANY of this came into public light to get ready... so, are you hearing me yet?
Or are you still replicating what they are doing and closing your mind still to anything other than the powerlessness that you are feeling... still feeding them? Instead of raising your vibration and reactions to the propaganda the media is showing you - because they KNOW you feed them with your reactive energy?
If you are worried about what M V mean to you in the world - then make the changes that are going to enable you to live in this reality without NEEDING to get that damn thing. This next 4-5 years will be torturous for Humanity...
But 99% of the time... unfortunately at this time, most Humans need a heavy reality in front of them, before they they are ready to change their life. That's okay.. This is what us Intuitive Healers are preparing for.. this is WHY you are being called into service in your intuitive business and getting on moving with that.
Because we all know the medical industry doesn't heal grief and Intuitive Healers, Ancient Blooded Healers - this is our gift to hold a level of darkness transforming right before our very eyes. I will post soon, about all the things you can do to get ready in your Intuitive Business, whether you're just starting or wondering how to expand to your next level, because you keep hearing all these things about getting ready, but you're not quite sure what.
The other thing I say about get ready.. is exactly what I said before..
If you're on a government payment and know you have to get off it NOW because there is no way you are going to get that thing for money.. Then you start earning money in your own business and not be reliant on anyone. Don't let another day go by without moving in this direction. Right now, you still have time.
If you're worried about food shortages - have you begun your indoor/outdoor garden yet? Right now, you still have time.
If you had to survive for a year, without outside help? Can you?
And if that task feels overwhelming in itself, just know you're learning a whole new paradigm of living. It's not the task that is overwhelming, it's that you're learning new stuff, that is all. Just like when you first learn to drive a car, it is overwhelming as anything, because all these moving parts and outside cars coming at you. But now, you probably do all sorts of things whilst driving and don't even think about it.
Learning to live without any outside resources for a year - is doable. You just need to learn how. One thing at a time. You still have time, but I wouldn't delay it any longer. From March next year - it will be ON. However, the worst won't hit until 2022.
So, get off the Wings, and come into the body, come into the centre and you'll fly right on through the centre of all the chaos over these next 4-5 years, untouched 🦅
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
P.S. If you need help, guidance from any topic, from survival tips and living without any outside resources for a year, to starting or expanding your intuitive business, my 21 Day Shifter Program is the best support for that, click here for all the details: https://www.realityawareness.com/21-day-shifter-program

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