Your Hardships are Your Initiations

Your Hardships are Your Initiations
Initiations, rituals, rites of passage - they are all important turning points in one's life. Except that in today's modern day, fast-paced, hectic society, as a society, we've tended to forget the power and the meaning that these hold.
When you are going through the hardest time of your life..
When you are fresh out of a relationship and you feel you can't go on anymore without them..
When you are at a loss at your next step as what to do in your life, your career or just - why do things feel so upside down, when just the other day, everything was fine?
You know life can change in an instant, but you aren't usually prepared for such right?
When life is at it's hardest and you are getting closed doors or not the result you expected when you are creating something new, starting a new project or business - when you know deep down in your heart, it is what you are meant to do..
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It's not easy to trust yourself in a world that has taught you not to trust.

It's not easy to trust yourself in a world that has taught you not to trust.

It's not easy to break away from the pack, whether that be family, society or a group you once held near and dear to your heart and follow what calls you instead of what others deem the norm and acceptable for you. 

It's not easy to remember the core of who you are, when you shut it down long ago and forgot who you really are. 

It's not easy to trust yourself when the world is screaming at you not to. 

It's not easy to trust yourself enough to walk away from what is not on alignment anymore when you thought you would be there for life. 

It's not easy - but once you begin to, it get's easier, even though you still go through the whole rollercoaster of emotions walking THROUGH it to get there. 

It gets easier to move towards what is in alignment with your Heart and Soul calling. 

It gets easier to say no to anything that feels draining or depleting and say YES to what brings you...

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I am surprised the amount of times I have heard this...

I am surprised the amount of times I have people contact me and say they have been threatened that ‘something bad will happen to them’ if they don’t book into the persons coaching/healing program.

This is spiritual narcissism at best but ultimately? It’s domestic violence and harassment. Threatening someone to enter your program?

If you have to coerce and threaten your clients into purchasing anything from you let alone your programs then there is something blatantly wrong with this situation. I don’t like using the term wrong but when domestic violence is involved no, just NO

#1 - do you really want clients that you have to threaten and coerce into your programs?

#2 - who even does that shit?!

#3 - what sort of program do you even offer that involves threats and coercion in the first place?

#4 - what sort of people are these telling people that something bad is going to happen to them if they don’t?! Gah WTF!

We are supposed to be...

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The theme of self-worth runs deep

The theme of self-worth runs deep... I just found this, looking for something else and feels important to share right now - right on theme for what has been surfacing, deep from within the CORE.
For I wrote a blog before, yet... it didn't feel right... and so I left it... it felt forced, not right, something 'off'... And then I got the hiccups like immediately.. and knew I couldn't press 'send'.... there was something I wasn't saying... yet what was it?
And so I sat, and I sat and I sat some more, and I listened... what is it I am wanting to say? Waves of sadness swept me, yet when I can't seem to 'cry' I know, it's not entirely mine... so I sit with it some more.. then I hit MY core...
"I stopped giving my Love...
I stopped giving my attention....
I stopped giving my god damn care...
About the people in my life...
About the man in my life...
When I realised what is the fucking point? If I don't...
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I don't think puffy eyed cuts it... facing reality head on is what I call it

I don't think puffy eyed cuts it... facing reality head on is what I call it

This has been the hugest waves for me this past few days... massive. So much so that this afternoon I had to stop and just... what on Earth IS this?! 

I have been pushing through... but it isn't that I haven't stopped and that 'Oh Hannah, you just need to stop and take a break.' 

It isn't about that. 

There are certain things that I like to do in a day that I... CHOOSE to do - which has led me to a thing called DISCIPLINE that has allowed my business to reach where it has today from disciplining and CHOOSING to do certain things that allows my Soul to sleep through the night because I am doing those Soul led tasks - EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

If I waited until I was healed... I would never work. 

If I waited until I was perfect... I would never do the thing. 

If I waited until I wasn't emotional... I would never turn up to my Soul led calling. 

Part of doing what my Heart and Soul...

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Spiritual poo's 💩 & RELATIONSHIP PATTERNS ARE STORED HERE - Sacral Chakra

The old patterns are STORED here. The new patterns are stored here. Sounds weird right - in your Sacral? You’d think it would be brain right?
However, at the Sacral - when we talk about this deep seated nourishment, this deep seated contentment, this Buddha belly of contentment - it would make sense right?
We are not just seeing or knowing here, we are feeling it at one of the deepest parts of the core of our being - that place where true nourishment was first EVER felt in this physical life. So of course - this is where the first ‘imprint’ if you may, of what this actually FEELS like, lives. Is stored.
Clean your Sacral - clean your life.
If you want to re-create, re-embed - you know, control alt delete patterns for good - look to your Womb. And the Womb before you. And before that. The Triple Goddess Healing & Integration...
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She decided to back herself the entire way.... and lived happily ever after 🙃👑

She decided to back herself the entire way.... and lived happily ever after 

This last month has seen one of the biggest dawning realisations of my entire life. 

I hadn't been backing myself - the ENTIRE way. 

I think I do pretty good at trusting myself and jumping whole heartedly into things on a whim and diving in and asking questions later. I have built my life and business upon this philosophy. 

Over the years, this has caused me heart break in relationships that I have learnt deeply from. 

But in business, it has served me well. 

Stressful asf at times, but hey, what business isn't? Especially when you are beginning. 

I have been angry asf this last month (you probably noticed ) but fuck I was tired of not speaking my truth! 

About the hard stuff, about the shit I don't believe in and definitely don't align to. 

Why didn't I say anything before? 

Who knows. Although, I deeply know. Soooo many factors I could write...

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111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 777, 888, 999 - What do these numbers even mean?!

111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 777, 888, 999 - What do these numbers even mean?! What about feathers, or gold coins or someone just out of the blue saying something to me?

The Angels have saved me and saved my life, more times than I care to share, or remember. I just know, I wouldn't be where I am today, nor even still alive probably - if it wasn't for their Heartfelt genuine presence since I began to first be conscious of them. 

I have had this book since 2005, well, this is my second copy of it, the other one was even more tattered than this one and a signed copy, that I gave to someone at some point who needed it more than me. 

And then I went and bought another one right away! Then when the app came out I had that too.. but the app is no longer available. But if you see me share the Angel Numbers on my story from the app - it is my old iphone 5 that I have never updated since with my new phones I discovered the new updates, didn't have the Angel Number app anymore and I...

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A lot of people mis-interpreted my predictive post the other day..

A lot of people mis-interpreted my predictive post the other day, saying about what if JB won and low and behold he has - and then many people have mis-interpreted my posts - because you think that I am blinded by 'Hannah - he hasn't won - you are wrong! The media made that happen and it is all a scam! Don't you get it?!?!' **cue them unfriending and unfollowing me and eye rolling me 'Ergh not you too' they say and yet... they missed the entire piece...
I saw this two days ago... and it made me exhale... I saw it on a post by The Leo King - someone had commented it in the comments in response to someone else's comment and it made me exhale because, whilst I know a TONNE of Aware Parenter's on this planet are changing the world with this style of parenting... It made me exhale.. because there are a TONNE of people.. just delicately but DEEPLY grounded in the middle..
We are the body of the bird
WE are directing the wings
Now, you might disagree with...
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I had stopped trusting myself...

I had stopped trusting myself... and I didn't even know. 

Right now, layers upon layers, upon layers are releasing from me. 

And amongst that.. I didn't even know I had stopped trusting myself. 

I had been looking out there to this person and this person and this person for confirmation of what I was doing, for... something... and I didn't even realise I had. 

I didn't realise I had shut myself down. 

Today... layers upon layers upon layers have been releasing. 

It is making me wonder whether it is this 12 month commitment to the liver/gall bladder cleanse I have just committed to, or whether I have just entered into another 18mth cycle, where I am grieving... all that has covered me up... all that.. I LET cover me up. 

When I began online four years ago I was SOOOOOO excited and enthusiastic. I had FINALLY found my avenue, my outlet, the way I can FINALLY reach more than 10 people in a yoga class/chakra workshop and FUCKING CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!!...

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