🌟ALL WILL BE REVEALED 🌟#energyupdate

🦅🌟ALL WILL BE REVEALED 🌟#energyupdate
Is all I keep hearing...
#ofcourse - as we step into Ear Chakra Week in my free facebook support group for our free intuition training!
I keep getting the intuitive message that - you will be shown!
About 12 hours from now, is the peak First Quarter Moon...
The message of when - is that 'all will be revealed by the Full Moon' which is next Tuesday (24th/25th).
If you are feeling:
~ foggy
~ not sure
~ something feels 'off'
~ feel like something good is coming, but can't place your finger on what exactly
~ that you want to break out of something and are very clear about that
~ that you feel trapped and not sure which way to go
~ feel in a bit of limbo
~ feeling SUPER sensitive - like your senses are switched ON, like more than before, that you feel the slightest vibrations going on around you from things you don't normally feel, smell things that no one else can and it is so strong for you, are noticing how much 'inner peace' you feel and how super aware you are to everything, but people keep seem to be 'interrupting you' or 'pulling on your energy' but... you feel that inner peace and deep super awareness at the same time
~ you're senses are SUPER heightened right now - all of them
~ you're feeling the need to detox, change habits and now
~ you're ready to make long over due changes and finally feel that it is time
~ there is SOME forward movement, but something... still feels off, even though you can't place your finger on it
It is here at the First Quarter Moon - that we are planting/tending to the seeds, after the slate has been cleared at the Dark Moon last week....
You may be sensing a lot of grief at this time... whether yours or someone else's...
Or finding yourself moving into a new phase of your life - that you have been working towards for some time.
It feels like the clearing of the past 6 months, the realigning and movement now - is a huge player in setting up for 2019.
Have you even thought about that far ahead?
As the seasons change and we move into the next 'season of our life' - there may be a sense of the new shoots starting to spurt - and - you may find yourself tying up loose ends, cleaning out randomly, whether physical house, or computer/social media and deeply reassessing where you are at right now..
What stays and what goes - and it also feels like there is a part of you that is actually very clear about that too...
However -
By the Full Moon next week...
So don't stress about things too much at this moment in time, don't feel that you need to decide NOW - as more information will be revealed by this weekend then 'finalised' if you may, but our Full Moon on the 24th/25th next week.
And it feels like huge leaps and bounds forward will occur after this time. Almost like, the elastic band, or the arrow, has been released from the bow -
Are you -
Ready? To.... FLY? 🦅
Eagle Energy, is coming through strongly - Flying High - seeing the bigger picture.. but
Breathe. Deeper.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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