๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒStepping into the New Moon phase like ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ

Stepping into the New Moon phase like  But gosh, that Eclipse was like birthing, between worlds, other worldly like jelly, dark portals, light portals and ALL in between right?  

~ Crying

~ Raging

~ Changes

~ Let gos

~ wtf's

~ Deep Elation

~ New welcome changes, blessed feelings and joy  

ALL at the same time right?  

HUGE portal release as the peak of the Eclipse several hours ago, we are starting to breath out and feel the release as the energies of intensity, start to even out - like literally coming through the birth portal and shedding skins - anything that isn't meant to be in your new reality, this new timeline for yourself?  

Just will. Not. Be. There. AT ALL.  


But hey - DON'T LOOK BACK - you're not going that way honey!  

You wouldn't have come this far to look back, would you now?  

Look back in gratitude (after you have honoured it with ceremony, grief and tears, ceremonial release is important - which can take...

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Total Solar Eclipse is coming...

Total Solar Eclipse this coming Tuesday/Wednesday (depending on where in the world you are ) "Unfortunately, that's happening over open water, so unless there's an airplane or boat passing though, there won't be any humans around to see it." - Yet - you've already been feeling it right? 

The past 24-48 hours you may have been feeling like: 

~ the biggest life direction changes you didn't see coming have just happened and somewhat pulled the rug out from under your feet 
~ you are clearing out more than you ever have done before 
~ long awaited news comes in from over across the seas (even from past lives, memories and soul fragments reclaimed) 
~ old flames are heavy in your awareness whilst other flames are so distant, you've never felt this much distance before, but still, they are heavy on your mind/energy
~ new flames, sparking so much intense change, that you are needing to stay deeply grounded in this newness that feels soooo familiar at the...

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#energyupdate RELEASING, RELEASING, RELEASING BUT - it is a VERY different type of releasing...
DARK MOON PEAKS AT 5:55am Monday AEST (I know, 5:55am right?! Talk about change!) (Check my story for 555 meaning )
Soooo much:
~ crying, sooo much crying, so many tears over - seemingly SO MANY THINGS all combined
~ cold and flu like symptoms when you never really get sick
~ extreme tiredness
~ out of the blue ideas
~ Headachy
~ Body aches you don't usually get
~ Feeling like you're going crazy trying to figure things out (tip - you can't/won't be able to figure it out. Stop analysing. These shifts that are going on, are not to be analysing. They are to be FELT. Big difference. Hello Feminine Rising Reality. Get out of your head and into your HEART - this IS what the '5D shift/consciousness is HEART not head, feeling, not analysing)
~ feeling very out of time
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Dark Moon Release, New Moon Intentions

Dark Moon Release, New Moon Intentions

It has felt like the biggest let go, clean out and release ever hasn't it? 

Cleaning out the old, letting go of what no longer serves you - there has been a huge period this past 2 weeks, of letting go of what no longer serves you, but in a way of many different avenues for some people here, I am sensing 3 main threads here: 

If you haven't been coping, you may be in DEEP grief, being triggered by the slightest little thing, you have been set off by any which way shape or form, and not necessarily into your own stuff going on, but by the weight of the world and what is going on around for humanity. 

You may have been set off by outside influences, but you quickly drop into the grief and realise that actually what is being found as a 'lack of' in your life right now, is something huge that you are shifting through. 

You may be feeling anger at certain people or why are they still even affecting you this badly in a way, when...

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When the realisation has come and you canโ€™t deny your Soul anymore...

When the realisation has come and you can’t deny your Soul anymore...
When you know it is time for the shifts you feel deep inside to align in your physical reality...
When you felt it move deeply about 2 weeks ago and you can’t deny that longing in your Soul anymore...
When you can’t allow what was once, to be here in your face anymore...
When those visions you keep being shown in your Third Eye cannot be ignored anymore...
When the longing of your Soul can’t hide anymore, and the call to unite the lost parts of yourself are stronger than you can deny...
You’ve shifted and awakened to a deeper level of yourself...
Nothing is hidden, nor can be denied...
The depths of your Souls Purpose is longing to arise, the internal shift has already been felt, taken place, the fires have long been held...
The longest death of darkness has arisen and your Soul...
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#energyupdate What Iโ€™ve noticed...


#energyupdate What I’ve noticed... on Notre Dame, the collective shift, what this Easter means - this is a big energy update

~ Why you're feeling depressed
~ Why things get worse before they better
~ Seasons of Grief
~ Ancestral Healing at core depths
~ Why you don't just cut psychic energetic cords willy nilly
~ What Easter really means as we move into the Age of Aquarius next year
~ My insights on Notre Dame
~ Why the Witches who were burnt are rising
~ Where were we before Religion
~ The rise of the Goddess
~ Healing Fertility Issues, Abundance/Money and Receiving the deepest love you crave
~ The Fibonacci Sequence with 3's, 9's, 18's and more and why they are imperative to understanding how we evolve with consciousness


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#energyupdate 20th March 2019

#energyupdate I am seeing a lot of people say they are struggling with the energies right now, that it is dark, they want to give up, throw it all in, throw the baby out with the bath water and what's the point to anything right now. Is that you? This past few days to a week?
There are people on highs and there are people on lows and there are people flicking between them both.
Right now there are:
~ huge collective waves stripping the past bare and leaving no stone unturned
~ huge waves of emotional cries, tears, outbursts
~ situations landing in your lap
~ situations being taken away from you
~ feeling like you've been blamed for things you have not done
~ feeling like you've been raped, whether energetically or your boundaries DEEPLY crossed
~ you don't know which way things are going to go and are sick and tired of wondering wtf is happening
~ you might be...
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This SUPER Full Moon is ready to show you, your Sacred Gifts. I feel so strongly this is such a powerful Moon for GETTING COMFORTABLE in your power, knowing that you can't do no harm, when you honour who you really are.
What you fear, you amplify, what you push away, grows stronger, what you try and ignore, only get's louder - so you might as well know how to use it for what you are here to do, the reason you were born
Turn on the light and shine it true, let your power be your Hue!
We will be holding our LIVE ONLINE Ceremony at:
~ 19th February 8pm Brisbane AEST
~ 19th February 10am London GMT
~ 19th February 2am Los Angeles PST
~ 19th February 5am New York EST
Are you coming to BE your Hue?
Click here for all the details, or send me a message with any questions:
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose...
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Have you been hiding your gifts?!?! This upcoming Super Full Moon feels such a strength to not hide who you really are anymore - what have been covering up? Are you ready to truly crack open your gifts, no matter what anyone says?
Do you even know what your gifts are?
This upcoming Full Moon Ceremony I am getting the intuition that this will be a deep uncovering of your Sacred Life Purpose Gifts. Through deep intuitive group collective ceremonial power and ritual delegation of your own powerful truths, this is going to be one powerful Super Full Moon.
If you want to truly own your power, own your gifts and tap into the well that is deep within and can't be held back anymore AND own your gifts without fear they will blow even you away with their amazingness, then our Full Moon Ceremony is calling you.
Full Moon Live Online Ceremony Details:
Our Next Full Moon is Monday 20th...
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There is a strong vibe in the air, you will be feeling super protective over that which you have created, but it is coming from a more empowered place.
We are just about to step into the 3 Day Window of Her Dark Moon releasing, shedding and clearing the slate for the new power
You may be feeling in a time where, enough is enough and deeply standing in your power.
It feels a very strong cathartic release of power today and these couple of days and we head in the Dark Moon Peak and the start of our New Moon upswing.
What is deep in the night, hears Her call through the veils of time.
What is showing you from deep down within, where is your powerful roar coming to show you what is deeply important to you?
Where are you standing your ground, deeply in what your heart knows to be true, not giving up, nor allowing outside...
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