Ascension Upgrades, Rapid Light Influxes, Accelerated Life Changes,

Ascension Upgrades, Rapid Light Influxes, Accelerated Life Changes and all I can do is go slower, absorb more, sleep more and... drink sooo much water.

Did you know that two hours in nature, listening to nature sounds and being in nature completely resets your energy? Say goodbye to anxiety, depression and more at the drop of a hat, by adding minimum two hours of nature time PER DAY to your life and watch it transform before your very eyes and remember who you are. 

I haven't been sleeping much more either even though I have been quite wiped and feeling super 'weird' at times... I have actually been sleeping less. By choice. Not because I necessarily want to, but right now? 


Every single area of my life is being upgraded, shifted, accelerated, changed - EXPANDED.

With support, help, unexpected opportunities and at every turn, there is a huge expansive feeling to every single moment. 

And phew! Wanting to implement so much and all I...

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I got some things to say 🕊

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The energy right now.. is so Crystalline, so Pristine, so Magical

The energy right now.. is so Crystalline, so Pristine, so Magical, so ‘floaty’, so... plasmic, I could describe it like the feeling of swimming fully submersed underwater....

I frequent dive under the huge waves in the ocean and touch down on the ocean floor as the big swell passes me over head, just to, watch them go over the top of me whilst I gaze into the vastness of Her depths whilst She holds me.

This, is what the ‘air’ feels like right now.

Like diving, fully submersed deep in the ocean

Is this, the dawning shift into the Age of Aquarius?

Is this the portal gate or is She here for keeps?

Is it something we embody, activate and stay aligned to, by choice? Is this the dawning era of the ‘garden of eden Home’, we’ve all felt and dreamt of for eons gone by, awaiting the return of the cosmos lineage... in utter discrepancy of totalitarian authoritarianism apparently ruling the game..

And yet, we sit in the vast cosmos of fluid...

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I feel like I haven't stopped...

I feel like I haven't stopped...

I feel like I can't catch up on my work.. 

I feel like I can't keep up on the ideas that are pouring through me... 

And yet, at the same time, I know that what I am feeling right now is expansion. 

It just.. doesn't feel like that sometimes! 

Yesterday was a weird energy day for me - and the day before, so Sunday afternoon Australian time. Super weird energy. I wondered if I was feeling someone.. an ex or something... but then some of my clients and students had posted in my groups and messaged me feeling same sort of weird energy. 

It was so weird that on Sunday night Adaya asked to sleep with me which was out of the blue, given that for 9 solid years she co-slept and then just like that overnight, she was done. So she hasn't slept with me for ages now and she even felt the strange energy. 

When we got into bed, going to sleep, I thought she was watching youtube on her phone, I asked her to turn it off and to my...

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My Shadow was right in my face and I didn't want to hear it...

My Shadow was right in my face and I didn't want to hear it... let alone look at it.. even when the Universe was constantly right there... not going away UNTIL I did...
It has been a HEAVY and INTENSE few weeks... and yet... I was so aware of this heading in from 31st October portal onwards... hence Transcendence potently coming through to support these fast transcending energies shifting us all to the next level of dimension on this planet we call Earth.
With the Lunar Eclipse in just over 24 hours from now.. the energies are POTENT.
Intense potent
Eclipse season is here and this portal of Eclipses? Feels bigger than what we had in Apr-May this year, do you feel them?
Everyone has been waiting for reprieve from the energies, however, my intuition only keeps saying they are only going to increase.
For me, I have been super busy behind the scenes as I am handing over tasks to my team members, that.. begun back in 2018 and...
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#energyupdate #electionenergyupdate

#energyupdate #electionenergyupdate There is a super heavy energy waving on the planet right now... the election drama is the perfect place to draw you in and deplete all your energy... whether you are engaged on the device watching it or not - the energy is strong. The main vibe of the heavy energy is UNCERTAINTY.
Stay tunnel vision focused on your vibe, your energy and most importantly, on your Divine Service to Others aka Life Purpose, to keep your energy free of the 'collective pull' into such a space aka the election drama.
Yes, I am calling it that, for a reason to bring your awareness of such energy.
It is creating a big stir and I understand that it is an important event that literally...
ESPECIALLY in this crazy 2020 we have had that... has been planned for a long, long time.
The 'drama' is a vibration and an energy that FEEDS the dark forces - they THRIVE from this.
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#energyupdate Supermarkets going offline, old relationship threads surfacing, old patterns, feeling like you’re walking in between worlds, waiting but can’t move forward yet, out of time, getting dates wrong, feeling like you’re in 2025, old systems not working, screaming for change...
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#energyupdate 3rd October 2020

#energyupdate - there are two flips right now on this one (there are people feeling incredible right now, and people shedding things they didn't want to let go of, or thought that would ever end - regardless, huge old pattern shedding is happening, some grieving it, and some not sleeping it, some feeling amazing from it)
~ not being able to sleep your usual patterns or sleep at all
~ bawling your eyes out crying and not being able to stop
~ things are feeling blocked, even though you feel on the precipice of monstrous significant life changes right now, you know you are about to be 'go time' but feel so lethargic, tired or unmotivated, even though, you know you have to get on with it (but this is just a thought, let yourself roll with it, it's coming, it's in the Divine plan, remember? )
~ healing from long term 'all of a sudden' relationship break ups that are just all of a sudden 'gone' and you thought.. they would be there forever....
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~ waves of dropping so low, or that it feels like everything is falling apart and the world just dropped out from underneath your feet
~ you can't seem to understand why that person is angry at you, but you won't leave either
~ you may be struggling with a loss of identity and struggling with who you are, what you stand for (because you don't know anymore!), or what you are meant to be doing right now
~ you had it all together and all planned out and it seems that every time this happens, everything changes - yet again
~ you are questioning why one moment you felt on top of the world and another minute you are lower than you've been in MONTHS if not years and questioning everything again
~ you are fed up with your current situation but you feel sooo damn stuck at how to change it, but can feel this entrapment 'loop' that is going on for you and feel like screaming your lungs out at the 'stuckness'...
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#energyupdate Tsunamis, Earthquakes, 'Odd' Weather Patterns, old flames reappearing and disappearing just as fast,

#energyupdate Tsunamis, Earthquakes, 'Odd' Weather Patterns, old flames reappearing and disappearing just as fast, something you thought was long lost has returned and... it's time to take the leap you've been thinking about

Just this week:

~ bloating

~ gas

~ not being able to stop crying

~ shaking in your body that seems uncontrollable and can't stop

~ tsunamis

~ earthquakes

~ old patterns surfacing like *instantly* you are 'in' them, but pull yourself out just as fast, if not for the first time as fast as you have ever done before

~ stricter boundaries with self (being able to say no more easily)

~ huge realisations and downloads about your next steps

~ clarity reigns about a seemingly long standing issue

~ something you thought would never happen in your life, suddenly walks in

~ deep, deep, core healing and shifting from archaic structures 'effortlessly'

This week, I have seen so many share about bloating and gas and they never experience this.

I have experienced...

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