🌟ALL WILL BE REVEALED 🌟#energyupdate

ALL WILL BE REVEALED #energyupdate
Is all I keep hearing...
#ofcourse - as we step into Ear Chakra Week in my free facebook support group for our free intuition training!
I keep getting the intuitive message that - you will be shown!
About 12 hours from now, is the peak First Quarter Moon...
The message of when - is that 'all will be revealed by the Full Moon' which is next Tuesday (24th/25th).
If you are feeling:
~ foggy
~ not sure
~ something feels 'off'
~ feel like something good is coming, but can't place your finger on what exactly
~ that you want to break out of something and are very clear about that
~ that you feel trapped and not sure which way to go
~ feel in a bit of limbo
~ feeling SUPER sensitive - like your senses are switched ON, like more than before, that you feel the slightest vibrations going on around you from things you don't normally feel, smell things that no one...
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It's not just you babe... 

There has been a shift... 

And we are all feeling it. 

A variety of feelings going on for many people I am seeing: 

~ Extreme tiredness 
~ Sleeping for hours and hours (yes, I just went and had a healing done, but I see MANY are sleeping for yonks right now! I was getting the message in my wake ups between my 16 hour stint that a collective wave was going through the planet with energetic upgrades!)
~ Heavy as physical body feeling, like you are feeling the weight of your human body self
~ Or not being able to sleep
~ extreme thirst, like you can't drink enough water
~ Missing people from your past, wondering why it didn't work and grieving them (important to grieve this babe - making energetic space for someone new )
~ Bumping into people that are like from your past, you just know they are reflecting your past, but you are 'coming to this round' with a deeper insight and conscious...

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The past 24 hours have been a energetic chaotic mess...

The past 24 hours have been a energetic chaotic mess... hugely intense emotions/feelings/energy and LOTS happening at once
If you've been feeling:
~ not yourself
~ confused when you don't usually get that way
~ over tired
~ under nourished
~ worn out
~ emotional
~ not being able to sleep
~ ready to take off in new directions and preparing for deep big change
~ elated beyond what you've felt before
~ going to new emotional/vibrational heights like you've never felt before
~ busy and have been for weeks through big changes
~ hearing unexpected 'out of the blue' changes that are going to affect what your future life looks like
~ that someone is leaving your life unexpectedly or you are leaving
It's collective - so take the pressure off yourself! Meaning - we don't 'blame' it on this BUT we take note and take extra care of ourselves...
That can look like:
~ logging off...
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There is an energy sweeping the planet right now... but you don't have to 'buy' it...

There is an energy sweeping the planet right now... but you don't have to 'buy' it... (believe it's true) #energyupdate
It may make you:
~ doubt yourself when you don't usually have those thoughts
~ do behaviours you don't usually do
~ clean/rearrange your entire house and more somewhat effortlessly
~ have contact from ex's in person, phone or dreams - trying to see if it will work again, or if it is truly done now, healing past karma/trauma (and from others that are not ex's!)
~ releasing carried feelings/guilt/anger and more that is not yours
~ feel a deep gratitude for where you are at in your life right now, how far you've come, how much forward movement you feel is about to 'hit the ground running'
~ feel a deep gratitude for your past lovers for everything you went through because it has made you who you are now
~ questioning yourself, when you usually don't even think about that at all!
~ feeling like you need to get deeply prepared,...
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Blood of my Blood, Love of My Life ❤️✨❤️

Blood of my Blood, Love of My Life you’re never separate from me, for you came from my Light. 

Blood of my Blood, Love of My Life, you may feel that the power in your Heart maybe is taking to you to hell with the fury and fire that you are feeling, but the power in your Heart, has the power to bring you to Heaven as well.

We came together in Love, that Blood of our Blood and together that love created more blood - created more LOVE. 

You - dear one, are PURE LOVE and were created of PURE LOVE. 

That has never left you, never will leave you. 

When you Bleed, whether you cut/hurt yourself, or your Moon flow has arrived, your Blood reminds you that you are MADE OF LOVE. 

Blood of my Blood, there is nothing that can ever separate me from you, for even when we pass, your Blood of my Blood returns to the Earth, for that which we also came. 

I am seeing so many people right now, with deep, deep, DEEP Sacral Chakra and womb healing going on right...

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The Lion's Gate Portal 888

The Lion's Gate Portal 888

Today, we have a beautiful Lions Gate opening - has the energy felt beautiful for you these last few days? 

Or has it felt super heavy and draining somewhat? 

I am getting the strong message these last few days, there has been a significant shift - if you pulled card number 5 yesterday in Tuesday Tarot, this gives you a depth of understanding of the strong collective waves surfacing right now. 

There is always significant shifts occurring, yet, you are either aligned with the energy and where it is taking you, looking within, shifting, being aware of your signs and following them, or you are still, climbing out of the slumber. 

All is perfect, wherever you are - because it is all on this same web that I speak of... 

Yet, the message that has been coming through is, that whilst we are all one big web, and all on different threads of this web, the message strongly beaming through this past few days, is there are several webs, and...

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If you feel like a part of you is dying, it is because it is.

If it feels like a part of you is dying, it is because it is.

Allow this space.

It isn’t what you’ve lost, it is what you are aligning to and moving towards.

The Wolf has been strong in my awareness today and the Wolf is the symbolism of shedding aspects and parts of your consciousness that is no longer needed.

Wolf is also the Animal Totem of Silver, in The Liquid Crystals, which is deeply connected to the Moon and in this midst of the eclipses, there is a big space of ‘nothingness’ right now.

There is space, there is a breath almost, where it feels like nothing is moving, nothing is happening, nothing is going to happen, nothing….. is.

Do not be fooled beautiful one - this ‘space’ is the most fertile space there is right now.

This space, this ‘darkness’ is where you fertile seeds in the moist, rich soil is planted.

This space in the mud, is where the lotus flower blooms to the sunny skies above.

If it feels like a part...

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Yep, wtf right? (more on that down below, eclipse energies, first)
As we head into the gateway of the 3 day window opening right about now/today - I always say, 3 days either side of peak moon times - you feel them.
It is like the ‘doors open’ to the lead up to the peak of the actual Full Moon Eclipse time.
You'll feel them through either a grinding type, agitated energy or, heightened sensitivity or anxiety or more, or falling down in absolute tears, grief, losing your shit and more..
With the Eclipse Portal opening, past relationships are coming to the surface, you may be wondering what it is all about, after so long of no contact and that 'you've already dealt with this' and what this means for this relationship to be back in your awareness/contact again.
All that is happening is the bits that are still in your field are surfacing for clearing, that's all.
You don't need to do...
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Partial Solar Eclipse July 2018

The partial solar eclipse portal has OPENED - the 3 day window either side of any moon phases is always significant and a potent space for healing, this one in particular is to do with the Females, Mothers, Female Generational Lineage, Women, Daughters, Aunties, Grandmothers. The partial eclipse is on Friday 13th (Goddess number!) AEST. And our New Moon is in Cancer - Dark Moon on this peak at 12:47pm Brisbane AEST.
It is also the 11th July. And just gone 1:11pm AEST.
If you’ve been feeling:
- extreme highs
- extreme lows
- frantic
- jittery
- overwhelmed
- anxious
- wondering what is going on
- panic attacks
- increased worry
- physical aliments that the doctor can’t find anything wrong
- incredible energy flow
- and all in between
- dense heavy energy, like you are fully feeling the weight of your physical human body in a way you’ve never experienced
- crying at the drop of a hat and...
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How do you know you are experiencing upgrades or ascension symptoms?

How do you know you are experiencing upgrades or ascension symptoms?

I just want to point out firstly, that this isn't about:

ascending out of this planet and leaving Earth
leaving your body and disappearing
going up with the Angels and not coming back


This IS about: 

your physical body being upgraded in vibration
all of your bodies being upgraded in vibration (mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic)
you being able to hold more light in your physical body ON EARTH (yep, we don't need to go anywhere to receive upgrades)
you becoming more conscious and aware of your reality
you receiving deep insight about what it really means to be in Heart Consciousness 
you receiving deep insight about your Purpose on this Earth 
you realising that you change people JUST BY YOUR VIBRATION ALONE (meaning, you don't need to do anything to heal people, whether you are in their physical vicinity or not, your vibration changes people through energy alone, whether they have ever...

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