#energyupdate PORTAL ENTERED - It's wide open baby and we are IN IT!

#energyupdate PORTAL ENTERED - It's wide open baby and we are IN IT!
~ extreme tiredness
~ letting go of anything not in alignment
~ menstrual cycles ON and FULL ON like nothing you've had before and syncing up with so many women you've never noticed before
~ feeling like you have a cold/flu but you don't
~ extra heavy sleeping when you do get to sleep
~ tired during the day yet, night comes and you're awake
~ extra thirsty
~ feels like you are walking a path quite alone, yet, you're so not alone at the same time, total new territory, a total new energy territory/frequency/feeling, very different to ever before, surreal even, like walking in twilight zone or something... this is the portal vibe... be so aware of the intuition you receive during this time - it is powerfully flooding to you for a reason
The extreme tiredness, is that we are walking 'in between worlds' 'in...
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Maybe you've had a shift and then today it feels like WTF IS GOING ON?!?!
You know, just released eons beyond time and space energetic gridlocks that have been keeping Humanity bound for all of time. (Watch yesterday's livestream if you didn't to understand what I am saying here).
When there is release - there is a let go.
When a Mother gives birth, she can let go and breathe out - for a minute
And then she is adjusting to a whole new way of being, with a new being and trying to figure out how to do this new reality - that's exactly what is going on! Adjusting to a new reality!
Remember, that a Mother can cry a lot around this time of birth! Huge times of change, call for grief and tears - let them FLOW. Humanity is birthing a whole new way of being!
Yesterday we released HUGE energetic gridlock. Things feel...
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Call of the Goddess Dark Moon and New Moon January 2019

Call of the Goddess Dark Moon and New Moon January 2019

We are heading into our Dark Moon, the time of shedding, just like the Snakes shed their skin, we too, go through cycles, just like our Mother, the Sunrise, the Sunset, the Moonrise, the Moonset, the Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

It feels like a very cathartic Dark Moon, which peaks on Sunday at 11:28am. Even though we have stepped into a New Year and the energy is starting to shift as everyone goes back to work mode and preparing for the year ahead, rather than thinking about gatherings, the collective is moving forward again.

Yet, there is profound understanding of what lays ahead this year. It feels like you are super motivated to get organised and make 2019 the best year you’ve ever had, and perhaps you’ve already chosen that within you - now bring it OUT and make it happen.

Manifestation is a two-fold event, just as I say, there is only so much inner work you can do, you MUST take action on your intuition and...

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  • Intense loneliness 
  • uncontrollable crying 
  • thinking everyone is out to get you or that they have it better than you 
  • physical aliments that make you go wtf
  • that cold and fever but it isn't
  • truths rising so thick and fast you wonder how you never saw any of it prior to now

These are just some of the symptoms the collective group deeply and intimately connected to Atlantis are experiencing right now. 

I had heard several clients experiencing intense crying and grieving and intense loneliness this past few days and yes, of course it is natural to feel these things over Christmas and New Year when not everyone has their family or loved ones near them. 

Yet, this morning, I realised  how much deeper this thread is.


I have several students and clients going through crazy physical aliments that have come 'out of the blue'. Physical symptoms involving solar plexus, sacral and...

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New Years Week, Weekly Intuitive Energy Update 31st December 2018 🥳


New Years Week, Weekly Intuitive Energy Update 31st December 2018

Investment increase for the 21 Day Shifter Program, click here before it increases:

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#energyupdate Goodbye Solstice Full Moon

#energyupdate We are about to leave the 3 day window of our peak Full Moon - you know how I always say we feel it most, 3 days either side of the peak Full Moon time, in several hours, we are about to step out of it.
You may have already felt a bit of a shift, in the past 4-6 hours, or still be feeling the dredges of it.
You will be starting to have urges wanting to clean up, get prepared (for what?!), get organised and get on with it.
It feels like you are clearer than you've ever been before and just want this direction to 'hurry up already'.
I am sensing there are still more 'steps' to take before __________ fill in the blank though and this is slightly frustrating in a way for you, yet, you also realise, there is nothing you can do but walk those steps are noticing how much better you are getting at trusting the flow and letting go of control.
I have had numerous people tell me they feel overwhelmed with emotions, but...
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HUGE energetic wake ups, patterns that you’ve been trying to shift for eons - gone.

HUGE energetic wake ups, patterns that you’ve been trying to shift for eons - gone. Just. Like. That.
THAT is what Solstice and this months Full Moon is bringing to you.
Huge waves of grief coming in - letting go - let it! Drop into it. Feel it. The fastest way to move through it is to - well, move through it!
People that you have been wanting to let go of for some time - GONE.
It feels like huge collective patterns are totally being disintegrated - or more like - you are moving away from them now.
You may try and rekindle the relationship - leave it on a ‘good note’ - yet you are being met with a barrage of what has been and they are not ready to let it go yet.
This may deeply hurt your sensitive empath Heart - yet, you also grieve and allow yourself this grief, because you can totally see the big picture, the patterns they are still playing into right now.
I would get fuming,...
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Relentless, Relentless, Relentless….Summer & Winter Solstice & our Full Moon

Relentless, Relentless, Relentless…. I heard this over and over in my head and wondered what it was about… and then realise messages were trying to come through… over and over….
#energyupdate Summer Solstice (Southern Hemisphere) Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) Full Moon Ceremony, live online this Saturday (Friday if you are not in AEST)
Full Moon is on it’s way…so is Solstice... What a gift - Full Moon this close to Christmas - cause that is what every one needs is a little bit more crazy and hectic right?
There has been a ‘let go’… you have just started to gain traction… but BOOM - here it comes again - another thing - even though there has been a let go and catching up on things, getting things done, moving forward - there is a ‘let go’ but in a way of, okay now time to deal with this, but wasn’t, ‘planned’ to happen now to have to deal with...
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This past 3-6 months have been hell for me. Good hell and bad hell. Or is that even a thing?

I feel like I have been broken in all areas. I have had shakes up, break downs, breath throughs. I have walked through all emotions that I thought I never would feel again.

And I am again, rising from the fire.

But this time it is different.

Something has changed.

I am not who I used to be.

Some of you will grow with me and my changes.

And some of you won’t resonate with me anymore and you will walk away from me forever.

But one thing I know, I cannot not go through these transformations that I am.

I can’t stay stagnant.

I can’t stay being the people pleaser that I once was.

That shit almost killed me. Literally.

And I have shed so much of my old self already that some of you aren’t even resonating with me anymore. That’s okay.

Yet, I choose not to stay who I once was. I love her, but She is evolving. And I am keeping...

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READING RESULTS ARE IN!! For 4th December 2018 🔮

READING RESULTS ARE IN!! For 4th December 2018 

Scroll down to see what messages are awaiting you there from the Goddesses today, to find what number you picked earlier today. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 


Card #1: Conventina. Purification. “It’s time for a cleansing detoxification of your body and mind.”

This message is quite clear! Purify! Detox! Yet, the red colour on the card is jumping out at me the most when I look at this card and the message I am getting here is about Base Chakra issues are key and primary focus on what is going on for you right now. Whilst the Base Chakra is related to many areas of our life, the main one jumping out at me right away is Money. Our Base Chakra is deeply connected to Money and I am wondering if you have been curious about money, stressing about money, having an increase in financial flow, has money been on your mind? I am getting the message to ‘clean up around your money’ - meaning...

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