#energyupdate Supermarkets going offline, old relationship threads surfacing, old patterns, feeling like you’re walking in between worlds, waiting but can’t move forward yet, out of time, getting dates wrong, feeling like you’re in 2025, old systems not working, screaming for change...
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#energyupdate 3rd October 2020

#energyupdate - there are two flips right now on this one (there are people feeling incredible right now, and people shedding things they didn't want to let go of, or thought that would ever end - regardless, huge old pattern shedding is happening, some grieving it, and some not sleeping it, some feeling amazing from it)
~ not being able to sleep your usual patterns or sleep at all
~ bawling your eyes out crying and not being able to stop
~ things are feeling blocked, even though you feel on the precipice of monstrous significant life changes right now, you know you are about to be 'go time' but feel so lethargic, tired or unmotivated, even though, you know you have to get on with it (but this is just a thought, let yourself roll with it, it's coming, it's in the Divine plan, remember? )
~ healing from long term 'all of a sudden' relationship break ups that are just all of a sudden 'gone' and you thought.. they would be there forever....
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~ waves of dropping so low, or that it feels like everything is falling apart and the world just dropped out from underneath your feet
~ you can't seem to understand why that person is angry at you, but you won't leave either
~ you may be struggling with a loss of identity and struggling with who you are, what you stand for (because you don't know anymore!), or what you are meant to be doing right now
~ you had it all together and all planned out and it seems that every time this happens, everything changes - yet again
~ you are questioning why one moment you felt on top of the world and another minute you are lower than you've been in MONTHS if not years and questioning everything again
~ you are fed up with your current situation but you feel sooo damn stuck at how to change it, but can feel this entrapment 'loop' that is going on for you and feel like screaming your lungs out at the 'stuckness'...
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#energyupdate Tsunamis, Earthquakes, 'Odd' Weather Patterns, old flames reappearing and disappearing just as fast,

#energyupdate Tsunamis, Earthquakes, 'Odd' Weather Patterns, old flames reappearing and disappearing just as fast, something you thought was long lost has returned and... it's time to take the leap you've been thinking about

Just this week:

~ bloating

~ gas

~ not being able to stop crying

~ shaking in your body that seems uncontrollable and can't stop

~ tsunamis

~ earthquakes

~ old patterns surfacing like *instantly* you are 'in' them, but pull yourself out just as fast, if not for the first time as fast as you have ever done before

~ stricter boundaries with self (being able to say no more easily)

~ huge realisations and downloads about your next steps

~ clarity reigns about a seemingly long standing issue

~ something you thought would never happen in your life, suddenly walks in

~ deep, deep, core healing and shifting from archaic structures 'effortlessly'

This week, I have seen so many share about bloating and gas and they never experience this.

I have experienced...

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Whose ready for a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE on SOLSTICE on NEW MOON in Cancer? ๐ŸŒ‘โ˜€๏ธโ™‹๏ธ

Whose ready for a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE on SOLSTICE on NEW MOON in Cancer?
Whose feeling emotional and letting go of things they never thought they would?
Things that you've struggled to let go of for soooo long - just... all of a sudden, not there anymore.
A whole new reality has opened up and you are moving into this space as your new normal and 'permanent' reality.
And yet, the waves of grief coming as you realise nothing can be what it was - ever again!
The past is definitely the past now.
Some of you are having stark #realitychecks and coming into deep realisation that actually, I deserve more than this or - I don't deserve this crap anymore and have made changes or are in the midst of making the biggest life changing decisions of your life - ever.
These are HUGE portals of life direction changes on the Eclipses and we are in the Dark Moon right now - stripping bare anything that is no longer in...
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There has been a lot of darkness around...

There has been a lot of darkness around... but a lot releasing from Lightworker's and Healer's at the same time.
With whatever 'waves of light' or such is happening and we are ascending into the Light or such - the darkness cannot stay in this vibration and is falling away, retracting almost - and gripping on as it leaves our field.
The web that we are stepping up and onto - it cannot come with us.
Many people have been messaging me about this and I feel I need to share it here.
People with and without help from Healers are releasing from their field:
~ tentacle/octopus like black entities/suckers
~ slimy black snake/serpents
~ implants with tentacles that reach deep into the body and suffocate certain organs
~ curses, hexes and spells
~ entities and cords that are literally sucking the light and life out of you that disable you to function
~ Beings appearing that...
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A portal was opened yesterday - did you feel it?

A portal was opened yesterday - did you feel it? Do you feel it still open now? The energy, clear, acutely platinum light - the portal of light - different to a ‘normal portal of light’ it has a different feeling, colour - energy can you feel this? It is still very present right now?
We woke up last night at 3am - wide awake, like we’d had enough sleep and totally awake - clear, concise and deeply present energy. A portal is still open - can you feel it? Did you wake? Do you feel the presence of a Divine Being around you - or many of them?
Are you scared of this portal?
I feel deeply this is the energy of the ‘Invisible Dimension’ - of the 5D Dimension opening.
You know how I always talk about the Heaven on Earth, of the Mayans ‘disappearing without a trace’ they didn’t really disappear - just ascended to another dimension - have you seen or read ‘The Celestine Prophecy’?
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We were having such a wonderful eveningโ€ฆ and then it hit me.

Some people want a long post warning....We were having such a wonderful evening… and then it hit me. The deep wtf is actually going on with Humanity again?! But… it wasn’t so much that - but the reason my intuition brought me here in the first place. And that makes me cry… with how on point my intuition is at times - but not just that - but that I act on it, not just listen to it. It truly does lead you to your dreams - but you have to have enough faith, confidence and actions to match the deepest alignment that your intuition is so readily guiding you to.

I ended up saying it 3 times to 3 different people yesterday - the ACTUAL reason we left the Sunshine Coast, the reason my intuition was telling me to get in the car and leave.

There was NO WAY I was going to be in lockdown stuck in my house - and all that my mind, body and soul was leading to was - why are they even doing that? And all my intuitive visions kept showing me was the vision of men in big...

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The Upgrades Can Feel Mighty Uncomfortable & Confusing

The Upgrades Can Feel Mighty Uncomfortable & Confusing

I remember feeling totally freaked out when I consciously experienced my first upgrade. 

It was deeply uncomfortable, I felt 

  • weird 
  • vulnerable 
  • scared (so scared!) 
  • wired and couldn't stop crying 
  • confused, deeply confused

However once I realised/learnt what was going on - I trained myself to relax into it and receive it. 

Ascension is happening regardless of whether we do work or not. 

Humanity and consciousness and society is changing and the resistance to these upgrades will be full of pain, trauma and will feel like torture, it can feel like no body understands you and that you are struggling big time and 'Yeah, all good for you Hannah!' - this is the trapping of the old paradigm that the upgrades are trying to release you from. I can say this, because this is what I experienced it as before I allowed myself to even go there with this. I was all good in the dark -...

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The Predictive Dates for January:

The Predictive Dates for January:
13th- 15th
In my livestream on the beach on the 8th January, I was intuitively given dates of when the energies for January would be a bit challenging/graty or the like, so we can prepare and be aware to support ourselves with extra TLC on these dates.
Yesterday was the Uluru Activation that everyone had been looking towards and for me it was... quite interesting to say the least.
I was tuning in all day, yet around late afternoon, it hit me - hard. So hard I had to lay down!
It was almost 6pm Brisbane time... and I was floored.. this migraine type thing (although I don't really know what a migraine is?!) I rarely/never get sick and I know when I do - it is the energy passing through my body, not actually sick!
Today, a client sent me information on the activation and the time - was 6 something am GMT time and when I did the conversion - yep, the time I...
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