Blood of my Blood, Love of My Life ❤️✨❤️

Blood of my Blood, Love of My Life you’re never separate from me, for you came from my Light. ❤️✨❤️

Blood of my Blood, Love of My Life, you may feel that the power in your Heart maybe is taking to you to hell with the fury and fire that you are feeling, but the power in your Heart, has the power to bring you to Heaven as well.

We came together in Love, that Blood of our Blood and together that love created more blood - created more LOVE. 

You - dear one, are PURE LOVE and were created of PURE LOVE. 

That has never left you, never will leave you. 

When you Bleed, whether you cut/hurt yourself, or your Moon flow has arrived, your Blood reminds you that you are MADE OF LOVE. 

Blood of my Blood, there is nothing that can ever separate me from you, for even when we pass, your Blood of my Blood returns to the Earth, for that which we also came. 

I am seeing so many people right now, with deep, deep, DEEP Sacral Chakra and womb healing going on right now. 

On this powerful New Moon energy after a heavily intense past few months of eclipse after eclipse, after eclipse phew, I think there was even more wasn't there?! AND a zillion planets in retrograde, we are slowly, slowly, starting to come out of the reprieve of the past few months of what was an intense period of rebirth. 

The Third Eye, your Clairvoyance has been strong in your awareness: 

Third Eye/Clairvoyance: 
~ Seeing the Truth
~ Seeing past, present, future and all realities co-existing at once
~ Seeing signs in the physical world, angel numbers, feathers, repetitive signs and more,
~ Prophetic/vivid dreams
~ Astral travel 
~ Astral body healing 
~ Clarity in relationships - if there was one or two words for the Third Eye - they would be Relationships and Truth! 
~ Seeing the dynamics and undertones of relationships and how they affect your life, nourish you or deplete you

There has been a huge wake up for a lot of people in the recent weeks and has felt like a fast track to complete alignment and not realising how 'far out of alignment' you were before now. 

And right now? There is DEEP Sacral Healing going on!

Sacral Chakra/Sacred Womb: 
~ Just below your belly button
~ It is where you are nourished to your core, which only deep, Soul, divine Life Purpose nourishment ever completely fills this hole

The clarity and significance of this?? 

The Third Eye and the Sacral Chakra are, deeply, deeply connected!! 

In Lightfilled Yoga, that I teach, there is a direct and very deep connection of these two chakras - they are both, one chakra, in from the top and the bottom of our body and if you are not seeing your life clearly, are in not serving relationships, meaning career alignment too, you are going to have issues with your Sacral, because you are not being nourished on Soul level. 

If something feels off... usually it is...

Do you trust it? 

Do you have the courage to make the changes you know you need to take?

Are you ready to make the changes, you know your intuition is guiding you to make?

Is a strong message coming through for you today reading this. 

I am seeing so much Womb healing, for women AND men right now - Men, your womb is your Sacral! 

There is sooo much Triple Goddess Energy pouring through this past 2 weeks and I am deeply supporting many women AND men, come into their true power, by: 

~ Seeing clearly the dynamics of the undertones of the relationships playing out in their lives and why that even happened in the first place
~ Sacred Womb healing, helping women, deeply heal their Sacred Womb from miscarriages and more, to prepare for the new Triple Goddess Cycle that is pouring through the collective right now
~ Healing from the Witch hunts, being burnt at the stake, hands cut off, healing from wounds of trauma of torture and more - yes, Druids, this means you too. 

Why is all this coming up so strongly? 

The collective consciousness is rapidly rising fast - you can all feel it, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. 

And the more we heal, deeply in our Sacral Chakra, the more the space is clear for the Triple Goddess to come pouring through. 

What is the Triple Goddess? 

It is the cyclic flow of LIFE! 

The Maiden, coming into Her own... 

The Mother, growing Her womb, with the Blood of Her Blood, the Love of Her Life, that She Created from pure LOVE, with the Love of Her Life... 

The Crone, the grown wisdom, that holds space for the entire process, over and over again... 

And this? 

Cyclic flow of LIFE? 

When you connect to the natural cycles and rhythms of YOUR life and flow and deeply honour your: 

~ feelings and emotions
~ the weather 
~ the people in your life
~ when you observe, and respond
~ when the destructive creative fury, fire and passion burns to recreate the space for the new
~ deeply honour YOU, all of you,

You tap into your greatest power on Earth - the one you were born of and from: 

Pure, unadulterated


Nothing more, nothing less. 

Two people come together in LOVE - whether healthy love, or unhealthy love - at the end of the day - the labels and the stuff in between doesn't matter one single bit 

Because that pull - is exactly the same - it never goes away - it is always there

That pull - is LOVE 

And it is always there - 

The LOVE brings the BLOOD together to create more BLOOD AND LOVE and so the cycles continues - this DIVINE pull - never goes away. 

And where does this stem from? 


The desires to be: 

~ loved
~ nourished
~ held
~ wanted
~ full 
~ peace 
~ just BEING
~ just unexplainable feelings that is felt with the Heart, not put into words

This is BORN in the Sacred Sacral Womb - whether you are male or a female - you came from this place, and this is the place that pulls you back, every single time. 

You see it with your Three Eyes, you feel it with your Soul, and this pull to the Divine to be held, nourished, cared for and reborn, time and time again - belongs to the Triple Goddess Womb... 

And She... 

Is Rising... 

Woman and Men are reclaiming their power. 

Saying no to what is no longer in alignment and walking away without guilt or hesitation (and working through the guilt that does come up and fast, because they know it is right in their Heart). 

Learning to hold deep space for themselves, and taking care of themselves as priority... 

Stepping into deep honour of the world around them, through self care, loving self talk and gentleness, that comes with a grounded sense of innate power that can be felt.. without words. 

THIS is the time for deep impact into your Heart and Soul - but you've already felt that right? 

Blood of my Blood, Love of My Life - you cannot ever be separate from my Light, for we are born of the same Womb, carry the same Blood that gives us Life, and the same, deep desires - all come from that same, pure place - 


Always Love. 

When you drop into your POWER you find that what this really is? 


Your power is your LOVE. 

Not suffocating Love. 

But deep, honouring LOVE. 

And that starts... with honouring the Blood that you are - that is right in front of you. 

Look now, at your hands - you've been right in front of you this entire time. 

Your body is full of BLOOD - your body is full of LOVE. 

Soak in this now. 

Feel it pulsating through your Bloodstream and going straight to your Sacred Womb. 

It never left you. 

It's been there all along. 

The entire... time. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. If you need support, deep space held for your Heart to be deeply nourished, then my 21 Day Shifter Program can help you truly clear your Third Eye and nourish your Sacral like you've never felt so much love fill your veins like ever before. To BE this LOVE - is what you.... then attract into your Life. And BEING starts in your Sacral. Are you ready? Click here for all the details or send me a message if you have questions about it: 



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