Dark Moon Release, New Moon Intentions

Dark Moon Release, New Moon Intentions

It has felt like the biggest let go, clean out and release ever hasn't it? 

Cleaning out the old, letting go of what no longer serves you - there has been a huge period this past 2 weeks, of letting go of what no longer serves you, but in a way of many different avenues for some people here, I am sensing 3 main threads here: 

If you haven't been coping, you may be in DEEP grief, being triggered by the slightest little thing, you have been set off by any which way shape or form, and not necessarily into your own stuff going on, but by the weight of the world and what is going on around for humanity. 

You may have been set off by outside influences, but you quickly drop into the grief and realise that actually what is being found as a 'lack of' in your life right now, is something huge that you are shifting through. 

You may be feeling anger at certain people or why are they still even affecting you this badly in a way, when you've done so much seemingly work. 


I feel like this is a huge time collectively where we are deeply releasing the threads, the Sacral Chakra is being cleaned out - we are no longer willing to carry generational karmic baggage, ties and saying no to being everyone's doormat and helping everyone with their stuff. It is a time of handing back whatever isn't ours to carry and this also can come with - a deep sense of grief. 


Because your 'role' is changing - you are not willing to be that person anymore, you just can't your Soul will not allow it - but that can create a 'hole' if you may and this gaping energetic space from releasing this role, this space and place that you have always been into in yourself, is something that even you will feel the energetic shift and is normal to grieve this change, even though you can't do it anymore and know it is right - it is change and important to grieve the change. It is healthy to and helps you HEAL. 

I also sense there are some waking up 'stuck in the web' and are quite deep in the 'reality wake ups' that are in their faces right now. This can be deeply confronting - they are having to face the reality and the masks they have been hiding underneath for quite some time - even, their entire life and the facade they are living under and so this crumbling will shake them. Important to direct them to guidance for them to receive counselling and support, you don't have to be everyone's everything, but you can support them to get help. It isn't about putting up with abuse, but it is about supporting yourself to support them - there are some Earthquakes going on in people's worlds right now, every structure and support they have ever known, is not there anymore for them. 

If this is you, please send me a message and reach out for support, you are not alone, even when you think you are, or think that 'counselling doesn't work' I have had numerous people tell me, (almost everyone does when they first start working with me say that to me) and then they continue to keep working with me, because of how much they shift in a VERY little space of time and stuff that NO ONE has ever helped them with or that people think they can't be helped, all of a sudden they do. Please reach out. You aren't broken, even though you might feel like it. Your world might be falling apart, but it is actually your awakening that is going to change the world, that's all and you just need help navigating and someone to help you understand what is ACTUALLY happening to you - this wake up you are going through right now. 

So there are: 

1. Those whose worlds are totally crumbling right now, I feel like there are thoughts going through your head of 'why didn't this happen yet/now/ever' and that you feel like everything was taken away from you before it even had a chance to begin in a way. (that I just mentioned above to reach out if this is you and are totally at a loss at what to do or think no one can help you or you are in a space you don't even want to be helped, reach out to me, #igotyou)

2. Those that are deeply saying NO to those roles they used to be in/play and live in and are not tolerating, not participating, not doing that anymore, and that comes with grief in the change, in letting go of all that was going on in that space that is not there anymore. It might feel like a gaping great hole right now, but you know it is right, self care, self care, self care, nurture, nurture, nurture, what you deeply know you didn't get back then in that situation and give that to yourself now. Reach out if you need help on 'how' you do this. 

3. These '3' people are SHIFTING AND FAST. 

These '3' people, have been doing internal work for a LONG time and right now and for the next 6 months? Will be manifestation after manifestation after manifestation coming into DEEP fruition. Things are speeded up for these people, it is like they are on buzzing energy aliveness in productivity, energy, rapid growth, huge life changes in their personal physical lives, emotional stability, deep wellness and positivity and manifestation efforts are multiplied 10 fold right now and they know they importance of keeping their focus, not letting distractions distract them, they know clearly what they are and don't even let them a single ounce of energy, because they know they depth of this KEY and are also so deeply focused on where they are going, because they FEEL it and is like this energy is pulling them to their desires with effortless ease. 

I feel like these '3' people are grounding their realities rapidly and effortlessly because of this pull, this new avenues of consciousness, it is like they have created these waves that are now the deep ocean current pulling you, because you have worked so diligently to create these tidal deep undercurrents in the ocean, that the momentum is there, you just have to keep riding it just like you have been, except, with less energy now, yet almost like a sense of urgency energy, but a focused, grounded and deeply productive cycle of ripe produce.. What a celebration hey?! Exciting times ahead! 

This Dark Moon peaks tomorrow at 11:56am Brisbane time, when She is at Her peak in TOTAL Darkness, for then, we are on the upswing of a new cycle in the days ahead, a good time to set new intentions, write your reality into fruition, continue to TRUST the Universe has your back, even though it doesn't feel like it, yet, it does, or you wouldn't have found yourself here reading this for those that were feeling like no one has your back - actually, the Universe does and you can drop into a deeper sense of trust from this moment forward. 

Perhaps that is the simplest intention you can create for yourself right now and probably the most powerful, as it enables you to 'LET GO AND LET GOD' so to speak, 

What if, I believed the Universe really does have my back right now? What if, I am being guided every step of the way, I just need to trust my intuition that this is so, even when everything around me seems otherwise? What if, I just trusted instead?

We are heading into a powerful cycle of change coming up, change is the only constant thing, and is more and more rapidly felt as we draw closer to 2020.

Trust in the changes, trust in the powerful force that is always guiding you - THAT you can cling on to, even when it doesn't seem like it is there, it is. It is just your conscious awareness of connecting to that space - that is, always there. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

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