Easter Full Moon 🌕♰ 🔱🐇🐓

easter full moon ceremony Apr 16, 2019

POWERFUL KARMIC RELEASE WEEKEND COMING RIGHT UP! 🌕♰ 🔱🐇🐓 Ready to birth a new reality? What better time than this coming weekend! Easter Full Moon is deeply upon us!

If you've been feeling depressed or low in energy...  

If you've been wondering what just happened again because it was all going great....  

If everything is up in the air at the moment and you are not sure which reality is going to birth...  

If you feel like you have just birthed a baby aka releasing the deepest karmic past life trauma that you didn't realise how big that actually was or feel like one is sitting there ready to release...  

If a whole new reality has just landed or you can feel it about to any day now...   This weekend? Is Easter Weekend AND our Full Moon falls on Good Friday 19th April at 9:12pm Brisbane AEST.  

If you are waiting on something, waiting on signs - don't. Choose it now. If there were no restrictions what would you be doing?  

The energy is ripe for manifestation - but not just that - this is your life direction we are talking about here. Don't wait for it to happen, get out pen and paper and write down all the things you have done now that it has happened.  

It is your crucial time to CHOOSE - because then the Universe can hear what you are calling in, aligning to and having it been done. Instead of waiting, you are directing the Universe to start moving forward in that direction of the FEELINGS of what you are wanting.  

The physical manifestation may be different - but you will find the FEELING will be the same.  

Instead of it all 'being up in the air and waiting' - which is what the Universe is also 'reflecting back to you' - you are placing forward moving energy into it by choosing it, making a decision and moving forward in that direction.  

If you are scared about 'the wrong choice' - 'Universe, this way or block me if this is not the correct path for me.' - that way you can learn to trust your Heart and intuition and move forward instantly, knowing that 'the Universe has your back and if it is not meant to be that way, you will be blocked from it.'  

Easter is a time of rebirth, new life, new paradigms, a whole new way of being.   Think back to 2 weeks ago - where were you? What was going on? Probably in a VERY different reality than now yes? Another month and you will be living a VERY different reality again, to two weeks ago.  

Things will be speeded up like this until about September/October I have been getting the intuitive message of.  

So don't 'wait for this to stop' - this 'new' consciousness,, this new birthing the reality, living in our heart and being who we are meant to be is not going to slow down.  

This is teaching us to be in our heart, in the moment - all moments - because - there really isn't any time but now - so when we are training ourselves to live in our hearts, we step into instant manifestation as all timelines collapse and the power comes back to now for ultimate life direction and internal Life Purpose path unfoldment.  

This Easter Long Weekend is a powerful time for:  

~ Sacred Releasing Karmic & Generational Release Rituals  

~ Awakening Soul Retrieval  

~ Sacred Intentional Life Purpose Path Creating Your Future aka choosing the reality you want, not waiting around for it.  

Life is DEEPLY listening right now - not only are we Birthing new realities with this energy this weekend - but Christ Consciousness is ripe through our HEARTS - making us remember who we really are - that our connection is in our power to this present moment and in this present moment so too is our Heart and that is where Christ lays....  





Breathing Deeper  

Recalibrating Your Internal Compass to the calling of your Heart & Soul - because they are one and the same and THAT is aligned with Christ Consciousness -   ONENESS  

Life doesn't wait for anyone - so you shouldn't either.  

A powerful portal has arrived - this it the final Easter before the Age of Aquarius Dawns upon us... and thus this last 9 months of this year (funny that hey, another 9 months before we birth the Age of Aquarius, oh these timelines!) will be speeded up, fast paced and clearing at rapid speed to enabled full bodied light to be housed, completed, anchored and ignited.  

Are you coming for the ride of a lifetime? 💫🔥🌏🔥💫  

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑  

P.S. In just a few hours, we step into the 3 day window of our beloved Full Moon - this divinely powerful Full Moon Ceremony live online, will be next level with the Easter portal of rebirth strongly enhancing this live Ceremony.   

If you're ready to anchor and birth your new reality, come and solidify it with deep powerful live Ceremony. Click here for all the details to join us live: https://www.realityawareness.com/full-moon-ceremony