Whilst everyone is focused on December 21st.......

Whilst everyone is focused on December 21st - they are forgetting a very powerful Total Solar Eclipse that has already begun to be felt, that peaks in 3 days time. 

We are in a very special, sacred portal of time right now. Some would say they have felt like it feels like 'out of time'. 

Many, many feelings of deep, deep gratitude, coupled with huge releases of the old, that is just no longer valid in our lives. 

Those who have been consciously doing the work over this last 2-5 years, will generally find themselves in a good feeling, heart felt gratitude place, like they are walking on clouds. 

Those that are just awakening, will be feeling like their world is caving in on them... their reality obliterated and shattered to smithereens. 

In 3 days time we cross a very sacred portal of the New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse. Two weeks ago, it was a partial Full Moon Eclipse, and at the end of the month, we have another partial Full Moon Eclipse. 

In the middle...

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The Eclipses & August 2018

This is for all the Women out there, that feel like they've been cast out by their Mothers and all other Females. This is for all the Men out there that feel like they've never been able to put down their armour.  

That you feel like your Lineage and Heritage that has been taken from you, or you are carrying it all from eons gone by.  

This is for you - if you want to reclaim who you are - not who your generational lineage has been.  

This is for all the Women who truly want to love their man - do you, create a space for the armour to be shed?  

How do you treat your Inner Masculine?  

 These series of Eclipses right now - back in August 2018 when our last Blood Moon Eclipse shone in our skies - I was going through the deepest recalibration and awakening of my life. In August 2018 - the most powerful Meditations streamed through me that have ignited my Inner Priestess and allowed me to step into who I am today.  

Right now - it is happening again...

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Dark Moon/New Moon Solar Eclipse Peaks at 3:17pm AEST.

In 24 hours from now, our Dark Moon/New Moon Solar Eclipse Peaks at 3:17pm AEST.  

We will see a partial Solar Eclipse here in Australia - in Saudi Arabia, they will have the full peak Solar Eclipse.

So amazing Saudi Arabia has been 'speaking strongly' recently with the energy under the land there and neighbouring countries and then I discover this information.  

Makes me wonder what the Eclipse energy - the portal and alignment of the Sun (Father) and our Moon (Mother, who gave Her life, so we could live on Earth) - and this portal alignment that comes from this shining directly over this continent.  

Our Eclipses are a shedding, a layering of consciousness that is stripped from our system - but renewed with the truth of the situation that directly comes from our Mother and Father lineage.  

The Eclipses are an opportunity to shed that which no longer serves and opens a gateway to a whole new realm, a renewing, a new layering, a new birthing of a new era,...

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These next 3 Full Moons? ☯🌕☯

These next 3 Full Moons? I have been guided to hold a deep reconnection of the Divine - The Divine Balance, the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine over this next 3 Full Moons in this powerful space in our Full Ceremony Live online. 

Whether you are Male or Female - this will be a deep reconnection back to self and a healing of all parts of yourself as this next 3 Full Moons we will be travelling through this Divine reconnection and journey. 

This Full Moon (next week) - is the Triple Goddess reintegration and healing 

Next Full Moon (August) - is the Triune God (Masculine - The Youth, The Stag, The Sage)

Full Moon thereafter (September) - will be The Divine Balance - a deep reconnection back to self - the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine, deeply coming back together within self. 

Phew! I can feel the power from here already - this next 3 months of huge energy! It was already incredible, from our Reconfiguring Energetic Codes birthing through the...

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Scorpio Full Moon

Shattering old realities is how I can describe it.
Things blown out of the water.
Reality in your face smack downs.
HUGE joyful new situations elevating.
Talk about diving deep!
Last night was soooo alive and total next level Full Moon Ceremony, you saw me buzzing off that energy that poured through that Ceremony - Reconfiguring of Energetic Codes? Gosh. It wasn't until I was channeling it did I realise what they meant!
Then this morning, I kept turning my alarm off and slept past it for almost 4 hours! I should've just let myself sleep in!
Yet, it wasn't until later in the morning, did I realise why I did that.
Full Moon peaked at 7:11am this morning (AEST) and that was right when I was pressing snooze. I obviously had to be somewhere else...
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Easter Full Moon 🌕♰ 🔱🐇🐓

POWERFUL KARMIC RELEASE WEEKEND COMING RIGHT UP!   Ready to birth a new reality? What better time than this coming weekend! Easter Full Moon is deeply upon us!

If you've been feeling depressed or low in energy...  

If you've been wondering what just happened again because it was all going great....  

If everything is up in the air at the moment and you are not sure which reality is going to birth...  

If you feel like you have just birthed a baby aka releasing the deepest karmic past life trauma that you didn't realise how big that actually was or feel like one is sitting there ready to release...  

If a whole new reality has just landed or you can feel it about to any day now...   This weekend? Is Easter Weekend AND our Full Moon falls on Good Friday 19th April at 9:12pm Brisbane AEST.  

If you are waiting on something, waiting on signs - don't. Choose it now. If there were no restrictions what would you be doing?  

The energy is...

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Reality Awareness Retreat, Lombok, Indonesia, 11th-15th October 2019

Reality Awareness Retreat, Lombok, Indonesia, 11th-15th October 2019

The Divine time has arrived for Reality Awareness Retreat in 5 Star Luxury to allow you to surrender to Deep Spiritual Healing, Life Purpose Activation and Soul Tribe Connections to last a lifetime. 

What will be happening at Reality Awareness Retreat?

  • Life Purpose Activation
  • Lumerian Soul Coding 
  • Full Moon Ceremony
  • Waterfall Healing
  • Ceremonial Invocations
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Meet Your Spirit Guide 
  • Star Being Activation System Upgrades
  • Chanting 
  • Lightfilled Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Crystalline Grid Activations 
  • Energetic, Physical, Mental, Spiritual Body Upgrades & Deep Spiritual Healing
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Akashic Record Healing
  • Psychic Development
  • Past Life Healing 
  • Chakra Alignment, Clearing, Activation & Energetic System Upgrades
  • Deep Connection to Your Higher Self
  • Meet Likeminded Soul Tribe Friends
  • Memories to Take Home Forever
  • Life Purpose Acceleration

This is a dream...

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This SUPER Full Moon is ready to show you, your Sacred Gifts. I feel so strongly this is such a powerful Moon for GETTING COMFORTABLE in your power, knowing that you can't do no harm, when you honour who you really are.
What you fear, you amplify, what you push away, grows stronger, what you try and ignore, only get's louder - so you might as well know how to use it for what you are here to do, the reason you were born
Turn on the light and shine it true, let your power be your Hue!
We will be holding our LIVE ONLINE Ceremony at:
~ 19th February 8pm Brisbane AEST
~ 19th February 10am London GMT
~ 19th February 2am Los Angeles PST
~ 19th February 5am New York EST
Are you coming to BE your Hue?
Click here for all the details, or send me a message with any questions:
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose...
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Have you been hiding your gifts?!?! This upcoming Super Full Moon feels such a strength to not hide who you really are anymore - what have been covering up? Are you ready to truly crack open your gifts, no matter what anyone says?
Do you even know what your gifts are?
This upcoming Full Moon Ceremony I am getting the intuition that this will be a deep uncovering of your Sacred Life Purpose Gifts. Through deep intuitive group collective ceremonial power and ritual delegation of your own powerful truths, this is going to be one powerful Super Full Moon.
If you want to truly own your power, own your gifts and tap into the well that is deep within and can't be held back anymore AND own your gifts without fear they will blow even you away with their amazingness, then our Full Moon Ceremony is calling you.
Full Moon Live Online Ceremony Details:
Our Next Full Moon is Monday 20th...
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Call of the Goddess Dark Moon and New Moon January 2019

Call of the Goddess Dark Moon and New Moon January 2019

We are heading into our Dark Moon, the time of shedding, just like the Snakes shed their skin, we too, go through cycles, just like our Mother, the Sunrise, the Sunset, the Moonrise, the Moonset, the Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

It feels like a very cathartic Dark Moon, which peaks on Sunday at 11:28am. Even though we have stepped into a New Year and the energy is starting to shift as everyone goes back to work mode and preparing for the year ahead, rather than thinking about gatherings, the collective is moving forward again.

Yet, there is profound understanding of what lays ahead this year. It feels like you are super motivated to get organised and make 2019 the best year you’ve ever had, and perhaps you’ve already chosen that within you - now bring it OUT and make it happen.

Manifestation is a two-fold event, just as I say, there is only so much inner work you can do, you MUST take action on your intuition and...

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