Call of the Goddess Dark Moon and New Moon January 2019

Call of the Goddess Dark Moon and New Moon January 2019

We are heading into our Dark Moon, the time of shedding, just like the Snakes shed their skin, we too, go through cycles, just like our Mother, the Sunrise, the Sunset, the Moonrise, the Moonset, the Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

It feels like a very cathartic Dark Moon, which peaks on Sunday at 11:28am. Even though we have stepped into a New Year and the energy is starting to shift as everyone goes back to work mode and preparing for the year ahead, rather than thinking about gatherings, the collective is moving forward again.

Yet, there is profound understanding of what lays ahead this year. It feels like you are super motivated to get organised and make 2019 the best year you’ve ever had, and perhaps you’ve already chosen that within you - now bring it OUT and make it happen.

Manifestation is a two-fold event, just as I say, there is only so much inner work you can do, you MUST take action on your intuition and...

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After downloading the Triple Goddess Meditation last weekend and now it is Full Moon in 48 hours from nowish, the energy is strong, powerful and deeply deeply READY to 'land'. 

This is the Full Moon in Pisces - Pisces is deeply connected to deep intuition, dream states and powerful, deep love. 

I am getting the strong message that these 'dreamy' states are your gold mines. 

If you've found yourself having powerful, clear vivid dreams or found yourself literally 'daydreaming' = these are not to be brushed off! 

You are receiving deeply in tune accurate intuitive guidance that your intuition is speaking directly to you. (btw, is strongly connected to your Third Eye/Clairvoyance about dream states, whether, waking dreams, sleeping dreams, or life purpose 'goal' dreams). 

And the message coming through strongly for this our Live Online Full Moon Ceremony, is to help ground these dreams into reality, to receive clear direct...

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