energy update Jul 25, 2018
😳​Yep, wtf right? (more on that down below, eclipse energies, first)
As we head into the gateway of the 3 day window opening right about now/today - I always say, 3 days either side of peak moon times - you feel them.
It is like the ‘doors open’ to the lead up to the peak of the actual Full Moon Eclipse time.
You'll feel them through either a grinding type, agitated energy or, heightened sensitivity or anxiety or more, or falling down in absolute tears, grief, losing your shit and more..
With the Eclipse Portal opening, past relationships are coming to the surface, you may be wondering what it is all about, after so long of no contact and that 'you've already dealt with this' and what this means for this relationship to be back in your awareness/contact again.
All that is happening is the bits that are still in your field are surfacing for clearing, that's all.
You don't need to do anything, but be present with your Heart's feelings about it all.
~ the relationship ended and you didn't give yourself the chance to truly grieve about it
~ you actually still feel so much love and depth for the person/relationship and weren't allowed to feel this because it was all 'so bad' at the time
~ you wonder why it ended, but you also know, even though you don't want to 'face' this, you know it isn't what is aligned with your values of now (important to grieve this)
~ Maybe you need to voice words you didn't back then, now is your time for Heart speak
This conscious being with it, will shift you THROUGH it, rather than it sticking around until the next portal for clearing.
When you consciously be with your feelings, only after then, will you be clear on what to do.
This eclipse portals, gives us the opportunities to look at the needs that were not met at the time and why you left/it ended in the first place - this could be with a particular relationship, or several past relationships.
When you can tap into the needs that weren't met, (ie LOVE) you can allow yourself the healing, by giving yourself these needs, which also stems back from childhood, where you didn't get these needs met and so in relationship, is how you try and get them met... yet, you realise, that this doesn't work.
This portal gives us time to deeply FEEL all our authentic feelings, all of them.
To just... be with them.
Not changing them.
Just being present with them.
That's all.
For when you are present, the gifts are experienced, with your full body Heart. You not only receive these, but you allow the energy to shift.
Just be with it, it will be all shown to you. All of it.
If you are:
~ breaking down in tears and don’t know why, this is normal on this lead up to the eclipse right now
~ feel like everything is falling apart when you have been doing soooo soooo much, like come on already! Right?
~ are at breaking point and losing your shit (and that’s not who you ‘normally are’)
~ falling to your knees in grief and wondering what is going on, how on Earth you can be this deep in this space and feel like no one can pull you out (just be with this space, it is just energy, it will pass if you can just BE WITH IT and not try and change it, allow your heart to hold you, it has the power to BE with ALL of it, this is your LOVE beautiful one)
The key here when you are in tears wondering wtf… tap into what relationship you are grieving from…
The love you felt for that person and didn’t feel it reciprocated from:
~ your mum
~ your dad
~ your ex lover (which one? what relationship comes to mind?)
~ ANY relationship (we are relating to one another ALL THE DAMN TIME, whether you physically speak to this person or just know them on social media and more)
You may be shitty at them, you may have left that relationship because it was shit, or they left you…
And have you, allowed yourself to truly grieve the loss of the relationship?
Even if it was shit - there was still love there… usually we are in shock and then trying to get our life sorted and **moving on** and facing so much shame that it didn’t work… yet, we block out the hurt our heart is feeling from that moment in time (the entire relationship) (ie grief) of
1. All the shit and how did it get so bad 

2. All the good times and the love you deeply still feel for them (doesn’t mean you have to get back together, but acknowledging that at one time, you loved them, you had sex with them, you made love to them… and probably made babies from that - ie, you created LOVE ie your children… your children are LOVE, you came together with your partner and made LOVE and created LOVE - just like you were made…we are all LOVE and this is what it is) 

3. The lost hopes and dreams you had about the relationship, you know, the ‘happy family picket fence’ - whatever style of picket fence ie dream relationship you conjured up in your mind, you are also grieving this.
Past, present and future… Third Eye at it’s best. All at once. There is no separation, they all exist at once. Now and forever. (Third Eye is ALL about relationships)
Btw, you will never truly let go/move on from ANY relationship unless you feel the depth of the loss, ie the entire grief cycle with tender love, care and acknowledgement of the ENTIRE situation that IS. ('just get over it' doesn't work)
And THIS - is something that society isn’t comfortable with. FEELING.
All of the shit, the icky stuff, the violation, the good times, the bad times, the ALL OF IT, yes, I mentioned this on Saturday.
Yet, this is my specialty. This is what I do. I shift you through this. I go to the depths that majority of society isn’t comfortable with. I take you there. I hold your hand, with my HEART…I put all the pieces of the puzzle back together and YOU RISE.
I’m getting sidetracked…
This is why you anger, you project blame and wrongness and more at other people, simply because you are not wanting to face the grief of the loss of your past relationship… (ANY relationship you haven’t fully felt, even if you say, oh yeah I’m over that Hannah, but then wonder why you still anger and more)
#thisisntaboutthem #neverwas #realityawareness
So at it’s core, if you are dropping into grief, falling to your knees, relationships from your past are in your face (hello eclipse) - allow your heart to feel dear one, we are moving into the consciousness of the heart… that means we FEEL - ALL of it… even the uncomfortable stuff..
It is working it’s magic, this is what it is for… to allow it to be released from your energetic space.
Past relationships are only coming up, because it is just time to clear the energetic space, that’s all. It’s just healing time beautiful one. We heal when we FEEL. 
And it get’s easier, it gets easier with practise.
When you know how to support yourself through the entire grief cycle, know how to hold your own heart AND those of others that are throwing shit in your face because they are only triggered as fuck, you move through it.. and fast…
And THIS is what we are here for… to experience being HUMAN - or we wouldn’t be here yo!
And that means ALL of our humanness… even the darkness….
Allow yourself to FEEL.
So what happened to me about losing my voice?
Yeah, what’s with that right?
Of course, I delved straight into it, asking what the fuck is going on here!?
Like hello! I am speaking to the world I just released my website that is the vision you showed me 2 years ago to create! **insert me waving my hands at the Universe going um hello wtf!?**
And of course… I dropped into it.. and fast… #asido
And hence the last few posts that I have been sharing on social media, that have been rattling some cages.…
And of course, people have been filtering themselves out of my field because of this #thankyou
You’ll either read this and be triggered as fuck and continue to blame me or them, or tell me how wrong I am doing it…
Or you will own your triggers, deeply allow yourself to stay open enough to receive the depth of what I share here (or in ANY of my post’s btw).
And what I mean by own, is diving deep into Shadow work - and realising the projection you are seeing ‘out there’ is within you my love, full integration only happens when you get the darkness is in you and in that, you transform it within you and it doesn’t show up in your reality anymore, then when you see it, you smell it a mile of and hold space for it… deeply… so they shift…transformation in action, hello Awakening the Consciousness of Humanity…
It’s never… been about THEM
These Eclipses - will make it feel like it is though… (or any time in space actually) until you realise, this is your opportunity for growth, soul evolution and complete Life Purpose Alignment… yet, these eclipses amplify it like no other…
Because I too, used to be so quick to shut others down. To blame, project and more.
Because I didn’t want to face the grief sitting in my heart, from so many instances that I had been carrying because
1. I feel so fucking deeply and feel so much at my core (this is where Clairsentience training comes in)
2. Never knew how to deal with my feelings aka, feel them to their depths (eternally grateful to you Lois Rowley #mastermentor)
What is projected darkness actually?
Anytime you make someone else WRONG and continue to harp on about it - you are projecting a part of you that you do not want to face.
You will be telling the other person how wrong and bad it is.
I too, used to do this… and fuck it hurt my heart so deep to realise what I was doing! (did you see my single dads livestream? This will help you understand what I am talking about here… Narcissistic in your life? Abuser in your life? Spiritual bypassing? You need to watch this if you haven’t yet: )
Yep, I used to do it.
And then I realised, how closed I really was.
And then I realised, how much you cannot get through to someone who does this.
And then I realised, how much depth and darkness projection you can hold and be with, when you’ve BEEN that person before…
And until you wake up from BEING it, you won’t see it in your own life, that of the part of you - that you are also IT.
There is a BIG difference between:
1. Telling someone how wrong they are and how they need to do it better and do it THIS WAY because this is the right way #hmmmm
2. Standing deep, in your integrity and voicing your Heart’s truth.
And this… is why I lost my voice on Friday night.
When I lost my voice on Friday night and then woke Saturday morning asking what I am not voicing and then seeing what I did on Twitter it propelled me INTO SPEAKING WHAT I HAVE BEEN HOLDING BACK FOR MONTHS NOW.
For quite some time now, I have kept saying to myself to not post, blog or otherwise in reaction to something I have seen someone else harp on about.
And for me, this has been a fine, delicate line, between understanding ‘how’ to do this thing you see me do, whilst ALSO standing in my integrity and voicing my heart’s truth, the wisdom and depth of who I am, what I am here to do on the planet and more.
This, is what losing my voice taught me. This is what I realised.
That I had valued so much and not spoken it.
The last 6 weeks have just topped the 4th most hugest growth and deepest internal work in my entire life.
As soon as I posted my blog, my heart speak on Saturday morning INSTANTLY my voice came back. INSTANTLY. Thank fuck for that!
Okay… ‘What else am I not saying?’ I asked.
Then my ex turned up. And we spoke. And in myself, intuitively asking in my mind/heart what on Earth this was about (we hadn’t spoken for 7 months) and the tears began to fall, and continued to fall….
And I as I spoke my heart’s truth, I realised intuitively (ask and receive, always, the answers always come as soon as I ask), I realised and I spoke, that this was actually the first time we have spoken about what happened in 7 months.
I had processed this internally, the last 7 months have been huge for me of course, I had cried about it, but not dropped into the depths of honouring the core of my feelings about the situation.
At it’s core?
The depth of love.. and the ‘loss’ of that… and I put it in commas because it is actually isn’t a loss, but a gain of the depth of awareness of Love, that under all the sadness and ANY EMOTION.… sits Love… waiting patiently for us to return to it……
Our relationship broke up at the end of November and then in December I spent the entire month road tripping (over 3000kms driving on my own with my daughter and two dogs in 40 degree Australian Summer Outback heat, yep, I am a weapon, I love road trips) and all the family chaos and fiasco that unfolded unexpectedly - my heart has been holding soooo much.
There has been NUMEROUS times I have cried in this past 7 months.
But to drop into the depths of the grief of the last 7 months - is something I hadn’t gone quite 100% there with… until Saturday…
The release of my website, was more than just that.
In fumbling for 2 years online… and finally stepping into what I am here for in this world, I felt like I collapsed on Saturday, realising just how much I had been holding in the business restructure over this past several months to now, allow myself the vision to fully manifest.
Yes, things happen instantly…
But the successful people you see online and in the world… also too - had many, many years before them, before they ‘made overnight success happen’.
And for me, this this last 2 years has been phenomenal online - learning what I have and my closest friends will tell you how trying this last 6 months have been.
There have been many MANY times I have wanted to walk away this last 6 months, the restructure has been intense to say the least.
Yet, I could also feel the traction starting to gain... there was no turning back now.. well, of course, I chose not to...
And of course, the hardest part, is right before the end… the hardest part of the birthing is right at the end… the darkest hour, is right before the dawn…
I have ‘lost’ so much in this past 6 months… but again.. it actually isn’t a loss at all..
Yet, these eclipses - the New Moon Eclipse 2 weeks ago?
Initiation baby.
That’s what that was for me.
Total initiation.
(and then I log onto facebook to post this and see that 3 years ago, I screamed and pierced the veils, see my previous post #timing)
This last 6 weeks, when the truth had begun to be shown to me, the depth of trusting myself for the last 6 weeks and the intuitive depths I have gone to in the recesses of my subconscious aka DARKNESS baby - you know what I always teach and say to my students in my Trust Your Intuition (TYI) Course?
“You will usually ALWAYS never know why you have to trust yourself in the moments that you do and need to. But it is HERE that your POWER comes in. It is HERE that you grow your inner strength and you do the inner work (that I teach in TYI), that MAYBE, you will be shown by Spirit/Intuition/Universe - why you had to trust and do certain things back then.”
And most of the time I am finding? Yes, you do get shown why, eventually... but you need to trust first…
And this last 6 weeks of deep, deep internal processing, that my students in TYI always get the ALL the details of my internal processing inside depths of internal work that I go through, because, this then teaches them, how they can too - and trust themselves #ofcourse
Because, yes, I was shown the truth in physical reality of all the intuitive senses I have been receiving in this last 6 weeks. Plain as fucking day. Ouch.
Sometimes that hurts, even though you already knew right? Well, pretty much all the time.
And yes, my heart hurt with that layer…. with the many layers in the last 6 weeks, my heart has been getting sorer and sorer…
And triggered as fuck I was…
Because, it was showing me deep down…
What was going on…
And the release of my website, then instantly losing my voice, then instantly my voice coming back after I started SPEAKING, my HEART…
That not only did I share my heart’s truth on social media, that I have been holding back especially in these last 6 weeks whilst I have been deeply, deeply processing all the intuitive depths I have felt at my core, that it dropped me into, what was sitting underneath the entire thing…
That… I had never done anything wrong…..
That my heart, always has made every choice correct…
And that?
That when you share your heart and it get’s met with shutdown by people around you, simply because they don’t understand, of course, your heart hurts.
Human nature, only deeply wants to be accepted and heard by their fellow human being. Not told how wrong they are doing it. Simply because the other person is triggered.
And if you don’t know how to hold your own heart space and depth when this happens… yes, you shut down your own heart.. and the fallouts of that… well…. I could write a book about them…
There is great power in holding space.
But that also comes from knowing how to hold space for the own depths of the recesses of your subconscious, that your Heart, the depths, of your heart, can hold and feel - when you have deeply, deeply felt the depth of grief and know how to hold your own heart space in this depth of grief that is sitting there - from a relationship break up in your past that you haven’t fully FELT.
That is all that is going on.
That is all that is ever going on.
Because when you do?
What is sitting underneath all that?
Pure, unadulterated LOVE.
LOVE baby.
You think this is about them.. this is about YOU.
This isn’t a ‘think love’.
This is a
And when you are comfortable with this sort of LOVE?
THIS is when you can hold ALL that is in front of you.
THIS is the thread of all that is.
Are you… comfortable with - the Love,
Love, Hannah 

The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘
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