Eclipse Season Is Here


As the solstice passes our earth so to marks the eclipse season now upon us taking us deep into the hearth.

As the generational lineage is deep in awareness the eclipses deeply bring forth the shadows we’ve been burying.

~ What we judge and don’t even realise
~ What we are triggered by and don’t even release
~ What we are reacting to and don’t even realise

Yet all of these are the exact crucial keys that are right there for you to reclaim - these are the pieces of the puzzle you’ve been looking for, these are the aspects of your psyche becoming conscious through the projections around you....

This next 3 months are a pivotal period of waking consciousness as the solstice marks the dawning of an awakening era, each and every single cycle, we reconnect back to the sacredness that IS the cycles.

Nothing is still, nothing is stagnant, everything is always, always in expansion, whether you believe it or not, whether you feel that way or not, everything is in constant birthing, constant cyclic flow, constant expansion.

When you allow and drop into this constant expansion, when you move forward WITH this expansion, when you get comfortable WITH expansion, that is when your reality shifts, you reconnect back to the natural rhythms and flows, the purpose of being here on this Earth.

Every time these cycles come around, everyone you recognise these cycles, you begin to reconnect and not see them as bad, but see their deep purpose and their gifts of awakening to you.

People hate on mercury retrograde, solar flares and whatever astrological event that’s going on (anything outside of themselves that they can blame instead of LOOKING WITHIN at what chaos is being created where is the source of ALL pain) and see it as bad, they complain and attribute all the symptoms of lethargy, tiredness, weak bodies and  body systems/organs/illnesses on solar flares and more - yet - that is not how our ancestors lived - that is something that has been only in recent spiritual communities? Haven’t you noticed?

Our tribal ancestors of the very lands we walk on, live on and breathe on - were strong, fit and healthy and would trek for miles and miles at many times. They revered in the cycles and rhythms of our earth, so deeply they even celebrated each with DEEP RITUAL and REVERENCE of what it brought to our lands, consciousness and communities. Ie, Solstices, Equinoxes, Eclipses, Full Moons.

Yet today, so many ‘spiritual’ people/communities sit there and bag them out, blaming their poor health on the solar flares, the eclipses, the full moons.

The true wake up begins when we take DEEP RESPONSIBILITY for each and EVERY aspect of our lives.

The Ancient Elders didn’t sit there and tell their tribes that it’s eclipse season and solar flares are on so you’ll be feeling lethargic, have head spins and feel faint. No. They created rituals, sacrificed animals and ate every part of that animals body, because they knew the wisdom, let alone strength that comes from every part of what we are part of.

We are every part of everything we are. Disowning any part of that, is a disconnection from our true nature.

But what about the wars, the disconnect of the human race and the hurt that’s pouring into the planet Hannah?

Part of coming into Peace, is taking responsibility for every aspect of your life.

Constantly feel tired? Feel weak? Feel floored all the time? Do something about it.

Something not right in your life? Do something about it.

Body shape not what you want? Do something about it.

See others living a life you’re jealous of? Do something about it.

The answer?

Do something about it. There is ALWAYS a solution to EVERYTHING.


ENERGY is constantly moving - ALWAYS.

Therefore the answer is sitting there, in your field, right there - moving somewhere in front of you. You just have to be open enough to 1. believe it and 2. do the alignment work to receive it. #simple IF you do the work. 

So when you are complaining, tired, or something else that you’re not happy with - the ‘problem’ is not coming from outside of you.

It isn’t the Solar Flares, it isn’t the Schumann’s Resonance creating havoc, it isn’t the Earthquakes causing the hecticness and disharmony you’re feeling, it isn’t the astrological line up, it isn’t the Full Moon.

If you feel it is - and what I just said may sound contradictory to what you think I teach or what you feel you’ve learnt from me right? No, this is just a fine tuning of your psychic gifts - let me show you.

Yes - you’re feeling all these things. Is it creating the havoc, disharmony, failed relationships, financial stress, unsettledness, tiredness and extreme lethargy, blackouts and sleep paralysis? NO!

Those things? Are YOU!

Yes you’re feeling the Earths energies, universal energies, collective energies, yes you’re feeling other people’s energy - but it isn’t them causing the reactions you’re having to the feelings you’re feeling outside of yourself! 


THIS, is where you take deep, radical, responsibility for the energy YOU bring to the table - ANY table that shows up in your life (ie any life situation).

Everything is 'beaming' some sort of energy, everything 'brings' a certain energy to any table (situation). Including the way you react to the energy that someone brings to the space. 

The key, is in becoming conscious of these subtle energies and what arises within you when you feel them. The more you can become conscious and stay conscious at this level of awareness, you soon come into deep acute awareness of your gift, of what depth of energy dynamics are going on in any place, any space, and of course, from what that brings from deep within you. 

Everything is bringing you a gift of deep consciousness - of you waking up to more parts of yourself that you weren't aware of before. The relationship you have to these parts of yourself that stirs within you? That, is where your power lays. Hone this and your entire reality changes. 

It always comes back to you. 

Those things 'stirring' you - are just your gifts, to see more parts of you. The question is - are you ready to face that level of yourself? 

These cyclic rhythms and flows of our Solar Systems, the Universes beyond ours, the deep unconsciousness that our Ocean brings to our shores, the Solstices and what is now the beginning of the Eclipse season, with our Dark Moon peaking on Wednesday early morning (AEST), which, is our New Moon Solar Eclipse, the start of this next few months of big awakenings. 

If you look back over the last few years, most will say that July through to October is usually huge changes, huge pains, huge awakenings, huge times of their lives. It is here, that the Eclipse season that follows our dear Solstice in the middle of our Gregorian calendar year, is this powerful portal of great awakening of the consciousness of humanity. 

The shadows that need to be integrated will be shown to you through these times the light sides and the dark sides, for it all makes up the perfection that we call the cyclic flows of life. 

This year is forcing you to look within, take DEEP responsibility for then, the joy you've been searching for, is a natural by-product of the depth that your Soul IS. 

Does that mean no pain - probably not. Yet, pain, is all part of the birthing process to awakening new aspects of yourself. It is the relationship you have to the pain, to the change, to the pulsating, emanating waves of energy - that it is all it ever has been and is, is the thing that will SHIFT your entire reality. 

The relationship, you have to the entire process. 

What is, the relationship, you have to this? To... you? 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. The most powerful aspect of your Soul, is the ability to communicate beyond what is currently seen and felt in this land we live in and on. You feel things, you know things, you are way more switched on than others give you credit for, but you still hide in the limelight, not willing to fully step out. Mystic Mastery, not only gives you the courage to do what your Soul is craving you to do, be and say in the world, but the deep alignment to the purpose and reason that you are alive on the planet today - your beautiful Life Purpose. Click here for all the details for Mystic Mastery as applications are open now and will be closing soon:



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