#energyupdate 20th March 2019

energy update Mar 20, 2019
#energyupdate I am seeing a lot of people say they are struggling with the energies right now, that it is dark, they want to give up, throw it all in, throw the baby out with the bath water and what's the point to anything right now. Is that you? This past few days to a week?
There are people on highs and there are people on lows and there are people flicking between them both.
Right now there are:
~ huge collective waves stripping the past bare and leaving no stone unturned
~ huge waves of emotional cries, tears, outbursts
~ situations landing in your lap
~ situations being taken away from you
~ feeling like you've been blamed for things you have not done
~ feeling like you've been raped, whether energetically or your boundaries DEEPLY crossed
~ you don't know which way things are going to go and are sick and tired of wondering wtf is happening
~ you might be moving forward and starting to 'come out of the hardest part' but gosh right?
❤️ Why is this all happening?
If you have been committed to the internal work on a DAILY CONSISTENT basis, you will probably find you are 'up', opportunities are landing in your lap and that life is on the hugest upswing, you're excited and LETS GO!
If you haven't been committed to DAILY practises - then you will probably be feeling lost, overwhelmed, confused and deeply like wtf, it is just one thing after another and when will this ever stop?! So you'll be feeling quite 'low'.
❤️ Why is this happening?
Because Ascension is RAPIDLY OCCURRING RIGHT NOW - meaning
So what are you going to be committing to? The pain? Or doing something about changing that? Like - what would you rather be focusing on? The thing I always say, is that it is hardest to do this, when it is the opposite of what you are experiencing in your reality. Yet - the more you focus on it, what starts to turn around? Yep! You guessed it! #commitment or pain? 🤔
Things are being stripped away so things can come in, but if you are grasping onto what is slipping away instead of letting it - you are blocking what the Universe is trying to bring you.
PLUS whatever you think about and feel most of the time is AMPLIFIED - so... how about those DAILY CONSISTENT Inner Work Practises? 🤔 What will it take for you to commit to yourself?
Whatever you focus on is AMPLIFIED and will continue to be because we are walking right on into a new reality a new dimension that manifestation of the highest levels, is only rapidly increasing.
This means we need to take Radical Responsibility for choosing our thoughts, choosing our feelings, choosing our reality and taking Radical Responsibility to bring anything back into alignment that is not.
There is A LOT going on cosmically right now:
~ Super Full Moon peaks in just over 12 hours from now
~ Solar Flares and Geomagnetic Storms
~ Cosmic Shifts
~ Earth Frequency is changing
~ There are Star Beings walking around on Earth with us right now, the portals opened and I have had several people private message me and tell me this just today and I experienced this myself in my home last night. Can you sense them?
Dimensional shifts - what reality are you choosing to be in?
Because if you are feeling like everything is falling apart, that you are feeling lost, that you feel like you have just lost everything you've ever known or the direction you thought you were heading in, as crazy as it sounds, you're in the right place.
"You're not lost, you're recalibrating" (if you haven't seen my youtube on this, you can watch it here: https://youtu.be/Tp0yaGuB6SM )
If you just started something new - you are adjusting to a brand new beginning, if you've just lost someone and you thought you'd be with them forever, you're starting a brand new beginning. Just a like new born baby entering the world - we are stepping into a whole new paradigm.
Hold on - the feelings of darkness you may be experiencing if you are on the 'low' space right now, is just shifting out more and more crap that you don't need to hold anymore. You're just about to come up for air - stay here dear Healer, we need you... you wouldn't be feeling this way if you didn't have huge purpose on this planet - you're shifting with us, come, we got work to do precious one. #iseeyou 👑
Full Moon Peaks in just over 12 hours - this is a crucial Full Moon with complete life changing directions abound - hold on, you're just getting started and a whole new reality is about to be birthed, a whole new paradigm - takes some getting used to!
Breathe. Self Care. Send me a message if you're not coping and you're willing to be shown how to RISE 🔥
I love you ❤️
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
P.S. Our Full Moon Ceremony, Live Online, you can join by clicking here for all the details: https://www.realityawareness.com/full-moon-ceremony