#energyupdate PORTAL ENTERED - It's wide open baby and we are IN IT!

#energyupdate PORTAL ENTERED - It's wide open baby and we are IN IT!
~ extreme tiredness
~ letting go of anything not in alignment
~ menstrual cycles ON and FULL ON like nothing you've had before and syncing up with so many women you've never noticed before
~ feeling like you have a cold/flu but you don't
~ extra heavy sleeping when you do get to sleep
~ tired during the day yet, night comes and you're awake
~ extra thirsty
~ feels like you are walking a path quite alone, yet, you're so not alone at the same time, total new territory, a total new energy territory/frequency/feeling, very different to ever before, surreal even, like walking in twilight zone or something... this is the portal vibe... be so aware of the intuition you receive during this time - it is powerfully flooding to you for a reason ❤️
The extreme tiredness, is that we are walking 'in between worlds' 'in between vortexes' 'in between dimensions' = so be super mindful of 'where you are' - what are you choosing? Choose your thoughts, choose your feelings and know that when you are resting/sleeping - you are actually walking the worlds and choosing, 'working' if you may, in what you are doing 'here on Earth' and where you and all of us are going...
~ many new ideas flooding in but the energy to start, not quite there yet
~ total new directions you didn't see coming yet you know is totally right
~ feeling of something new coming still, that you can't yet touch, but you know is so close
~ wanting to sleep, sleep, sleep
~ trying new things out of the norm and feeling good about it (usually things you never have done before)
~ ready and gearing up to make massive life changes that are long overdue
~ feeling the energy about to kick into gear in just about every area of your life
~ esoteric information, spiritual understanding and intuition is heightened more than ever before
~ the pull for your intuitive gifts to be fine tuned, stronger than ever before
Our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the Blood Moon is well on Her way.
Usually I share about the 3 day window portal of the peak time - most of us would agree we have felt it a week out! She began on Sunday/Monday just gone and we are right in it right now.
I keep getting the message we are in a portal - now is the time to be super focused on your manifestation work now more than ever - it almost feels like, this is the time we leave one dimension and choose to come back or walk right on through to your next level - what do you choose?
The energy is potent and super supportive for those huge life changes you want and need to make, plus manifestation is at an all time high for instant upgrades, awareness, huge energetic shifts and deep, deep alignment.
Now, more than ever is a time to choose the highest path, thoughts, emotions and life that you want.
If you are struggling with the energies right now, ask yourself what is not in alignment that I am not letting go of right now? What do I know my intuition is telling me to do, that I am not listening to it? Life will feel harder and more rah, if you are not following your intuition right now.
If you fall asleep instead of meditating - know that is what you NEED right now and that all your previous manifestation work is being integrated as we are aligning for a deep, deep portal shift here.
I feel these next 7 weeks will be deep imperative and fast movement of lots of huge, rapid changes all at once. Self care, sleep, water, keep your thoughts and feelings in deep awareness, feel with your Heart and choose, the path where your intuition is guiding you to.
Now, more than ever, is a time to TRUST. Day by day, moment by moment, breath by breath.
Please share if you feel this can help someone ❤️
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
P.S. It is going to be a super powerful Moon Ceremony Sunday/Monday with this Blood Full Moon! I am super excited to see what channels through on this one, as 6 Moons ago, we were told that the next 6 Moons were going to be deep alignment to our Life Purpose and here we are, 6 Moons later, so curious what is about to flow through us, with all this Atlantis and Egyptian energy streaming through these last few weeks!
PLUS it is the last of the huge eclipses for a few years and it has been a season of them, let alone the astrological line up to go with them!
So amazing ❤️ Click here for all the details to join our Full Moon Ceremony for this coming Sunday/Monday: https://www.realityawareness.com/p/full-moon-ceremony
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