#energyupdate RELEASING, RELEASING, RELEASING BUT - it is a VERY different type of releasing...
DARK MOON PEAKS AT 5:55am Monday AEST (I know, 5:55am right?! Talk about change!) (Check my story for 555 meaning 😍)
Soooo much:
~ crying, sooo much crying, so many tears over - seemingly SO MANY THINGS all combined
~ cold and flu like symptoms when you never really get sick
~ extreme tiredness
~ out of the blue ideas
~ Headachy
~ Body aches you don't usually get
~ Feeling like you're going crazy trying to figure things out (tip - you can't/won't be able to figure it out. Stop analysing. These shifts that are going on, are not to be analysing. They are to be FELT. Big difference. Hello Feminine Rising Reality. Get out of your head and into your HEART - this IS what the '5D shift/consciousness is HEART not head, feeling, not analysing)
~ feeling very out of time
~ Extremely high vibrational feelings, energetics and atomic level feeling of the high vibrations very paramount, very noticeable
~ tolerance for things you once tolerated - no more
~ feeling very 'out of time and space reality' (not lost for time, just not in the time constructs of 'old human reality'
These are Ascension Symptoms beautiful one 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻
Soooo many layers being shed, shed, shed - there are many tears, but it is like you are crying about all the things at once, but all individual at the same time. Yet - so many things are coming IN 'replacing them' almost instantly. It is a very short space of time, that when something leaves, something comes into replace it, fill the gap so to speak.
It is like this very out of time feeling, no longer a part of Earth's old laws, but you've adjusted to this 'out of time' reality, no longer bound by Earth's laws, but still very functioning in them.
What is the benefit of being 'out of time'? Faster manifesting speeds - yep, you guessed it - stay focused on what you want, not what you don't want, for things are happening at rapid speed right now and there is no turning back on this clock baby! We have stepped into the reality that we've been waiting for, knowing this can happen, and now we are 'here'... funnily enough, 5G was turned on here in Australia this week, any coincidence here? 🤔 That all of a sudden we have faster manifesting speeds, feel out of time and noticing all that has fallen away, but recognising all that has come in - yep - use your energy and the 5G or it will use you. (I keep saying it!)
We all talk about being super human, having sixth sense and beyond super abilities - yet when people start to feel them, and they are manifesting them, they all turn against them 🤔
KEEP GROUNDED. Meaning, if your iron is low, you are going to feel like you are fading away, that you are anxious and have so much to do, feel overwhelmed and can't get it all done. Yet, when your iron is matching the magnetic iron frequency and vibration to that of Earth (the centre of our Earth is Iron beautiful one!) then we have our ANCHOR. No amount or spiritual work, can supplement what our physical body needs - we need BOTH, not one of the other. We are human and spiritual at the same time - honour BOTH at the same time. Balance baby. Anchor yourself here, so you can evolve WITH Earth, rather than fade away and get left behind, wondering where everyone went.
Along with rapid speed manifestations and 'finally everything coming to fruition' that you've been working towards for quite some time - there has been huge shifts right? Huge life changes, of things that we once a dream all of a sudden LANDED yes?
Along with this rapid speed manifestation, also comes:
~ Extremely accurate intuition
~ This is a time of extremely high frequencies being 'injected' into the planet if you may, if you are feeling the depths and darkest despair, it is just clearing it out BECAUSE of the high frequency you have been holding with the work you've been doing. This rapid 'injection' right now, is shifting/amplifying/stretching this higher frequency even higher... and the darker stuff, can't come up with us beautiful. LET IT OUT.
~ New intuitive gifts being deeply activated and accelerated - you are DEEPLY awakening right now
~ You may be feeling fear or anxious or scared or vulnerable with these new discoveries, gentle self talk is key here - this is, what you've been wanting/asking for anyway, don't push them away now they are here beautiful Soul
~ You may have received gifts in the physical as well as your intuition gifts amplifying, had awakenings or physical things manifesting 'all of a sudden' after so long that leave you thinking, well how did that just happen?
~ How did I end up HERE?
Trust these changes, trust the flow - these are super speeded up times and I am sensing these increasing changes are only going to CONTINUE until March next year - so hold onto your hats!
Support yourself by:
~ Surrounding yourself with people who get it, whether online or in person
~ Know you are not the only one feeling the Rapid Ascension Awakening going on right now
~ Ground yourself - make sure your iron levels are high and stable, stabilise your blood sugar levels by dropping the sugar and other dietary changes you are being called to do through your intuition
~ Focus on one thing at a time (ie, don't drop all addictions at once, just release one thing at a time)
~ Finish what you've started - now is a time for completion, completion, completion - until Feb/Mar next year, finish everything, get it done, we are ready to birth a new cycle, its time to clear the slate and prepare.
~ Exercise, meditate regularly, get enough sleep and nature time to stay connected to the Earth frequencies, not societies/technology frequencies (you are more powerful than that - own it baby)
~ LET YOURSELF RECEIVE!!! - you may be clearing out a lot right now, but you are also RECEIVING SOOOO MUCH - are you actually letting it in??? Or still holding it at arms length? This whole release and the entire 'awakening' going on, on the planet right now IS about coming into the Feminine, 'the feminine rising', this IS about RECEIVING beautiful one... if you aren't consciously allowing your energy, your frequency, to RECEIVE, you are missing a crucial element of the entire purpose of why all this shit is going on in the first place.
You will be feeling resentful, tired, angry, depleted and wtf if you are not allowing this CRUCIAL part of Ascension take you IN!
How do you Receive?
~ Grieve, howl, cry to clear the resentment in the space
~ Say thank you
~ Notice what you have and give gratitude for it
STOP during your day to receive just BE, don't look at your phone, don't do anything just sit and stare at nature, even just 5 mins - and consciously tell yourself you are on 'receiving' breaks, set a timer on your phone so you don't have to check it. What this does? Oh, the Universe sees/feels you starting to LET THINGS IN - and then... gives you more, to LET IN. LET IT IN BABY.
~ Take deeper breaths. How much oxygen are you letting come IN to your system? This is important as so many of us are breathing so shallow - breathe deeper and tell yourself you are letting LIFE COME IN at the same time. Set breathing reminders on your phone.
Let alone, the Rapid Ascension Awakening happening right now, we are in an accelerated time of everything. The more savvy you get at letting go properly, meaning, giving deep reverence, recognition and allowing the grief to shift through you, use rituals and ceremonies regularly to support your changes, take care of yourself and let yourself receive what comes into the space, once that has cleared out, the 'easier' life will be.
These energies aren't slowing down anytime soon.
~ Get support with those you know that can help you
~ Learn to take care of you
~ Attend or hold ceremonies and rituals that honour the letting go and intention setting/creating space that you are in
~ Breathe deeply
Dark Moon peaks at 5:55am, Monday morning Brisbane AEST, if that even isn't the sign you need, that collectively, so many people are SHIFTING as our Earth is shifting, we are part of our Earth and she is part of us, we can't not be affected by Her, better to attune back to the natural rhythms and cycles.
Dark Moon, is the Crone, it is RELEASING, it is coming Full Circle. It is death, rebirth, it is Dark, it is shedding. You will want to 'be in', and release. Trust this, you are right in tune beautiful one.
Honour this cycle, this is a huge space for Humanity right now, you're not alone, even though it may feel like it. #igotyou 💜
Let alone this, we are another week off the '6 week' message I received on the Global Live Healing in Africa almost 6 weeks ago, so let's see what comes - the releasing of the Sacral is here, all the old patterns, all the old realities, what once filled you doesn't anymore. You have shifted, changed and are now in a path of clearing, aligning, aligning, aligning.
Also, if you find yourself in a space of wtf, this isn't me, I didn't sign up for this, know that this is... just an aspect you need to clear. So ask yourself, why am I here, what do I need to be shown, please guide me of the highest light, and the rapid realisations of 'why' and what you need to do to shift will arrive.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
P.S. Don't you think this image looks deeply like the Volcano energy? (Glass House Mountains, Sunshine Coast, my back yard)
P.P.S. Keep an eye out tomorrow!!! Reconfiguring Energetic Codes - the MEDITATION ONLY WILL BE AVAILABLE!!! If you didn't join us for the Two Week Immersion, but feel like you've been in it anyway, this will deeply support you, this 42min long meditation, straight out of the live channeled version from the Full Moon Ceremony almost 3 weeks ago now, will be available tomorrow!
P.P.P.S. If you want to release your current cycle, our Full Moon Ceremony coming up in two weeks, is your amplified space to do just that, join us live, or catch the replay. All the details are here: https://www.realityawareness.com/full-moon-ceremony

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