#energyupdate What I’ve noticed...

energy update trust your intuition Apr 17, 2019

#energyupdate What I’ve noticed... on Notre Dame, the collective shift, what this Easter means - this is a big energy update 💥🔥🕊

~ Why you're feeling depressed
~ Why things get worse before they better
~ Seasons of Grief
~ Ancestral Healing at core depths
~ Why you don't just cut psychic energetic cords willy nilly
~ What Easter really means as we move into the Age of Aquarius next year
~ My insights on Notre Dame
~ Why the Witches who were burnt are rising
~ Where were we before Religion
~ The rise of the Goddess
~ Healing Fertility Issues, Abundance/Money and Receiving the deepest love you crave
~ The Fibonacci Sequence with 3's, 9's, 18's and more and why they are imperative to understanding how we evolve with consciousness ✨

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