#energyupdate 💥YOU WILL BE CHALLENGED 💥
Maybe you've had a shift and then today it feels like WTF IS GOING ON?!?!
You know, just released eons beyond time and space energetic gridlocks that have been keeping Humanity bound for all of time. (Watch yesterday's livestream if you didn't to understand what I am saying here).
When there is release - there is a let go.
When a Mother gives birth, she can let go and breathe out - for a minute 😉
And then she is adjusting to a whole new way of being, with a new being and trying to figure out how to do this new reality - that's exactly what is going on! Adjusting to a new reality!
Remember, that a Mother can cry a lot around this time of birth! Huge times of change, call for grief and tears - let them FLOW. Humanity is birthing a whole new way of being!
Yesterday we released HUGE energetic gridlock. Things feel graty and agitaty (yes, making up words again) as the final remnants release - like you know how you feel shitty and then you do a poo and you feel fine again? 💩
It's a bit like that.
There is a release going on.
You will be feeling agitated, frustrated, things not working, wanting to hide away in recluse and everyone leave me the fuck alone mode!
Restless sleep, not being able to sleep, even though exhausted...
We just shifted HUGE not just Planet Earth and Humanity stuff yesterday, but eons of time and BEYOND time and space beyond the ethers of the atoms - yes?
If tears are flowing or ANY emotion is coming up - LET IT OUT!
Pushing against a door frame as hard as you can to release anger is 👌🏻👌🏻Then let the tears flow, under all anger is sadness.
To say no to demands on your time
To realise what your intuition is telling you
To trust your intuition, no matter what it is saying
To keep going when you feel like giving up
To drop into trusting the flow when all your plans change and it is frustrating as hell
To feel all your feelings authentically no matter what spiritual ego gets in the way saying you shouldn't feel that way
To remember who you are
To release all fear and do it anyway
To take that leap of faith and move forward with your plans
In honouring your vows and words you made to yourself - have you said you would start a new routine and haven't?
Did you tell yourself and the Universe you would step up and haven't?
Or said you wouldn't do that thing or see that person again or - ?
When you say something and then don't, you are crossing your own boundaries.
You will feel agitated and irritated when you are not listening to the wisdom of your own Soul.
When you step up and agree to the Universe to do something and you shift and take all the PHYSICAL actions to support that -
Do you really want that thing?
Are you REALLY going to commit like you told the Universe you would?
What is the only reason you go against your own vows?
Is somewhere inside you don't believe you are worthy enough, good enough, deserve that. You might THINK you do - but deep down, something is still running the show.
I am getting the sense that today is a choice, a deal breaker.
You can choose to let it stop you and think it isn't working or you can remember you create your own reality and do it anyway.
The ping back, the let go has happened and now it is like what IS this place called Planet Earth right now???
It is like you don't recognise anyone, and are 'invisible' - like you are already hiding in your cloak not wanting to be around anyone and it is like this - remember - how I always kept saying recently that soon, it will be like we walk around and are not seen - because we are just not on this plane, but we are still here?
The Dimensions have shifted...
You already know the answer deep inside - why are you looking for confirmation outside of yourself? Don't you - trust yourself? Don't you - believe in your own Heart's feelings?
Aren't you ready to fully commit to that person that needs you the most?
✅Drink lots of water
✅Let the grief tears flow (so important!)
✅Clear your energy
✅Remember what we did yesterday
✅Remember who you are
✅Remember to stay in your Heart
✅Remember it is okay to say no and take a time out
✅Remember YOU
Nothing has flowed the way I planned today, with internet upgrades meaning no internet at home (they said they were doing it yesterday!) and so I couldn't work from home - what that means is I now have even faster internet than before!! YYYEEESSS!!!
When it seems like it is not working - the Universe is working it for you.
The question is - do you trust that?
Do you trust the flow, even when it doesn't seem like flow?
Remember, the release is here. Rest and prepare, you're about to FLY 🦅
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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