"Don't give up on your dreams, just because someone said so... and dreams coming true at the same time and/or the world feels like it is falling away at your feet." 

Regardless of the 'up' or 'down' feeling of both of these right now, this is a strong message coming through right now. 

There are a lot of people feeling: 

  • frenetic energy
  • like the world is collapsing around you and you can't do anything to change it 
  • successful relationship bridges being made and continuing to grow deeper 
  • deep clarity, but deep uncertainty at the same time 
  • know you need to make changes, but somewhat stuck at the same time as to WHAT to do
  • huge deep trauma surfacing on a different level/aspect about something that happened a long, long time ago 
  • wanting to run, move house, need your own space back 
  • feeling super sensitive to energy, so much so you're wondering how did this sensitivity even increase so much recently?! 

I had even been wondering myself, that if 5G has been turned on on some parts of the planet already, that the super sensitive souls are feeling it from a collective stand point? ๐Ÿค”BUT - what it is really doing? Activating the 5D Consciousness - like it is embedded now, not just talked about.. known about.. but FEELING BEING IT NOW ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š

And, if the 5D is being activated (yes, the 5D consciousness) because of this - that... is HEART SPACE - that the deep trauma that is surfacing for people to actually deal with and get out of their system is actually shifting back into the HEART this time, instead of thinking heart, now we are BEING Heart? 

The shift into the HEART of the matter is REAL ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’šRemember I always say, Ear Chakras, Heart Chakra and Base Chakra are deeply interconnected and we are right in the middle of Base Chakra week. 

That - the HEART frequency, is not that of trauma, abuse and more - so this is shifting out, so that we can BE Heart now....

That - the masculine DOING is OUT and GONE and the Feminine BEING is now a thing is now... where we are FEELING and for many of us masculine dominated energy DOING masters are now - feeling like the world is falling away, because we are have PHYSICALLY shifted into BEING now - and THAT is what the feeling of the world falling away and everything we've ever known and the DRIVE, that internal drive has shifted from - not feeling good enough and I need to do this and this and this and I can be everyone's everything, that way I feel good enough, and if I do this too - then they will accept me and be good enough and... get love... or something! Right? 

And now - that internal driver has SHIFTED - from the needing to do something be good enough to now FEELING GOOD ENOUGH - because this BEING energy - it is REALLY hard for me to describe, because it is not a feeling that can be described - when I say the words, 'I don't need to do the thing because I am just good enough now' - it really misses the entirety of the FEELING that - is just good enough because I exist. 

Good enough doesn't even come into the equation or train of thought process - a bit like the Heart 'being' it is just a feeling now - not a thinking oneself of good enough. 

All I can describe it as, is the internal driver has shifted. 

Is this how it is for you too? 

I wonder if - you're still in the trauma, wanting to run away from everything, like everything has shifted, like, everything has changed, that EVERYTHING is surfacing, all at once and you don't know how to even feel this way anymore, or like everyone go away or feeling frenetic and frantic and like you're trying to grip on and nothing is working - know this beautiful one - THIS is what is shifting - your internal driver is shifting now. 

You are NOT everyone's everything. (And you realise this now, and you're exhausted from this!) 

You DON'T have to do the thing to be good enough now, to get their love, approval or otherwise. 

You are doing it because you WANT to do it for your own Soul's calling. 

NOT from or for any other reason than that. 

And sometimes? That can mean a HUGE reassessing of your entire reality and a deep sense of feeling lost - because with that internal driver changed over now - sometimes the space of REMEMBERING and recoding and rewiring what is even 'good' and 'fun' for you - can be a bit - well, wtf is fun?! 'I've been the caretaker since I was a child, I have been the one having to hold it all together for everyone AND do things to get their approval and love and now that isn't there anymore well wtf - now what?!'

It's okay honey #igotyou! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

This is a space of reassessing boundaries, knowing your worth from this new internal driver space and holding your ground on this, whilst deeply changing everything around you at the same time, not like you've ever done before, but omg this feels so good to FINALLY be doing YOU first right? 

It is important to remember when you have grown up being the care-taker/people pleaser/responsible adult since childhood and 'missed out on your childhood' 'never got a chance, because you subconsciously chose to take care of everyone around you - there is a HUGE space of rewiring that gets to happen NOW - as you release all this from your past. 

It is about re-finding who you are, re-finding what brings you joy, re-finding what brings you alive - refining/rewiring and redefining what FUN even is for you.

I have been working with several of my clients on this exactly and myself too! It feels strong in the collective right now as many of us shift out this level of deep hurt, pain and trauma that has been sitting there for YEARS

I feel like there are a lot of people right now, that are going through huge changes - it is like old patterns have surfaced - but you are 'treating them differently' this time.  

If you have felt like RUNNING - running far, far away, or shutting yourself away from the world never to come out again - this is NORMAL - when trauma and a big pattern is coming up to face and clear. 

For me, I have wanted to run away all week - well this past 2-3 weeks - but I didn't realise it. I was planning road trips and moving house and... and.. and! Realising this is a pattern! 

That when I was a kid, it was either yelling and screaming to work through something that never got resolved anyway, or a parent would literally get in the car and drive away, leaving us kids and I was like. Woah. That's what I was doing. 

That every-time something big surfaced I wanted to run away. Glad I caught that one! 

Sometimes it is soooo big, I don't even realise that is what I am doing, yet the more I have noticed it, the more I catch it. I also know, there is no way, I would've been able to face the deep trauma feelings that had surfaced this past 2-3 weeks, without mentor support. Hence, the desire to run, or move house, or travel or - anything to not face this! Yet... when we do - ah, the biggest releases come in! 

It is not easy to face big trauma stuff when it surfaces, and that usually coincides with Solar Flares and energy shake ups through the Earth - because it is 'shaking up the subconscious' and surfacing/coming out as it does so - it shakes up our stuff too! 

Exhaustion and tiredness can come from many different aspects - when we are: 

  • doing too much DEEP spiritual work and not enough resourcing, filling up your cup, or replenishing and 'allowing the soil to settle' in between big deep work sessions 
  • incorrect diet and lifestyle choices for your own body type and life
  • needing detoxing - from physical people/environments/situations
  • carrying too much energetic crap that is now ours (including what you're carrying from this life and others) 
  • deep trauma that is surfacing that we are trying to keep down as it is sooo full on to face on our own (hence mentor support always important!)
  • not enough self care/sleep/general support for your own lifestyle choices
  • too much 'doing' and not enough 'being' 

I am getting strongly the 'solution' to all this right now is: 

  • take as much time as you need to heal, repair, replenish and grow into the you, you are becoming and shifting into as your world changes around you 
  • make plans for things that bring your heart alive
  • if you don't know what does bring your heart alive, take time to find out what does and to do that, you need to create SPACE in your lifestyle to explore, adventure, try new things and THIS is YOU finding YOU again and feeling like you CAN create the time to do such, because we are the only creators of our own time and yes's and no's in anything we choose to do
  • know it is okay to feel like running away from everything and frenetic - because CHANGE is on your doorstep and things are literally vibrating out of your system right now, find someone who can support you through the heavy big stuff 
  • know that you are safe as you go through these changes, as much as it doesn't feel like it right now!
  • Your Inner Child is the one who feels most scared through these changes, work with your Inner Child, and you will help to dissipate the fear. It is, after all, your Inner Child self, who had to hold it together in this way until now - so of course he/she is going to be feeling the depth of the change as this surfaces and shifts, because her/his entire reality is changing and crumbling in the ONLY way it has known to survive and feel safe until now! You can work with your Inner Child by clicking here, if you don't already have this: https://www.realityawareness.com/inner-child-healing-meditation

All in all, there are massive changes going on IN our earth and ON our Earth:

  • Hurricane season has begun in the USA
  • the corruption through the Amazon and 'whys' are coming deeply to LIGHT
  • Tectonic plates that have been dormant for millions of years are on the move and the centres of them, that they have always said, is NOT how Earthquakes happen, are moving and Earthquakes are surfacing from them

Our Earth and world is changing and will continue to. 

'The only constant is change' 

When we recognise the external reflection of the internal reflection of what that is bringing to light for our own internal reality eg: 

  • The grief of the forests destruction - the grief in our own heart of the not being supported or protected as a child or even still today
  • The busyness of life and chaos around us causing distress and wanting to run, our super sensitivity to the changes, reflected in the busyness and internal structural changes going on inside us, the upgrades, the repairs and the restructure of our internal reality and what is masculine and feminine balance for us changing
  • The tectonic plates awakening from in the centre when 'they aren't supposed to' - the reflection of our HEART AWAKENING and LIVING FROM THE HEART when they have been trying to suppress it for so long - now waking up and shifting mountains and breaking all mind/brain/science structures - intuition and HEART LIVING is not logical! Leaving scientists scratching their heads with what we've known all along. 

There is a lot. 

Know you're not alone. 

Find those that GET IT and talk to THEM about it. 

Because there are those that feel it so deeply and those that are oblivious to the changes, but are feeling it in other ways they aren't even conscious of. 

The truth is awakening and we are ALL feeling more. 

Honour your sensitivity and get the support you need to honour this in a way that empowers you, instead of disempowers you, so you can be that beacon of light to others as they are all turning to you for support anyway. As you ARE the ones that this time on Earth of great awakening and change - is the reason you are here in the first place. 

When you take care of yourself first, you take care of others and these changes you are going through? 

Is because your Purpose is awakening and the time for you to lead is near. 

You first, then them. But you will see and are already experiencing - they are already coming, aren't they? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ๐Ÿ‘‘

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