#energyupdate May 12, 2022


There is a heaviness in the air…but also a very distinct choice is available - a #choicepoint - as I like to call them. The feeling and distinct clarity of this available is very tangible.

You may have already been asking, but what is the alternative to this feeling? Yo this option. Sure, this is what is right in front of me, but what am I actually choosing right now? 

A feeling of is it going to make it?

Is it going to work out? 

Is it going to hold strong and ‘hold the fort’?

There is a sense of interwoven worlds playing at two - a sense of both pulling apart and coming back together.

The veils are thin. 

The emotions are running high - 

  •  Overwhelm
  •  anxiety
  •  tears
  •  huge next steps, and leaps of faith perhaps even already initiated
  •  and confusion is deeply about. 

Confusion is coming about as interchanging worlds are merging. These merging realities. 

There is a sense of uneasiness and disrupted flow and then…. It all shifts in an instant and is flowing once more. 

A moment of grace and then a waterfall of so much uneasiness and back and forth we go. 

Whilst we are peak in the midst of so much energetic portals right now:

  •  Eclipses
  •  Full Moon on its way 
  •  Retrogrades
  •  World stuff on edge waiting for elections 
  •  Season changes that are normal and not normal at the same time 

There is a lot of energies going on right now. 

Remember, the Eclipses will be showing you what’s in your face that you’ve been denying or ‘just dealing with’ until now and now, you’re being faced with an uncomfortable reality. 

Keep going the way you are or do something about it and change it. 

That may (usually 99% of the time!) will require you to make some big changes, big risks, walk away from what is not in alignment, Konmari clean outs and all and step out of your comfort zone and be uncomfortable more than likely the entire way until you ‘reach’ your new destination that is just another energetic alignment to becoming the person you’ve always known yourself to be.

Right now, the #choicepoint is tangible. 

You can feel clearly you have two paths ahead of you right now. 

This is the deepest aspect of the Eclipse energy.

You’re going to continue the same path that you just come from - or you’re stepping into an entirely new frequency that ultimately? 

Brings you ALIVE again! That - is what you’ve been waiting for - right? 

As the Eclipse comes into its peak next week on our Full Moon, you are being asked to take a good clear look at your inventory and get clear on what reality you are actually choosing.

It might seem like all the muck is dredged up over the Eclipses - because it is. It is like a good huge clean out so you’re not dreading that into your future. 

Because you don’t want to be right? 

So are you? 

What does your future look like and what aligned action steps do you take today, to not carry this forth into the future and create the reality you want so this cycle is broken for eternity? 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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