#energyupdate I may be smiling in this photo from this morning, but yesterday I was bawling my eyes out crying...

#energyupdate I may be smiling in this photo from this morning, but yesterday I was bawling my eyes out crying... 

It wasn't a 'bad' crying.. it felt like a deeply releasing, grounding crying. 

I was in tears, I was brought to tears, I was... releasing.. I was... coming to the realisation about some hard truths that had come streaming to light around me 'out of the blue' - the things Spirit needed me and wanted me to see. I always get shown what I need to see - always. 

Spirit is always guiding my Life Purpose, in every single way, it has been that way since 2005 and it has never left my side. 

I wanted to write a blog about 'Feeling betrayed by the Universe' - or 'Feeling blocked by the Universe' - but let me list these here as there are MANY feelings coming through about this, what I now see - are all an #energyupdate (some I will write more on 'why' here too)

~ Feeling like everything has come to a standstill, or are doubting your decisions about what is going on, when it was so clear a second ago so to speak - what this is, is notice - you have probably just shifted mountains, climbed a mountain (maybe literally), moved house, moved continent - you're shifting your BASE right now, to come into more alignment with your Soul's Life Purpose and the reason you are here - trust this transition space, let yourself receive it, knowing you're setting up for a brand new supportive cycle ahead.

~ Feeling blocked in your creativity, in your intuition, feeling like you can't hear your intuitive guidance like you are usually so clear in doing so - this is just a reconfiguring of your intuition and if it feels like it is 'blocked' you are actually being reconfigured to the higher frequencies that are about to come through with the distance/direction Earth is and has been shifting through and towards in space - like our Universe has literally been moving through a space in the bigger space, if that makes sense? And if you have been feeling blocked recently, you are reconfiguring to this 'new space' to keep up so to speak. If you have been feeling SO clear and that your intuition has almost been 'demanding' of you, I would be mindful where that is coming from, as pure intuition is not demanding like a child or authoritarian adult commanding and demanding of you. Intuition is gentle, kind and you will almost miss it if you are not aware to catch it, it is that soft and gentle. My book will share more on this commanding authoritarian 'intuition' that I followed for the first year into my spiritual awakening and the 'betrayal' I felt from the Universe with this entire situation that it led me down, what I thought what was my Life Purpose... super thankful for this wake up call and who I was really listening to in the Spirit world and has dropped me into #onpoint and deep intuition ever since, because of that experience. #grateful

~ Feeling like the Universe has betrayed you - this is just you waking up to the reality of what is really going on beautiful one! I remember this feeling well and it cuts to the core. You feel alone in the world again, feeling like your intuition was on point then - well wtf right!? Betrayal is DEFINITELY the thread here - but is it betrayal to the Universe - or, how have you been betraying and denying, what is YOU? What is it that YOU are calling forth out of YOU? Let yourself FEEL this grief, denial, anger and more - SOO important to come to the depths of clarity about what is really going on

There is a HUGE clearing out of the Sacral Chakra right now - coming deep into who you are, what you are meant to do and birth on the planet. With that - comes HUGE releasing into what no longer serves you - threads and dregs of any past threads will be in your face for clearing. 

At the same time, deep, deep protection is happening right now. If you have been feeling like you've been blocked recently, via intuition, or something physical, know that you are shifting and that this 'slowing down' or 'things coming to a halt' is because you are being redirected - because - you have committed to yourself, your Soul and your unique, pure, Life Purpose recently right? Something within you, has shifted, deeply and this, is why this is happening. 

The other part of this, is that tomorrow we step into the 3 day window of our Full Moon Peak time on Monday evening (AEST), so we are already feeling the effects of her Fullness coming to Peak - the Light is shining the truth on things, things seem like they are coming to a standstill, (I wouldn't be surprised if some planet is going backwards right now/retrograde, because the energy feels like that) - but it feels like things are going to move forward and very VERY quickly after our Full Moon peak time, so from early to mid next week, things will be very fast paced. 

All of this combined with the Solar Flares, that sent a wave of collective tiredness - of what effects us as tiredness - in a way, that after every Solar Flare that happens - it is like this wave, comes and sheds a layer of skin from us - hence the crying, purging, tears, releasing - shedding an old layer of skin - to allow room for realisation, after realisation, after truth being shown. It is no wonder, Lapis Lazuli, in The Liquid Crystals, is Realisation and the animal totem for that is Snake. Realisation the truth - shedding the old layers, to reveal the truth. 

I feel like things will be full steam ahead from next week, so be prepared for big energetic shifts, complete reality 'grounding in', anchoring your roots, so you can grow big, tall, strong and super grounded at the same time. 

Clean out, prepare - energetically, physically, emotionally. If you are crying, let yourself - whilst continuing to stay focused at the same time. 

The Sacral Chakra is associated with deep grief - release, release, release - there is a reason why the Sacral Chakra is connected with our Intestines - releasing the crap, so we can be healthy again and absorb and nourish at the highest functioning capacity possible. 

Interesting that Lapis Lazuli came through strongly just then, as it is deeply connected to the Third Eye and Third Eye is all about Seeing the truth in relationships and we are in relationship to EVERYTHING. Seeing the truth, in: 

  • how we are in the world 
  • how we relate to the world 
  • how we relate to ourselves 
  • how we relate to the people in our lives 
  • how we relate/judge the people in our lives and what we think is good/bad and right/wrong 

Are you speaking kindly to yourself and others through this space? Or are you judging yourself harshly? Can you let in the circle of support that you have created around yourself and let yourself breathe this in? 

It might feel like a standstill, but ultimately - you are just coming into deep alignment. 

'You're not lost, you're recalibrating' - if you feel lost, please watch my livestream I did on this very topic, it is sooo important when we talk about Life Purpose Awakening and Spiritual Awakenings - you're becoming conscious of yourself, of your Life Purpose, that is all. 

Our Earth has been rapidly shifting through space and the Universe's right now - our entire solar system, has 'taken a turn' so to speak and is aligning to a new frequency, a new direction - we are just shifting with it to keep up. Reconfiguring at it's best. Allow this space. 

This Full Moon will see much more 'truths' come to light for you. Be ready to change your entire Life direction or 'ground in deeper' where you are - and trust, that this, is all part of the plan, for what you are here to do on this planet. 

This is a time of great awakening, find your tribe, who totally get this - including the purging, crying, bawling your eyes out on the floor in wtf mode grieving about the losses that come with that and know exactly what it is you are REALLY doing. #wegotyou (send me a message if you don't have this tribe of support, it is soo important you do!)

It's the Light AND the Dark beautiful Soul - it's knowing what to do with the Dark, when it shows it's face to you, that's all. â¤ï¸

If you're feeling at a standstill - know you're being redirected that's all. Trust, wait and continue to do what you're being called to do at the same time. And sometimes, that's being okay with the space, that you're in, awaiting that 'intuition to come through' - because in waiting, you're actually listening to your intuition correctly at the same time too yes? You're listening to 'no action' just yet too - you're actually right on point in this. 

My bawling my eyes out yesterday? And my smiling today? I am **this close** to sharing with you - a project I have been working on for 3 YEARS!!!! I am soooo excited to release this to you - but yesterday, I logged off social media and had 18 hours of nothingness (no interuptions/distractions) to focus on this project as after 3 YEARS I am days away of releasing something to you that has been 3 YEARS in the making! THAT is what my smile is about today! That this... all of everything I have been through, in my... entire LIFE has brought me to this moment in time... 

That - this 3 YEARS worth of work into this project is the SOLID foundation to the BIG project I can then move onto (because my work is never done! ðŸ˜‰). The tears yesterday we just bringing me to tears, with what I was working on, just all the thoughts, all the trials, all the tribulations that have brought me to this moment in time - is about to be released to you! Well, the project that is! 

This is my gift to you and OMG... okay - back to working on it! Soooo close now! 

So, my tears, were of release and wanted to say that - we are talking about Sacral Chakra - clearing out what no longer serves there, all the crud and crap and old relationship patterns, karmic threads all the way back through the eons of time - released... so that we can birth what we are here to do. The Sacral is where we gestate our Life Purpose - and this releasing, is a normal part of the birthing process. What Mother doesn't cry at some point during labour?! 



Have you been releasing old patterns? Tears of release of something old and no longer in alignment? (even when you didn't want it to go, but knew it had to at the same time?) Have you been feeling blocked? Comment below and let me know how you're feeling? ðŸ‘‡ðŸ»ðŸ‘‡ðŸ»ðŸ‘‡ðŸ»

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

P.S. OMG YES! Keep an eye peeled - my 3 YEAR project is about to BIRTH baby!!! ðŸ˜It's going to support you more than ever, be your 'safe place to fall' and place to increase your psychic development, skills and heal from ANYTHING. Soooo can't wait to share this with you!!! ðŸ¥°ðŸ¥°ðŸ¥°

P.P.S. Our Full Moon Ceremony is in 4 nights time! Celebratory, ritual, release, enfold, encompass, ground and deeply house the reason you are being. This feels like a 'grounding, grounding, grounding' Full Moon - are you coming to celebrate it? Of how far you have come? Of what you have had to walk through to get here? ðŸ”¥Click here for all the details for our Full Moon Ceremony, join us live, or catch the replay: https://www.realityawareness.com/full-moon-ceremony


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