#energyupdate leading up to our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with 5 or 6 planets lined up

#energyupdate leading up to our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with 5 or 6 planets lined up in a row at the same time (and goodness knows what else) - phew! Some feelings we are feeling right?!
~ surging waves of inspiration
~ surging waves of anger
~ sweeping waves of tiredness
~ deep feelings of melancholy about past lovers
~ feelings of frustration, surged by waves of deep gratitude
~ tears that won't stop flowing or suddenly come out of no where
~ overwhelm and breakdowns
There has also been a big shift with a high, strong level kicking in of not tolerating bad vibes anymore, the need for authentic, genuine heart centered conscious connection with people in your environment is real and if it ain't there, you are feeling strongly that you can't be in that environment one moment longer and are getting out or making plans to do so.
It is interesting that a month ago - I dreamt of Volcanoes.
Our Sun - I noticed something on the...
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#energyupdate - #portalalert Portal Waves, clearing out, death, rebirth - deepening of your Heart expansion

#energyupdate - #portalalert, Portal Waves, clearing out, death, rebirth - deepening of your Heart expansion

I had mentioned to a client early on the weekend - that there is another wave coming. ‘Wednesday’ is the message I received and even though it is Wednesday here in Australia, and not yet Wednesday on the other side of the world - I think many are feeling this one:

  • Huge Heart Wounds coming to the surface
  • Deep old relationship patterns/threads from the past connected to the Heart are surfacing
  • Intense DEEP Heart hurting crying
  • Wanting to run away - but facing it
  • Old arguments surfacing in old threads of relationships (that - here we go again feeling right? )
  • Anxiety - which is just that there is a pile of crying in your Heart that needs to come out
  • Feeling like you don’t want to be here - which is just the end of a portal for you, you are being reborn into a new - stay here, we need you and you’re just coming out of a cocoon like a caterpillar,...
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It’s a fine line - walking in denial of current world events or being in reality of it

It’s a fine line - walking in denial of current world events or being in reality of it - and ‘stepping it up as a Lightworker’ - this - is a HUGE reason I have been quiet recently too. One could say, this post is an #energyupdate and #rantwarningalert

Along side the personal shifts I have been deeply processing - this part? The World Stuff on top of that? Gah.I have been deeply processing these world events. And specific parts I want to share with you here, now I am gaining clarity through my own processing of it.

Comments like - ‘Lightworkers need to step it up’ irritates me to no end - lets say I get mighty angry and frustrated about comments like that.

There is a piece of that - that is pure denial!

Gah - maybe this needs a #rantwarning that you may not want to read any further…. Maybe I need to livestream on this too.. anyway… here we go…

I have a lot to say about it, now that I am coming through the other side of processing...

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The Upgrades Can Feel Mighty Uncomfortable & Confusing

The Upgrades Can Feel Mighty Uncomfortable & Confusing

I remember feeling totally freaked out when I consciously experienced my first upgrade. 

It was deeply uncomfortable, I felt 

  • weird 
  • vulnerable 
  • scared (so scared!) 
  • wired and couldn't stop crying 
  • confused, deeply confused

However once I realised/learnt what was going on - I trained myself to relax into it and receive it. 

Ascension is happening regardless of whether we do work or not. 

Humanity and consciousness and society is changing and the resistance to these upgrades will be full of pain, trauma and will feel like torture, it can feel like no body understands you and that you are struggling big time and 'Yeah, all good for you Hannah!' - this is the trapping of the old paradigm that the upgrades are trying to release you from. I can say this, because this is what I experienced it as before I allowed myself to even go there with this. I was all good in the dark -...

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Solstice and the Dawning Era that is birthing right now

Solstice. Today, for me, has been in deep inner reflection. But it didn't start off like this! (As I sat down to write this post - sooo much just flowed through me - when I asked who it was, as it was an energy, that was 'different to the norm' hence me asking and I heard, 'Arcturian and the Galactic Federation of Light.' Okay! )

So, I after I let this stream through me instead as it poured out as soon as I sat down, I see this is the message that was wanting to come through - not what I originally was going to write! #trust

As the Pyramids Activate and the consciousness awakens from the darkest of slumber a new era is upon us - let alone the eras gone by that are disintegrating in time.

(I asked them what Pyramids - they said Saudi Arabia, Egypt and colonisations of collective raging warfare of the dominant south east Europe has begun to awaken from their slumber as the light is being united through the south of France right now. Of course, I googled these!...

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Full Moon approaches us tomorrow at 3:12pm AEST and we are well in the middle of the 3 day window leading up to this.  

I feel this Full Moon is a powerful portal as this is our last Full Moon before 2020 and our Solar Eclipse on the 26th/27th December.  

Eclipses for me - are always shifts in consciousness, like a wave of energy that sheds old realities from all of our body systems/layers (eg: mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, astral, ethereal etc) so get ready to be upgraded!  

However - I feel like we already have! And of course, continue to be so!  

This last 24-48hours has seen people:  

~ have extreme waves of tiredness  

~ physically sick, tummy upset/gastro type symptoms (no it isn't something you ate - it is an energetic purge that has physically hit your system so your physical body is being upgraded)  

~ the energy just feels weird  

~ the physical air feels very different  

~ wanting to cry, but not able to...

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#energyupdate This portal of energy coming up over these next few months is going to be super challenging and tricky.

#energyupdate This portal of energy coming up over these next few months is going to be super challenging and tricky. I feel we will have a 'breather' around early December, then we are diving in for challenging energy again.
HOWEVER - it will ONLY be challenging energy if you are NOT listening to your intuition and LIVING IN ACCORDANCE with your SOUL AND LIGHT.
I STRONGLY feel this. This is a strong intuition coming through about this.
What do you need to do to dismantle anything in your life that is making you unhappy?
What do you need to do, to step fully and completely into a freedom life where your SOUL can do what it wants when it wants?
Do you even believe that is possible?
THIS is the choice you get to CHOOSE over these next few months, for what you decide to do, choose and whether you give up and reside to the fact that it is all too hard, then you will continue to stay where you are.
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#energyupdate You're Either Holding On or You're Letting Go

#energyupdate You're Either Holding On or You're Letting Go

Phew... some energies this week right? Glad that wave is over right? 

Yet for some... it is still around yes? 

And right now, you're either holding on, or letting go. 

You have probably had some MAJOR event happen this week yes? 

On Thursday we had a HUGE Schumann's Resonance spike, PLUS Solar Flares sweep through... Yep - I'll be more aware of that one next time! PHEW! 

TheSchumann's Resonance is the our Earth's Heart Beat so to speak and when this is combined - usually at the same time (are they even separate?! ) - they affect OUR Heart! 

I know 4 people that had Heart attacks on this day - coincidence?? NOPE! 

And how many were bawling their eyes out this week and just COULDN'T STOP CRYING? 

How many were SUPER SENSITIVE and FELT everything 100x more than usual? 


How many could describe the energies as INTENSE to say the...

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The Collective Wave of Tiredness 🌊

There is a collective wave of tiredness at the moment that’s been here for about 3-4 days.... it’s not just you... okay? Ride it, don’t buy it Self care, sleep, be gentle, nothings wrong with you
I feel like it is due to our Full Moon, I know it sounds silly, but I am noticing that a week out of this power space, huge waves come in... the timing of it, the week out of Full Moon peak and the 3 days out...
It’s not just you, this collective tiredness, ride it Don’t buy it (yes I said it twice!)
Don’t analyse it, just ride it/feel it
We are shifting collective consciousness grids right now - the universes are switching gears - dimensions are merging - if you're feeling it - it's because you're shifting with it. You are the Leaders of this next wave of consciousness flooding the planet... you're right where you're meant to be.
As the sun goes down - I am wanting to go to sleep with it... the...
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Has the wave passed for you? 🌊

After the past few weeks of heaviness...
After the past few weeks of feeling lost and not knowing who I was anymore...
After the complete reality direction shifts that had my head spinning in turmoil about what I am even doing anymore..
After the days of waking up in/of anger....
After the huge #realityshifter from Base Chakra Week (if you watch my Base Chakra livestream, you'll hear the depth of this deflection shift and my internal sense of WORTH here)...
The BIGGEST shift has come and I feel AT PEACE again - is because I have -
Been letting myself SLEEP more
I have been CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSING to be in my Heart and letting my Heart release resentment, anger and the cage around my heart that I didn't even realise I had put there (but know from all the past hurts of especially these past 3 years) -...
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