#energyupdate leading up to our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with 5 or 6 planets lined up

#energyupdate leading up to our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with 5 or 6 planets lined up in a row at the same time (and goodness knows what else) - phew! Some feelings we are feeling right?!
~ surging waves of inspiration
~ surging waves of anger
~ sweeping waves of tiredness
~ deep feelings of melancholy about past lovers
~ feelings of frustration, surged by waves of deep gratitude
~ tears that won't stop flowing or suddenly come out of no where
~ overwhelm and breakdowns
There has also been a big shift with a high, strong level kicking in of not tolerating bad vibes anymore, the need for authentic, genuine heart centered conscious connection with people in your environment is real and if it ain't there, you are feeling strongly that you can't be in that environment one moment longer and are getting out or making plans to do so.
It is interesting that a month ago - I dreamt of Volcanoes.
Our Sun - I noticed something on the news the other night and we were too slow to take it off mute to hear what they were saying, but I knew it was noteworthy for that kind of news to show something of our Sun on it, but I missed it and googling about it, couldn't find anything about it.
Then, on good ole tictok, Adaya showed me something that someone was sharing about our Sun - thanks! Our Sun, is going through a phase of it's own 'lockdown'. Our Sun, also has cycles and right now, there are more 'holes/dark spots' on our Sun, that apparently will cause very ice cold weather patterns, Volcanoes and Earthquakes.
So interesting right? Over here in Australia we have colder weather than has been recorded in decades and my dream of Volcanoes a month ago, kind of interesting!
I have been having visions for myself, of ordering thermal gear online - even though I am heading north back to the warmth! 🤔
I feel that this last week has been deep surges of anger and spouts of 'breaking out' of old patterns and/or old patterns deeply resurfacing.
Remember, a while ago - I kept saying, 'The world is in shock' -
Now, we have somewhat been through the grief part...
And now - the anger hits.
These are the stages of the Grief Cycle that I always talk about.
Anger also shows us where our boundaries are, so if you are feeling frustrated - take a look and see where you have shifted within yourself that you've also uplevelled (or need to) of your boundaries and what you are deserving of.
The faster you take action on what you know you need to change in yur life the faster you will feel better.
Whether that is:
~ Moving house
~ Booking in with that Healer/Mentor
~ Cutting ties once and for all with that person or draining career
~ Finally taking action on that life direction change
~ Getting more help in your business or life choices so you are not doing it all on your own
The Expansion is here - and within that 'birthing expansion' can feel:
~ frustrating
~ like you are stuck or going backwards
~ angry
~ sad/tears
~ elated
All at the same time!
Know that within the expansion, the fastest way through it is to get help, with expansion is 'more' and 'many hands make light work', 'make light'.
You might have this incessant need to:
~ get organised
~ clean up
~ make some big life changing decisions
That all set the tone for a huge energy shift, that influences and solidifies this next 18 months of your entire life.
This final Full Moon Lunar Eclipse portal, that we have deeply stepped into the energy of this past few hours (sudden waves of tiredness that you can't keep your eyes open?!) leads us into the Lion's Gate Energy at the beginning of August, these are huge life transforming times, so be gentle on yourself.
Many people are making huge life changing decisions, ones that - you could say that have been in denial or have put off for YEARS... or perhaps it is just divine time that the time has come to do it.
Again, be gentle.
You're not alone.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
P.S. Our Final Lunar Eclipse for our Full Moon Ceremony - join us for this weekend's powerful online Ceremony and gain access to the previous New Moon Matriarchal Healing that powerfully channeled through.
Each Full Moon Ceremony, has a unique energy that all seem to be more powerful than the last! So curious what channels through for our last Lunar Eclipse Full Moon this weekend!

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