Too humid and hot = sweating like I've jumped in a pool

Swarmed by mosquitoes = eaten alive even with mosquito repellent

Back to filming again this afternoon because:


Failure doesn't even come into the picture, it isn't an option, it doesn't even come into the vocabulary, to the awareness of 'oh maybe I should just get a 'real' job'. No fucking way. Been there, tried that, doesn't work for me. I am a visionary, and entrepreneur, I have a deep calling inside me and nothing can change that feeling... nothing... I may get pulled off path every now and again, but that feeling does not subside...

When something is so strong inside you, you just keep doing it UNTIL it happens.

"Failure isn't the opposite of Success, it is part of the Success."

Imagine if Thomas Edison gave up. Or Steve Jobs. Or Richard Branson.

Failure doesn't even exist for the ones with the creative genius minds, who see the bigger picture, who have the vision, who make it happen. And have a solid team of support around them that also share their vision, see the bigger picture, 100% get it, believe in it and make it work together.

I am this person. I have this vision. I see the bigger picture. I make things happen, regardless of circumstances. I have a solid team of support around me that I am sooo grateful for and with their support continue on continuing. Even if I didn't have them around me, I would still be doing this. Yet, the more I continue, the bigger team of support I seem to attract, the Universe is hearing me and responding in kind. Or is that me creating it? ;) Either or, it is happening and nothing is going to stop me - even if it takes 100 goes or more - all of it is inevitable. Every single part of my vision is happening and already happened.

No one said it would be easy. And maybe it is the challenge I enjoy.

Or maybe it is that my purpose, my passion, my vision and my innate calling to change the world, is sooooo strong, that NOTHING will stop me. I may cry, I may fall in a heap, I may be strong, I may be a leader, yet all that doesn't matter for the power that flows through me to make this happen. It is just inevitable. It's not a matter of 'if', but 'when'. I came here for a reason, I chose to still be here for a reason - 3 times over - and nothing will stop me from making this happen.

You will know if you have a calling as strong as mine. You will feel it in your bones. You will feel like you don't fit into 'normal' society and babe, don't try to - you weren't born for that. It will only cause you depression, anxiety and a deep sadness like you don't belong anywhere and don't understand what the point of life is. Yet, if this resonates with you, know this is why, know this is your calling to create some kind of intense positive change in the world, that you long for every day. You see it every where and think how it could be better, but don't know exactly 'what' or 'how' you can do it. 

I am here to get people on their Life Purpose, to create the world we long for in our reality. That starts with YOU, inside YOU... I have a vision, I can see the bigger picture and I am making this happen every single day.

It is inevitable.

What is your inevitable? Are you going to let anything stop you?


Love Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 

P.S. If you're ready to be supported in moving forward in your dreams and not letting anything stop you but are not sure why you CAN'T move forward no matter what you do - SOMETHING is blocking you - let me help you soar again, like the Eagle you are precious one. Click here for all the details on how I can help you be the Eagle you ARE ❤️


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