🔮FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 7th July 2020 🔮

🔮FREE PSYCHIC READING for Tuesday Tarot 7th July 2020 🔮

Pick which number jumps out at you, that first comes to mind, that you hear in your mind, that your eyes are first drawn to, that you just know, that you sense or that you feel and comment your numbers below to let me know what number you choose today.

In these fast paced, rapidly transforming times, it is easy to get stuck, tripped up, doubt yourself, get confused and go backwards, especially with the world events not supporting any of the energies coming at you! HUGS!!!!

In the 30 Day Reality Shifter, this is where deep level 1:1 support from me during this huge transitional space in time resides.

With 2 x 45min Phone Call Psychic Readings & Intuitive Healings and 30 Days of Unlimited WhatsApp Voice and Text Messages, all your questions are answered, so you can release the confusion and pain, spread your wings and fly once again.

With priority phone call time slots in my schedule, you can start right away to get you back on the road to your happy, free and content self through one of Humanities greatest transitions of all time, click here for all the details or send me a message with any questions about it: https://www.realityawareness.com/reality-shifter-program

I wanted to choose a different deck today, but it was strong, the Work Your Light Oracle was calling again, so I am listening! Curious what comes through for you today, as they only joined us two weeks ago too 🥰

Reading results will be posted at 3pm AEST/6am BST/10pm PDT 🌍🌎🌏  

Create a magic day, afternoon or evening, where ever you are in the world ❤️  

See you at 3pm AEST!  

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑


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