After downloading the Triple Goddess Meditation last weekend and now it is Full Moon in 48 hours from nowish, the energy is strong, powerful and deeply deeply READY to 'land'. 

This is the Full Moon in Pisces - Pisces is deeply connected to deep intuition, dream states and powerful, deep love. 

I am getting the strong message that these 'dreamy' states are your gold mines. 

If you've found yourself having powerful, clear vivid dreams or found yourself literally 'daydreaming' = these are not to be brushed off! 

You are receiving deeply in tune accurate intuitive guidance that your intuition is speaking directly to you. (btw, is strongly connected to your Third Eye/Clairvoyance about dream states, whether, waking dreams, sleeping dreams, or life purpose 'goal' dreams). 

And the message coming through strongly for this our Live Online Full Moon Ceremony, is to help ground these dreams into reality, to receive clear direct guidance on how to bring these dreams to reality, what the plan is and clear any blocks that may be hindering you, deep at your core and Base Chakra (where you ground your dreams into reality). 

There is HUGE Base Chakra Clearing going on in the collective right now - finances, sexuality, sexual abuse and trauma (many big organisations are being torn apart right now - the truth surfaced, now time for healing and restructuring to support humanity), reclaiming your spiritual power, clearing abuse, shifting your fears around stepping up into your power/lightworker role and honouring your gift aka - OWNING it and not being the fear and hiding in the back ground with what you are here to do on Earth anymore. 

This is really strong and I am super humbled to hold this powerful Ceremony that you can join in from anywhere around the world and if you can't make it live, the replay is there for you when you join as I deeply call you into the space, hold you, guide your healing and pull cards for everyone that attends this Full Moon Ceremony. 

I can feel so, so strongly that there is the Masculine Counterpart to the Triple Goddess about to download through me - the Triune God, the Stag, the Father and the Sage. Which would make sense, why I haven't released the Triple Goddess to the public yet - because this is bigger than just the Triple Goddess - this is about bringing them BOTH into Balance - which makes TOTAL sense. 

We all have the male and female within us (although some people/belief systems don't believe this and that's okay!) and with the huge shifts in consciousness on the planet - yes, the Goddess/Matriarchal is rising/reawakening/coming back after eons of Patriarchal dominance - but not to 'take over' - but to REBALANCE... and come back into homeostasis! 

Ah... so stay tuned for when this is released! 

In the mean time, if you are feeling the pull for deep healing, releasing fears about your Life Purpose or the fear of leaving the relationship situation you know your Heart is calling you to do - this powerful space in the Full Moon Ceremony is a ritual that shifts, heals and deeply grounds down your intuitive guidance to take action - especially on this dreamy Pisces Full Moon. 

Although Pisces isn't known for 'action' (dreamy full-filling soul nourishing love anyone?😍) the sense that I am getting for this Full Moon, is about deeply allowing those 'dreams' to integrate into your being. 

I am sensing a lot of Base Chakra healing at this Full Moon Ceremony, so if you need to attract support, finances, releasing Life Purpose fears and gaining clarity on the intuition you've been receiving, this is a powerful space for you to receive this through powerful Ceremony. 

Click here for more details and to book your place in this powerful Ceremony Ritual: https://www.realityawareness.com/p/full-moon-ceremony 

Yes! Men come to Ceremony too! #deeplywelcomed #balance ðŸŒŸðŸŒ•ðŸŒŸ

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘


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