Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse 🌕🌑🌕

full moon full moon ceremony full moon eclipse new moon solar eclipse solar eclipse total solar eclipse Nov 17, 2021

Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse 🌕🌑🌕

Intense energies huh? In just over 24 hours time, our Full Moon will peak with a Partial Lunar Eclipse.

We have definitely stepped into the vortex of these powerful, potent, somewhat ground shaking and heart breaking, anger intensifying energies. It feels very 'Earth Shattering' - like pieces are disintegrating, realities are shifting rapidly and like 'pieces are falling through your fingers' and you can't stop it. It is a very jarring and somewhat challenging energy - like pieces are being run through your Body and Soul and just... feels so strange. Like what you would watch on a show when someone is 'disintegrating' - you can distinctly feel the energy at this time. 

You may describe it as weird, or just off. 

You may be conscious how rapidly you are expanding and 'cannot stop it'.

Yes, there is rah and intense anger around.

Yes, there are true colours being shown.

Yes, there is heart ache and loss going around.

And at the same time, this Partial Eclipse, is bringing powerful healing from eons ago.

You are rising into an iteration of yourself that you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. Past Life gifts are coming back, memories you forgot about, also, surfacing. You may be looking at people you have known for a while in a different light, an admiration that you didn’t see them that way before and now you’re realising you judged too fast, you’ve shifted and so has your perception. This may be slightly uncomfortable to face or feel like a great big relief.

I am getting the message that this Partial Eclipse is the start of healing a huge Atlantis uprising/upheaval/unveiling of the heart.

The intense anger you sense, is a tolerance level shifting. You may have reached your limit with what is acceptable and tolerable in your life. Strong boundaries are voiced, planned and put in place. Things that you once just accepted - you no longer are. What you just lived with, dealt with and accepted - you’re shifting your tolerance level of what you deserve, and it’s more than what you’ve been putting up with.

You’re feeling stronger to stand in your truth this Eclipse Season (Total Solar Eclipse coming up in two weeks on our Dark Moon/New Moon).

You’re coming into a place of deep, honest and powerful self-reflection around your Life Purpose, Life Path and what you’re doing with your life.

You’ve outgrown situations, certain things just don’t feel aligned anymore and if you haven’t taken action yet, you’ve got plans to and are ready to step into your new life, new chosen direction and nothing has felt more right even though it’s almost a brand new direction for you.

Past Lovers or past buried hurts in close relationships are surfacing. These have ties back into deep Atlantis times.

In December 2018, ‘Atlantis Rose’. This was a time when your life completely recalibrated and you stepped into a version of yourself that change the direction of your life. Over this current Eclipse Season, this is anchoring in a stronger, more solidified version of this for you.

Atlantis was a time in consciousness where the truth was buried. Consciousness went to sleep (in a way). Right now, in todays time, the truth is having a hard time staying suppressed - Atlantis is rising.

Past relationships/hurts will be on your mind, people from the past popping back up, situations you need to put strong boundaries in place that you didn’t last time and are strong enough and ready to do so now, no matter how painful.

Situations that make your heart flutter and taking steps in directions that you’ve been putting off for a long time, also coming ‘down to Earth’ in your life. Out of idea state, into reality state.

Eclipses are a time where patterns are brought to light and strengths to break old, sometimes very deep in generational lineage and healings occur.

Eclipses are not an easy energetic time.

You’re not cursed, just the subconscious and deep buried patterns and pain are being brought to light and you’re standing there, in the face of adversity stronger than you’ve ever done before changing them.

You’re not afraid to speak your truth, even if you’re shaking in your boots.

You’re healing deep buried, long lain memories that have been suppressed.

On a global scale, this is also happening. Watch the 3 day window (early to mid next week) for shifts on a global scale - I wonder what is being woken up and not able to be suppressed any longer.

How are you feeling, as the peak of our Partial Lunar Eclipse Full Moon fast approaches?

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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