Has the wave passed for you? 🌊

After the past few weeks of heaviness...
After the past few weeks of feeling lost and not knowing who I was anymore...
After the complete reality direction shifts that had my head spinning in turmoil about what I am even doing anymore..
After the days of waking up in/of anger....
After the huge #realityshifter from Base Chakra Week (if you watch my Base Chakra livestream, you'll hear the depth of this deflection shift and my internal sense of WORTH here)...
The BIGGEST shift has come and I feel AT PEACE again - is because I have -
Been letting myself SLEEP more
I have been CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSING to be in my Heart and letting my Heart release resentment, anger and the cage around my heart that I didn't even realise I had put there (but know from all the past hurts of especially these past 3 years) - RELEASE! 🕊
Out of all these key factors? The VAST AMOUNTS OF TIME IN NATURE have been the KEY for me in shifting how I FEEL.
Did you know that minimum 2 hours a day listening to nature sounds/being in Nature, completely resets our energy frequency field?
We are not born to be indoors!
This shift into this Peace I am feeling now, hasn't come without the turmoil of sooo much confusion and wondering what I am doing anymore! So glad that wave has passed! Phew!
There was lots of entities being released, as I had lost who I really was, especially this last few months (more on that in my book!)..
I had... put a cage around my own heart and now it is FREE!
Do you spend time in nature? Is that your GO TO - when you are feeling anything but Peace? What is your - go to?
I have been feeling more LOVE than anything - more love for myself and others - EVEN those that have hurt me in the past, in this last week (today's livestream will deeply share the 'why' and how that all shifted this week if you haven't seen it yet! From my netflix binge!).
I have struggled to let go of hurt from those that have hurt me in the past, I will definitely admit that!
Yet, this past week... sooo much LOVE. My heart is, my being is, sooo much LOVE that I am FEELING.
I wonder if.. it is the Archangels alongside Archangel Mary... or... the fact that September is Divine Step #9 of Awakening Your Life Purpose which is - LOVE!
Or, that this wave and portal, we have shifted out of since, it has been 9 months since Atlantis rose in Dec/Jan earlier this year..
Still makes me wonder about those fires.. they may have done it for 'bad' reasons... yet... it cracked open the lungs and everyone was fuming and angry... and now there is soo much LOVE...
Because it is never broken hearted.. it is broken open...
And maybe this is what the world needed to shift into more LOVE.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
P.S. This LOVE, this LIGHT frequency - we've been to the darkest depths - we are GOOD at that! 😉
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