Heal The Land 🏔🌏🕊

GOSH! This was STRONG this morning!! After speaking about this to 3 clients yesterday and this morning, I couldn't do anything else until this was done and OUT to you!! MOTHER EARTH IS CALLING YOU!!! ðŸ”🌏🕊  

If you have ever felt like you wonder:  

🕸Why you visit certain locations, whether in a city where there is land or the building/home you are in, or out on the land in the bush or mountains and suddenly feel heavy, depressed and don't want to be there/here anymore and what that really means, what you are actually sensing and why you were even called to go there in the first place 

🕸Why you are being psychically attacked in the night or why you wake up and find spirits on top of you, or in your home or feel like you are being invaded/raped by Spirits/Souls stuck on the Earth plane and what to do about it quick smart  

🕸Why you even sense these things and why YOU are being called to serve our Land, our dear Mother Earth, and help these Spirits cross over to the other side  

🕸Have felt and sensed the Indigenous cultures that are Spirits on the Land, angry and wanting their revenge and wondering what to do about it  

🕸Felt and sensed presences around you and wondering what to do without being scared or why they are even showing themselves to you, making you become aware of them  

🕸Have felt sad and heart broken about the deforestation and pollution you see through our dear Mother Earth and not sure what to do about it  

🕸Can hear our Mother Earth screaming for help, want to help her, but have felt powerless - well what can we really do?  

HEAL THE LAND is calling you!  

I have felt a strong pull to release this to you this morning after it gaining energy all week with conversations and healing tools being taught to clients and sharing continual conversations around our Mother Earth and Her presence becoming increasingly strong. 

If you:  

🕸Sense energy  

🕸Know you have a strong Life Purpose Gift on this Earth doing spiritual work of some kind  

🕸Have felt a pull to do Healing work but not sure how  

🕸Have resonated with any of the above-mentioned  

Then Heal the Land is for you!  

Due to this super strong energy and call from Mother Earth to get this out and now Heal the Land is available for a limited time at $49 (usually $197), click here for more details to gain instant access and start your Healing Calling right away. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘


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