The Lightworkers, Psychics, Healers & Mediums are Being Called. 





  • Why you visit certain locations, whether in a city where there is land or the building/home you are in, or out on the land in the bush or mountains and suddenly feel heavy, depressed and don't want to be there/here anymore and what that really means, what you are actually sensing and why you were even called to go there in the first place 
  • Learn why you are being psychically attacked in the night or why you wake up and find spirits on top of you, or in your home or feel like you are being invaded/raped by Spirits/Souls stuck on the Earth plane and what to do about it quick smart 
  • Learn why you even sense these things and why YOU are being called to serve our Land, our dear Mother Earth, and help these Spirits cross over to the other side

You wouldn't be aware of this sort of energy if you weren't being called to become aware of this on a deeper level. Heal The Land is what you do about it and your 'why' you are sensing these things. (Btw! No, you are not crazy! You are a Healer!)

Yes, you have an important Life Purpose - and you are being called dear Lightworker - or you wouldn't even be here reading this. #itistime


You wouldn't sense energy like this in the first place, if you weren't a Healer, Lightworker, Psychic or Medium.

This is wanting to come out of you, to birth out of you, to show you the depth of your Gift.

Your Gift is DEEPLY awakening right now.

There are many aspects to your Life Purpose as a Healer, Lightworker, Psychic, Medium - someone who senses the occult and energy in a very profoundly clear way. 

You are being called into Service by Mother Earth in a deep, deep way. 

Are you hearing her call? 

What you'll get:

  • Over 3 x 90 Minute Training Videos, you will learn what to do about the energy you sense in places/land/cities/homes
  • Understanding Past Lives and why YOU have been called to this location, what it has to do with your Past Lives, this lifetime and all the relationships from that Past Life and how that is affecting your current relationships today
  • BONUS: Clean Energy, Your Guide for Using Our Physical World to Clear Energy (Crystals, Sage and other Physical Tools)
  • BONUS: Four individual Archangel Attunement Meditations to deepen your connection with these four Archangels to gain their unique skills, abilities and support to Heal The Land you are being called to
  • How to help the Soul's cross over and how to do it safely so you and those around you are protected from any 'dark or negative energy/Spirits'
  • What to do with the angry Spirits and Souls that are fuming about what has happened to their Indigenous cultures being 'wiped out' and how they have been treated 
  • What to do about the Souls that don't want to cross over and are still so angry they want to stay here and gain their revenge
  • How to 'leave the land' once you have cleared it, including checking in with grid lines, setting and repairing new grid lines and tuning in with Mother Earth and what She is calling you to do in particular places of Land around our dear Earth
  • If you feel Heart broken about all the forest destruction, pollution and so much more - there IS something you can do about it to help Mother Earth heal from all of this
  • Understanding why and how you don't even have to travel to these Land's physically to do this work, if you're being called, you're being called and can do it immediately without even leaving your lounge room
  • Immediate Access


What is the Investment?



If any of this 'speaks to you' then Heal The Land Is For You



Clean Energy Course - where you learn how to use Crystals, Sage and other clearing techniques to support your Heal The Land Adventures that your Soul and Life's Purpose is DEEPLY calling you right now (Clean Energy is valued at $197)


Four Individual Archangel Attunement Meditations, so you gain the depth of connection and strength from these four Archangels that have the unique skills and healing abilities to help you with Healing and Clearing the Land for our Dear Mother Earth. 

  • 1 x Archangel Michael Attunement Meditation
  • 1 x Archangel Raphael Attunement Meditation
  • 1 x Archangel Azrael Attunement Meditation
  • 1 x Archangel Raguel Attunement Meditation

Heal The Land


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