I remember when I had my spiritual awakening in 2005 and an astrologer reader, was harping on about me being online, or that I was going to meet someone online, or online, online, online, online is all that she seemed to speak about....
I remember becoming a single mum and knowing I was born for more and this insatiable drive for not settling for anything less than my hugely expansive, hugely off the charts that only crazy people think about dreams and it was during this time, amongst the many different courses, workshops, gaining certificates, creating my own workshops, teaching them, writing 9 books in 10 months, that during this phase, I began to ask the question, how on Earth do they do this online stuff?
How is it, that I can sign up for someone's meditation, or guide or, what ever it is and then they send me an email?
How is it that, I can click on their page and then click again and buy their thing?
I remember being fascinated with it, I remember, being curious. I also remember, this was a time, I was deeply starting to come into my own. I had just turned 30 and I was in the midst of writing 9 books in 10 months. I knew these books, were the basis for my online course, I was writing them, teaching the in person workshops and then I was going to turn them in to online courses. Somehow.
It was around this time that I bought my first surfboard, Dad's gift to me for my 30th and taught myself to surf. Nearly 18 months at the Surfing Mums group, every week, surfing, learning, riding the waves... and within this?
Ask and you shall receive.
I remember signing up to a ladies ad, on something to do with online courses (it caught my attention!) and then, she released her course, on EXACTLY THIS! I was reading it going, yes, yes YES!! THIS is what I have been asking for! ALL of THIS!
I was soooo grateful when I saw the payment plan and I COULD! I KNEW this was the answers to my asking!
I signed up mid way through writing my books and I knew that I had to finish writing those books, I didn't want to distract or disperse the energy, more to the point, I also knew, if I had opened the course on creating online courses, I wouldn't have finished the books properly... or something!
Regardless it was my dream come true. Since that astrologer back in 2005 had mentioned so deeply about online, I didn't pay much attention to it. Mainly because, she was adamant I was going to meet someone online and I did at that time! I thought he was my everything, my man, the one I was going to be with! This was it! I met up with him in Brisbane and you could've imagine my heartbreak and distress when he was nothing like his profile picture and omg... did that teach me so much in that tiny instant. DON'T LET OTHERS PREDICT YOUR FUTURE. YES! Psychic's see things, but they get the information only to the clarity that they have done the inner work themselves.
'You are only as clear as your filters.'
You can imagine how much I forgot about the online world after that incident.
Although, I found myself myspacing it up almost every night... I loved connecting and was already helping people back then... I just didn't have my systems set up back then... gosh, imagine where I would be if I did back then!
Fast forward 15 years and of course, it was all meant to be.
I remember the joy and signing up for Colleen's course, showing me how to do all this online on my phone at the beach after a surf session.. it was almost about to end and I knew I had to get it. It was such a stretch for me, yet, as always, I jump... and the Universe catches me! #everysingletime
It was my complete A-Z on how to do ALL the tech, all the ins and outs, all the systems I needed, how to find my message, how to package my message, how to put my message together, how to make sure someone else hasn't used the same name, how to even know what I was doing, email systems, facebook ads, course creation, the structure of the course itself, small courses, large courses, how to price them - yes, the list is endless when you consider what it takes to run and online business - EVERYTHING I needed to know from the ground up - ALL IN THIS COURSE!
It so was a dream come true!
Yet it wasn't easy! The course itself was, once I got the hang of it... learning ANYTHING new is overwhelming, but then you drive that car without even thinking about it, like I always say... but it was the reactions from people who knew me, that when my social media became my business, well, let's just say, there came an alignment piece and people fast filtered themselves out and for this I am grateful. I'm getting sidetracked...
The thing is, that I have NEVER in running my online business:
~ sent a message to someone asking them to buy my stuff, book in for my course, my reading, or like my fb page (I have never cold called anyone!) #never
~ I have never run an event on facebook and set up events to get people to book in and send them the link privately to tell them about it
~ I am not a network marketing company, I don't work/contract for any other company, I haven't since December 2016, when I decided to not teach any more in person yoga classes, workshops or contract to any other company.
I have built my online business from the ground up and in January 2017, was the start of my sole dedication to this and only this online world to share my message that streams through me from the Divine. (Woman's got big goals and this is just the start!)
I have in February this year I have:
~ taken myself off government help (Centrelink)
~ I don't receive any child support anymore from same date
~ turned Reality Awareness from sole trader to a Company
~ and have been having $20k+ plus months since January this year
Soley and purely from Reality Awareness and creating and serving my Divine passion to the world 🕊🌏❤️
I can create whatever I want, I can work whenever I want, I always have money in the bank, I can buy the expensive foods that I like, I can take my daughter and I shopping, I have bought us new beds and upgraded our surroundings.
Coming from a single mother, who for years, wanted to change all our furniture because of the energetics from past relationships, coming from living fortnight to fortnight and only just getting through and not able to even go and buy clothes when I needed them, let alone the food or supplements I want to fuel and feed my yoga life organic green smoothie lifestyle - I needed way more than a single mum 'not even working' income!
Let alone actually being able to take Adaya out for ice cream, because I always have money in the bank now, or that feeling of is there enough money in the bank to get this food, or is my card going to beep and decline at the supermarket isle (gosh that is embarrassing right?!) - to always having money in the bank now and these great sighs of relief freedom that I now feel? #itsthelittlethings #relief
Would not have come from learning what I did in Colleen's Online Course and how to do everything you see me do today online - is all in this course.
I almost wrote before, I am not affiliated with any company whatsoever, however, due to my passion and serving the world online, I am constantly asked how to create online courses, how to create an online business and whilst that is a long and very detailed answer, it is made up of 2 main components.
The technical side and the mindset side.
They say that it is 90% Mindset... yet... what about the other 10%?
And what about the 'how' - all well and good to be affirming more income, but if the structures and containers are not set up, systemised, fully automated and the systems running themselves whilst you sleep, then you will still be locked into the 9-5 slog.
Colleen's Clients With Results - is your KEY. It is this I am affiliated now - sharing this with you, so you too, can create the same freedom for yourself, get your Divine message out the world and create the life you really want...I will only EVER share what is truly aligned for me and this is, simply because it is how you can get your message out to the world. If online has been calling you, you will know in your heart and Soul. That will be a no brainer.
These are all the questions I get asked about the tech side of online creation (and mindset is in here too!), if you're wanting to get moving on your Life Purpose and sharing your passion, scaling your business and turning your passion into your profit, then this is your answer.
And... that feeling that I felt when I knew this was the course that was going to be the structure, the foundation the HOW to my freedom that I have always dreamt about since I was a kid?
I was always a lover of fine things, sparkly things, luxury things.. and goodness knows why because we never had that stuff growing up, quite the opposite actually and I seem to be the only one in my family with a drive for fine things so go figure 🤷🏻‍♀️
However, now I have my outlet - for not only creating financial freedom but for my LIFE PURPOSE PASSION AND DRIVE to reach the masses of the world! OMG THAT is freedom in itself!
I remember I would tell anyone I bumped into on the streets about this spiritual stuff, I would fix everyone, give any person I spoke to on the phone, my friends back then - ANYONE I would do this spiritual stuff with them, I was constantly talking about, constantly telling them all the psychic stuff I would see in their body and soul and past lives and more that I was seeing... well, those friends aren't around anymore 🤔🤣
It wasn't until, I found my outlet, here online that the drive to 'tell everyone I bumped into' their Life lessons, healing and more, that that ceased.
That drive - is fuelled into my online work now.
I receive intuition, inspiration and can instantly create a page, write a blog, create a sales link, set up a workshop online, create a post and get it out to the world instantly as soon as that inspiration comes in.
I am not waiting around for tech crew to get back to me when they can in their busy schedules, I am not impatiently tapping my foot waiting for them to get back and me tell them everything I need done in this way, to look like this. I am in flow, doing it instantly and getting it out to the world right away.
Of course, scaling your empire, you get a team to support the expansion of your vision and empire, yet, in the start I am so grateful that I was able to do everything myself, for not only learning how the systems work and what is involved, but that freedom to get intuition and create it, act on it and get it out to the world immediately without the sales page guy taking 5 days to do it for me. Inspiration and energy well gone by then... For this, I am grateful, I know how to do it all, so if I need to get something out instantly, I can and do.
This isn't a get rich quick scheme, this is your avenue for sharing your DIVINE LIFE PURPOSE with the WORLD! Isn't that, what you are being called to do? Your out of the norm 9-5 job that is sucking the life out of you? Aren't you, being called into deep Divine service? Or... you wouldn't be reading this?
If you want to create your online business, from scratch, find your message, or how to put all those zillion incredible ideas into one divine place to have your clients, your followers, your students, CONTACT YOU (not the other way around - goodbye cold calling for GOOD!) or put all the pieces of the puzzle together from the bits and pieces you've been gathering and learning about how others are doing it, Clients With Results is what got me to where I am now, if you're serious about changing your life and creating the freedom YOUR Soul is calling forth for you and your family (because everyone's version of freedom is different), then this is for you. Click here for all the details or send me a message with any questions at all, the early bird is increasing in less than 24 hours:
Here's to your DIVINE LIFE PURPOSE getting out to the ENTIRE world #globalbaby 🕊🌏❤️
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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