I can feel it about to drop in, not consciously aware of what just yet - but it is definitely there.

I can feel it about to drop in - not consciously aware of what just yet - but it is definitely there. This moving to the next level of expansion - has been... huge to say the least - but hey - isn't expansion huge? It's getting bigger? So... this is normal right? 

I can feel this entire trip has been about a shake up in not just routine - but breaking out of all addictions, and the final threads of the co-dependence that I chose to consciously work on back in 2018. Of course, that will always be a work in progress - but it was the end of 2017 when I consciously decided and made a choice to consciously work on it. 

Having been a single mum by choice for the last 11 years, and then 'having' to go back to the hospital I was born at the other day (which my toe is fine and began healing as soon as that piece of mulga was out!) has been the biggest recalibration I have ever received. 

I have been back to my home town many, many times before in my life, yet this...

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Routine is a Soul Killer, but do not confuse routine with discipline

Routine is a Soul Killer, but do not confuse routine with discipline. What do you do when your routines and rituals get taken away?

Yes, our Soul thrives on routine, but it also thrives on going with the flow. Now, flow can be confused by some people who do not understand it - as wishy washy, woo woo and lazy. Yet, it is quite the opposite.

When I was training Yoga teachers and when I teach my Lightfilled Yoga classes, I make a very strong point to encourage people to find their own flow instead of following my instruction the entire time and to change their Asana Flow up, don't do the same routine every single time you are on your mat.

Some people hate this, especially if it is the first time they have attended my class. They are like, 'What? What do you mean?' And usually pull a strange face and look at other students for reassurance. Yet, they usually learn to love it. It is empowering to them.

Society gets so caught up with following every one else, looking outside of...

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Today I turn 35. When I was first 'spiritually awakened' back in 2005, I always would say in general conversation with whomever I would speak to, that I 'would be able to retire when I turn 35'. 

Now, whilst in my mind, I always thought, that meant I would be a millionaire by the time I am 35 - now that day has come, I realise the depth of what 'retire' means. 

Now, let me just clarify something - because mainstream 'retire' and MY 'retire' - two VERY different things. 

I will NEVER retire because I never TIRE of doing what I LOVE - because I always have and always will do everything I love all the time.

Much to the disapproval of many people including some family members that would look down their nose at me for "#godforbid follow your heart and dreams - what a crock! No body can do that!" They would say! Ah, you can tell I really listened to them right?! 

For me, creating a life I don't need a holiday/vacation from... creating a life that...

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I have been nervous to even write again....

I have been nervous to even write again and I am not even sure what has ‘knocked’ it out of me. Yet, of course, I could name several things #ofcourse and I am sure I will begin to share them soon, as I can feel them BUSTING to speak out of me, to be HEARD and VOICED. Amazing, I just typed HEART and realised how close it is to be HEARD HEART - amazing. Hearing the Heart. Okay, okay! 

The biggest space that has been going on for me recently is what do I even do anymore?

What is, the point if sooo many spiritual teachers are now out there and emerging, so what is my purpose even more? If everyone is doing it - then… ?

It has been MIGHTY uncomfortable to sit in this space of not knowing! But it actually isn't the 'not knowing'! It is that the internal driver has gone! The motivation if you will, the why or the - needing to do it to be good enough, to achieve or SOMETHING. Yet, it is also REALLY hard to put into words this feeling - yet, I realise, that this is...

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I remember when I had my spiritual awakening in 2005 and an astrologer reader, was harping on about me being online, or that I was going to meet someone online, or online, online, online, online is all that she seemed to speak about....
I remember becoming a single mum and knowing I was born for more and this insatiable drive for not settling for anything less than my hugely expansive, hugely off the charts that only crazy people think about dreams and it was during this time, amongst the many different courses, workshops, gaining certificates, creating my own workshops, teaching them, writing 9 books in 10 months, that during this phase, I began to ask the question, how on Earth do they do this online stuff?
How is it, that I can sign up for someone's meditation, or guide or, what ever it is and then they send me an email?
How is it that, I can click on their page and then click...
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