In 2005, when I had my Spiritual Awakening, it came from hitting rock bottom with high risk drug taking. I was working at a strip club, smoking ice everyday, let alone weed everyday and before this, raving to happy hardcore and at every festival that was on every single month and season - my life revolved around them. And the array of drugs didn't stop at what I have mentioned. 

I knew what month and day it was due to what festival was on, my wardrobe was covered in rave posters, it was a thing, to steal the posters that were put up around the place, and they became my memories, that lived in my photo albums. My rave crew, were my family. 

I was travelling along alright with this. Except, I look back and see the patterns now. Friday, Saturday, would be in Brisbane (an hour away from where I live, because the city was where it was at). I would call in sick on Saturday because I would still be in Brisbane, still awake and getting ready to go out again that night. 

Sunday afternoons were spent at Motown (many amazing memories with that crew), drinking beers, watching the sun go down over looking the ocean, with amazing music and memories that will last a lifetime. Sunday evenings would be chilling on my couch back home, smoking weed to soothe the come downs and watching Fat Pizza on Sunday nights, laughing my head off alongside my Alexandrine Parrot copying my giggle that would just make me laugh even more, still high from an incredible weekend of Happy Hardcore that was the only thing that soothed my soul at the time. 

Come Wednesday, I would be back home, losing my shit. It was mid-week come down. I would be bawling my eyes out crying, breaking shit and screaming. But that didn't last long, because I would be back at it on Friday night. Not sure how I kept my job at the time! đŸ˜ŗ🙄

I hit rock bottom, because my overseas relationship broke up. (What is it with me and overseas relationships đŸ¤”A story for another time!) Yet, this was the fastest way for me to earn money fast, to go over and meet him overseas, my long lost love from when we were both 15, but both had partners at the time and couldn't be together, but that connection was always there, we used to work together at my first ever job. 

Yet, when we broke up, I was distraught. It WAS my wake up. I was smoking crack, working at the strip club, and we had just broken up and I was like what is going on with my life. My lifeline had been broken. My dreams had been broken. My purpose had been broken. I had no... reason to live. 

I went next door to my neighbour at the time, that I knew was into this 'spiritual stuff' and asked her to ask her friend if she could give me a reading, because I knew she did this stuff. 

When my neighbour handed me a deck of cards and said, 'Here, do it yourself' I was like wtf are these!? I went home, read the little book and was blown away. They completely changed my life. They were the Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Deck, by Doreen Virtue. I walked back over to her house, gave her the cards back and went and brought my own. 

I was still working in the strip club at the time (I was there for a total of 10 weeks and they weren't allowed to touch me and I wasn't allowed to take my g-string off, so somehow that was okay for me!?). I was 20 after all. You have to make conversation with the possible clients and I was good at conversation. I found myself speaking to a man about these cards that had blown my mind and he said, 'Oh, I have a book you might like to read." I brushed it off and said, "Yeah, whatever okay." He brought the book in and I almost fell over when he handed it to me, it was the same author as the deck of cards that I had and I hadn't even told him the name of the cards!

I borrowed the book and bawled my eyes out with every page I read, it was like reading my own life story. It was called 'The Lightworker's Way', by Doreen Virtue. Earning good money in the strip club (I was the top club earner after all the entire time I was there, much to the disapproval of the other women who worked there), I gave the book back to him, went and bought my own and went and bought every title and author of book that Doreen had mentioned in her book, with the likes of Louise L. Hay, Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Sylvia Browne and many others. 

I devoured these books and it felt like Home. I felt like I belonged, I felt like I had found a missing part of my Soul that I didn't even know was missing. The last two weeks that I worked in that strip club, something had changed inside of me. I stopped smoking crack everyday and was higher on life than I had ever felt before. Everyone at the club was asking me what I was on and they didn't believe me when I told them nothing! That I was high on life! Two weeks had gone by and it didn't feel right to work there anymore, so I quit. 

In August of 2005, a month before my 21st Birthday, I was flicking through a spiritual magazine, whilst on the phone to my friend and came across an ad. All it said was 'Lightworker Practitioner Training' with a phone number. I flicked past the page and had to quickly turn back to that ad - it jumped out at me that strongly, that I had to tell my friend I had to get off the phone to call this number immediately. I did and met with Michelle, the trainer and I just knew I had to take this course. 12 months later, I was Certified as a Lightworker Practitioner Training. August of 2006, I was meditating and the name, Reality Awareness, the mission of 'Awakening the Consciousness of Humanity' and all streamed through and was shown to me in detail about what I was sent here to do, what I was being guided to do with Reality Awareness and the rest, is what you would call history. 

After I quit the strip club, I didn't work for six months. I took the Lightworker Practitioner Training Course and full devoted my time to this. I was still raving/attending festivals over this time, the Summer of 2005/2006 was the best festival season of my life and also my last. 

I was the life of the party (festival/rave), I was the one carrying the big water bottle of frozen water that would be ice cold sharing it with everyone, known as the love water, because I would write 'I love you' covered over each bottle and everyone wanted the love water. I was always the one, right up the front, dancing hardcore non-stop the entire time, smiling more than my heart could smile, music... music always did it for me... always has, always will. 

Yet, the everyday taking drugs started to slow from July 2005 to January 2006. I remember distinctly stopping smoking weed everyday in August 2005, and realising that 'Reality isn't that bad'. I had been smoking weed everyday since I was 13 after all, so it was many years of 'not being in reality' and losing my shit and emotions flying everywhere for so long. 

It really tapered off after that Summer of festivals in 2005/2006 when I moved to Brisbane and began working at a menswear store (after a few bar jobs first), selling luxury Hugo Boss suits and more. I learnt a lot in that job for the 18 months that I was there. In May 2006, I began taking Astanga Yoga classes 3 times a week. Nothing and no one could stop me attending those classes. They changed me. May 2006, was also the last time I took drugs. I had a bad experienced on Cocaine (not physically hurtful, just fucked up emotional situation with a guy) that I was like, 'this reality is fucked' and I let go of that lifestyle. Yes, another relationship that threw me down a deep dark hole that I had to walk through to find my Light again. (More to come on the relationships and what each and every man I have ever been with has taught me! That pattern... gosh... lots to share there soon). 

Many things changed from there on in. My friends seemed to drop away and I realised who my true friends were. Which, were all but one or two back then. They all called me crazy and a lunatic for doing and talking about this spiritual stuff. Yet, I see today, 99.9% of them are either doing it themselves or are with partners that do it! #interestingright? 


My biggest draw card during this journey, was the significant difference that I noticed during this time of 'waking up' in July 2005 - to May 2006. That first six months, dropping the 'every day' drug taking, to only on the weekends and increasing my Psychic Development every week at training over that time, that I noticed, the more I stayed away from drugs, the more Psychic I became. And it BROUGHT ME ALIVE! 

I remember telling people, I would rather be Psychic than take drugs! It was so strong for me, it brought joy to my heart, it gave me purpose, even though I didn't know what that was back then, I just  knew I had to help people do the same. Heal their deepest traumas, their most devestating heart break and bring them back to life. And that is, what I do today. 

The deepest, darkest trauma that no one even looks at, or doesn't know how, or get's told that they can't be fixed, that their trauma is too deep, to much or they are crazy - OMG THIS MAKES ME FUMING!!! 

Why can't people just admit that it is beyond their current skills and refer to them to SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP THEM FFS!!! YEP - you see where my FIRE and BURNING PASSION COMES FROM! 

ANYONE who tells someone they can't be fixed and their trauma is too deep and beyond repair - OMG no wonder people go and top themselves FFS! 

I CONSTANTLY have clients and students come to me telling me that they have had this told to them and OMG it not only BREAKS MY HEART but BURNS A FIRE OF DESIRE in my belly that is WHAT IS SAVING THE PLANET! 

The darkest, deepest trauma that no one dares to look at, let alone knows how to shift - that is my GIFT and is what pulls people up from the depths of despair, because God knows, I have been there and have walked cycles of this depth for many years, that allows me to hold space for people that have been told they can't be healed, they are crazy and get laughed at and even put in mental institutions, that heal their deepest wounds and end up shining their brightest light because no one has ever been able to shift them until now. 

My PASSION is this. My GIFT is this. 

And people used to laugh at me for it. And now they are living it or asking me how to do it or reading this and can't stop following me, even if they used to laugh at me and hate on me for this, all joking around in their crew about it. Yep #iseeyou. 


It is this, that my motivation came from. That not only saved me and myself, but that I support many who have been laughed at and told that they can't be healed. And yet, they are moving through the biggest traumas and pains that no one has been able to help them with today... and it's people like this... that are changing the world. Because it is here, that when the deepest traumas are shifted, the Light returns and changes the entire vibration of not only the person, but the Humanity as a whole. đŸ•ŠđŸŒâ¤ī¸

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." Steve Jobs. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen đŸ‘‘

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