This past 2 weeks has been what feels like the hardest two weeks of my life! It has been one thing after the next - release, release, release, release, just when I thought there wasn’t anymore to release - BOOM - MORE RELEASE.
I took myself to the beach to do a huge releasing process that I have taught in my Trust Your Intuition course and is being picked apart, upgraded and fine tuned in I See You, I See Me - Rapid Ascension Awakening’s Third Eye Chakra right now, this process? HUGE.
I have been ‘stuck’ in the Third Eye since October last year.
Because it is the Third Eye.
All about - RELATIONSHIPS. My biggest nemesis it seems!
When I create a course, content, blog, meditation - anything that streams through me - I have WALKED THROUGH and LIVED 100%. It is the ‘way’ I create or something - it is how it flows through me. I live it as I teach it, I live it as I breathe it, I live it as I AM IT.
Yet - what this past two weeks? Has felt so huge.
And only today in my Releasing Roles Ritual on the beach, that has shifted my entire energy in one session - has it become clear.
I have set soooo many boundaries since February. From close intimate relationships, family, friends and even my loyal following and tribe.
And - 99.9% haven’t liked it.
Some have. Maybe that figure is more like 90% perhaps.
Yet, on the beach I bawled my fucking eyes out as this process was taking place. (and yesterday was crying so much!)
And it only dawned on me as I was setting up the first phase of the ritual - that all these people are kicking up such a big stink in my face it seems - because I am not being that people pleaser person to them anymore.
I have chosen to not be that person anymore. That says yes when I mean no. That even if I say yes and then I change my mind, because I realise it isn’t right, I quickly say no, actually - without an explanation. I don’t need to justify myself and my choices - which was something I realised I was doing 3 months into when I began implementing these strong boundaries at the start of the year. I just need to do what is right for me.
I have felt guilt like no tomorrow in starting to implement these boundaries. Yet, I have chosen to walk through this guilt.
What mostly became apparent to me on the beach? Is that my energy field is becoming clearer and clearer. That this saying yes thing, this part of me that doesn’t even want to and I do it - to get appreciation, acceptance or whatever the part of me underneath is needing, is that I take on their energy, I am out of alignment, I am off path. Let alone, do I swallow their truth whole and think I need to do something a certain way - because that will please them and that is how I ‘keep’ them. Or something. I have been swallowing other people’s ways of doing things, instead of trusting what I know was right for me in the first place because I had this need to be accepted by them.
The most hardest thing to do has been implementing strong boundaries in my business and the changes that have come through my business have been huge, not just changing to a company - but how I serve my tribe, loyal followers and clients.
I have lost followers, clients have left my field and there is a high percentage of my tribe that are unhappy and have left because I have changed the way I work through my groups and I have had to release the person I was 3 years ago to them, the one that got me to where I am now.
I have walked through trauma just like everyone else. Yes, it has made me who I am, but I am also not that person anymore.
Some people think I have been ‘harsh’, that ‘you’ve changed’, that, ‘you’re not who you used to be’ and I say yep, 100% I have changed.
The empowered woman I am, after the trauma? Doesn’t continue to be in the people pleaser role that began the continuation of the trauma spaces in the first place.
The biggest wake up for me came at the end of last year, when I realised just how much I had been in my masculine energy. That huge breakdown that I had - was me carrying the load of everything - because my masculine energy was my driver and it burnt me out. I was trying to be everyone’s everything and it worked, but fuck that is exhausting and no more thank you!
People are not liking that I don’t just drop everything and come to their side anymore. Yet, I cannot be that person anymore. To be in my feminine energy, to balance these sides of me - I have had to learn to lovingly say no, walk through wells of guilt and continue on anyway.
People always find a way - you are not their only way.
The ones that are by my side - are the ones, who are also rising alongside me I have deeply noticed.
The ones that are truly doing the internal work, are consistently showing up and rising too.
The ones, that are still by my side, are the ones that are also facing their people pleaser roles and I SEE YOU.
The ones that are ready to speak up and live their Life Purpose on Purpose.
No longer will I do something because someone says so.
No longer will I do something because someone says jump.
No longer will I come to someone’s aid, who is not turning up and doing the work consistently and willing to walk through fire to rise through it. #saidwithlove
This morning before I left home, I hadn’t even planned to go to the beach, but I sat down and with no window open, no breeze, no possibility of anything knocking it off, my Dragon picture fell over. I turned to see what the noise was and stared at it as I felt my Dragon’s presence - back - after what seems like so long since I had actually FELT the presence of The One, whom has been there since the beginning of time.
I got ready and left for the beach, knowing that I could feel this powerful presence and process amplified flowing through me that I just needed to walk through in a powerful completion of the last 3 years - you know how I always say - 3 minutes, 3 hours, 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years to break an addiction?
Well it dawned on me only at the beach, that when I ‘fell’ in December last year, with my ‘relationship fall’ - that that December - marked 3 years since this online journey, as it had began before I completely left all other companies and just solely focused on Reality Awareness, so technically that 3 year mark had already passed and I didn’t realise that in December last year - so that ‘fall’ - makes total sense, because - it wasn’t even about the relationship - it was about my Life Purpose. Me - releasing this role - so I could be who I really am, not what the roles have made me be to everyone in my life or that I am connected to in some way shape or form.
Just before you rise - just before you shift to the next level - entities, demons, all sorts of dark beings and spirits and more - will try and pull you back/down and this is usually the place a lot of people leave the planet in - if they are unaware they are just about to break through something HUGE in their life - usually the hugest breakthrough. It was only 6 weeks after this breakdown for me that I had realised I made $100k in 7 months!
So this past 2 weeks - of me releasing this people pleaser role - that I have only just realised this morning through this process guided by my Dragon, that this is why all these people have been turning up in my field, (yes the part of me that needs/wants love/relationship) and because I had been denying this part, I had stepped into the people pleaser role, which started when I was 3-4 years old when I ‘had to take over the masculine role’ because that is when my parents split up.
The part of me that - so people didn’t leave me, I would be their everything - just so they wouldn’t. 100% of the time, to the detriment of my own well-being. #notanymore
It wasn’t until I was on the beach this morning bawling my eyes out, heart deeply connected to the sand, Mother Earth holding me, that I howled realising that these people - disappear and quite fast, when I am not that person to them anymore. AND - there are some VERY loud ones, that continue to rip me down, tear me to shreds and say how this is all my fault and project all their shit onto me because I am simply not being that people pleaser role to them anymore, I have changed the dynamic of the relationship, the energetic feed they would get off me is not there anymore and they kick up a dramatic and huge stink because I have either blocked them, said no to them or continue to hold very strong boundaries in place, because I am choosing me over them and they just don’t like it.
The gift in this? Is that it teaches people to connect to their own damn source - not through me anymore. And that - is the entire reason for life anyway isn’t it? To find our own connection in this mess of connections that are not the true source?
Because the only true source - the only ‘one’ and true ‘soulmate’ that you need - is your own self. Because THAT is the only ‘feed’ you will ever need.
I can feel my energy field, my business and my entire life, energetically clearer as a result and I like it. I think I’ll stay here.
This has been hard for me - because it is like everything I have EVER known, every single person in my entire life has dropped away and/or I have walked away from. I have questioned it, doubted it and continued forward anyway.
There is soooo much SPACE in my life right now. I felt it energetically about 3 months ago and now - physically, there is soooo much space and I am really starting to like it.
The old Masculine Hannah doing, people pleaser - had no space for anything or anyone or any time for anything. Yet, now, in this Feminine Hannah space, there is so much SPACE and room for everything that is near and dear to my heart.
Moving away from my people pleaser role has been the single most hardest thing I have ever done in my life - because we become so ‘attached to our roles’ - because that is how we have learned receive love. There are many roles, bar the people pleaser, but that has been the single biggest one for me.
Releasing this, has left me feeling bare, like I don’t know myself, who I am or what I am here to do. It has changed everything and I have been changing everything in my business and life to support this new Hannah that is being born from receiving love - for being just who I am, without being everyones’ everything and being 100% unapologetically okay with that. (getting better at the pile of guilt not consuming me! It is a muscle, just like everything else, this self love gig. And it is becoming stronger every single day.
I EXPECT THERE WILL BE MORE but I am okay with that. It’s a process and something I am willing to continue to walk through - every step of the way, no matter how hard or sad my heart gets at times.
I know the place that feels good - the place, where I am not covered in roles for other people - but only being the me, I was born to be, the me, before I became covered in belief systems and roles to survive.
Now I release so I can THRIVE.
Needless to say, the Third Eye Course filming has recommenced, with you guessed it - Releasing Roles just past the Inner Child! YAY!! Sooo much living it! 🔥
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen
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