This past 2 weeks has been what feels like the hardest two weeks of my life! It has been one thing after the next - release, release, release, release, just when I thought there wasn’t anymore to release - BOOM - MORE RELEASE.
I took myself to the beach to do a huge releasing process that I have taught in my Trust Your Intuition course and is being picked apart, upgraded and fine tuned in I See You, I See Me - Rapid Ascension Awakening’s Third Eye Chakra right now, this process? HUGE.
I have been ‘stuck’ in the Third Eye since October last year.
Because it is the Third Eye.
All about - RELATIONSHIPS. My biggest nemesis it seems!
When I create a course, content, blog, meditation - anything that streams through me - I have WALKED THROUGH and LIVED 100%. It is the ‘way’ I create or something - it is how it flows through me. I live it...
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It's okay to walk away from anything that is no longer aligned. 

It is okay to stand up for what you believe is right, speak your truth and take massive action to change your life in the direction you want to go and KNOW in your heart you deserve.

If you're not happy in your life it is OKAY TO TRUST YOUR HEART and make the changes you know you have to make.  

It is okay to say no to someone's demands on your time and energy. 

It is okay to say that's enough and take action when someone crosses your boundaries. 

It is okay to HAVE BOUNDARIES. 

It is okay to honour your WORTH. 

It's okay to OWN YOUR POWER. 

It is okay to say no to the world and take care of yourself. 

It is okay to lock yourself away and create your dreams. 

It is okay to come out into the world with what you are here to do no matter what any one else says. 

It is okay to feel the pull in your Heart and trust where it is leading you to...

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Day #25: The Energetic Fallout of Removing Yourself from Someone's Energy

Day #25: The Energetic Fallout of Removing Yourself from Someone's Energy

Wow, there was so much to this one - that I recorded an entire Audio on it! I actually didn't start the audio recording for this Day 25 specifically - yet, as I was intuitively talking as I do - what came through - was all of this! 

This Orange - deeply at the Sacral Chakra - your Sacred Sacral Womb (men you have a womb too - it is your Sacral Chakra!) Is where you are deeply nourished. 

In this Audio Recording that is titled: The Energetic Fallout of Removing Yourself from Someone's Energy I cover these topics: 

~ boundaries in relationships 

~ boundaries with yourself

~ how to remove yourself from someone's energy 

~ what happens when you do

~ how to 'hold space' for someone when they are throwing abuse at you/projecting their nasty words at you (yes, there is a fine line between holding space and abuse and I speak about this on the Audio)

~ the truth about people who you think...

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