food how to trust your intuition reclaiming your power Mar 20, 2019
Yes, I have a full on busy life at this time, yet something wasn't right, something was getting worse and I knew that something wasn't working properly. I knew I had to take drastic action and deal with this now and within 10 days my symptoms had disappeared.
I am not on any supplements, I am not on any pills, medication or some miracle pill (although it feels like it!).
I have been flicked from vegetarian, vegan and more over the last 15 years and something was getting worse, even when I would fast or eat raw, something just wasn't healing and I was getting worried, this isn't normal. Fasting and raw is supposed to heal, so what is going on with my body?
I have had symptoms of:
😣Brain fog, reduced memory
😣Dropping into depression and fast
😣Bloating, dry skin, always thirsty but couldn't drink enough water, even though I was
😣Mumbled speech, slurred words, forgetting my words
Waking up tired, not sleeping properly
😣Breaking & splitting nails
😣Anxiety and very on edge energy (most people all my life have said I am fiery and whilst I still am, it is a very grounded energy, compared to what I used to be)
😣Emotional at the drop of a hat
😣The 10 days before my bleed, every time felt extremely bloated, more than should be, and just my body was not coping with ANYTHING, let alone at any other time, but this was so significant, it wasn't normal
😣High and low bouts of energy up and down all the time, I have energy and channel it and then I go so low I wonder if I am going to survive on this planet and my mind follows me there with dark thoughts
😣Feeling the intensities of the collective energies at heightened rates and whilst I still deeply feel them, I am not knocked by them, I am not floored by them and my exhaustion has almost gone now
😣I would be exhausted after a livestream or from filming, even on livestream I was short of breath and could never feel like I could take a deep enough breath
😣So you could imagine with exercise - I was exhausted after not even 10 minutes - something wasn't right with my body
😣Sensitive Teeth, I couldn't even drink cold water, eat ice cream or even brush my teeth without them hurting
😣Heart palpitations and more
😣I would ALWAYS carry a water bottle with me, I couldn't leave home without it, I was always thirsty, even though I have been drinking so much water for a long time
😣After a few consults with Katya, her mentioning all the 'labels' for the symptoms I was describing, borderline diabetic, hyperthyroidism and many more, yep, I got scared. How can I 'eat so healthy yet this is happening to my body?!'
😣Let alone my cat being diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer and as a Healer, deeply knowing that our pets carry our emotional stuff, well, it was time to look at ALL levels, yes the metaphysics, but my physical body was suffering because of it ALL. The WHOLE picture.
For me, I am tribal. I wear the Serpent on my arm. I am a Druid, a High Priestess, Shaman and a Seer all in one. I come from the Earth and I return to the Earth, just like all my fellow counterparts that live on this Earth. I am Nature and Nature is me. Everything speaks to me, our Earth, Animals, Energy, my Body speaks to me, everything does and it has been time to deeply listen and deeply heal.
There is no way I could continue serving the Earth, my tribe, my followers and the plans I have in the next 7-10 years? I needed my energy back! I was tired of doing so much spiritual work and wondering why my body was still not functioning correctly, even with the so called vegetarianism and vegan that I had been for so long...
No matter how much I slept, no matter how long I fasted for - all these symptoms just wouldn't go away and within 10 days showing significant results that feel like a miracle after changing my food intake? I'm listening to my body, I feel way more grounded, I can take a deep breath and feel like my body is receiving the nutrients it now needs. I feel stronger and I haven't even being going to the gym.
My brain is functioning clearer, I can concentrate for longer and now, after the initial changeover in what I had previously doing, I am going to call it my change in food intake, I am going for longer and longer periods without eating, yet, I don't drop in energy, I am not tired, I wake up naturally between 4:30am and 5:30am and I am wide awake with energy for the day, I don't wake up tired anymore.
I have noticed in the past 19 days that I have been on this different food intake, that I have seen so many say and post that they are anxious, exhausted, floored by the energies, angry, upset, depressed and just wtf is going on. On particular days when I notice a lot of posts all at once - I remember distinctively the first day I noticed it - that is what prompted me to post - that I had been up since 2am on training calls, had a super productive day (more than usual, it was super flow), didn't have one single drop in energy and I haven't been drinking coffee. Regan commented saying Soul Fuel and I was like YES! But what I deeply realised???
Is that now my body is functioning the way it should be (still healing, but the miraculous results in 19 days, after 3 and after 10 have blown any concept of previous ways of eating out the water) that my body is healing and repairing and able to build the way it is supposed to after 10-15 years of constant detox and draining - my SOUL can HOUSE in my BODY correctly and FUNCTION the way it is supposed to!
That never ending energy, that limitless energy, - that SOUL FUEL - that ENERGY FROM THE DIVINE - if our body is not functioning correctly, we are sick, exhausted, heart problems and more - then how can that pure divine energy flow through our physical body - when there are all these blocks to physical body being able to RECEIVE that energy straight from Source?
You know they want us sick... the foods in the modern day diet, well if you follow me, you already know this stuff right? I have flicked from so many and even the vegan, vegetarianism trend, that came from Christianity originally! Gosh, the things I have realised and being shown in this past 19 days, not even just from food...
If you want the in depth healing, understanding of my healing journey and the miraculous results in such a short space of time, send me a message for the link to the free videos that I share deeply my healing journey and story.
A Healer looks at the WHOLE picture. We are on Earth as a WHOLE after all. We can't escape everything that is here, we are part of it ALL.
It is important we clear energy, understand the depths our Spiritual self and more and I am deeply passionate about all this, yet, again - is the WHOLE picture, not just one aspect.
I wear the Serpents on my arm and even though the energies used to floor me to - that one turning point day that I saw everyone posting how exhausted and floored they were, yet I had been in super flow all day from 2am and no drop in energy whatsoever, I realised I had discovered a sacred key, that is ancient as time itself and how we used to be before Earth became commercialised.
This turning point day, seeing how I could use the energies into SUPERFLOW and be soooo productive, rather than the energies flooring me in waves, because my physical body couldn't handle it - if we are on Earth to Ascend with our Soul - we are here on Earth to Master Physicality - or we just wouldn't have incarnated in the first place.
It is the WHOLE picture 👁
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
P.S. Send me a message for the link to the free videos, where I go into depth of what I share here.
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