It's not easy to trust yourself in a world that has taught you not to trust.

It's not easy to trust yourself in a world that has taught you not to trust.

It's not easy to break away from the pack, whether that be family, society or a group you once held near and dear to your heart and follow what calls you instead of what others deem the norm and acceptable for you. 

It's not easy to remember the core of who you are, when you shut it down long ago and forgot who you really are. 

It's not easy to trust yourself when the world is screaming at you not to. 

It's not easy to trust yourself enough to walk away from what is not on alignment anymore when you thought you would be there for life. 

It's not easy - but once you begin to, it get's easier, even though you still go through the whole rollercoaster of emotions walking THROUGH it to get there. 

It gets easier to move towards what is in alignment with your Heart and Soul calling. 

It gets easier to say no to anything that feels draining or depleting and say YES to what brings you ALIVE instead, no matter what anyone's judgement about the thing is. 

It gets easier to back yourself the ENTIRE WAY. 

It gets easier to ONLY follow what is good for you. 


It gets easier to remember who you really are. 

It gets easier to trust your intuition, no matter what is going on around you in your life. 

It gets easier to have the confidence in who you are as a person and know who you are, regardless of what you have been through. 

It gets easier to walk in the face of adversity and continue on anyway. 

It gets easier to brush it off like water off a ducks back. 

And yet, the piece that makes it easier? 

Is doing what you were always meant to do in the first place. 

Is by following what your Soul calls you to do and only that. 

Sometimes we get lost, because we got caught up in someone else's dreams. 

Sometimes we get lost, because we tried to implement something that was not for our Soul's evolution, nor Life Purpose. 

Sometimes it feels so lost, simply because we went off OUR path. 

And yet, as soon as we start heading back onto OUR own path.... 

Everything gets lighter. 

The sun comes out from behind the clouds. 

The rays warm your skin, like a long lost friend you forgot you even had. 

Your Soul comes ALIVE again, because it can feel the Earth beneath it's feet again because YOUR path has been found, not someone else's.

It's not easy trusting yourself in a world that screams at you not to... 

And yet, it is the fastest way to getting on track, remembering who you are, and remembering why you are even on this planet in the first place. 

The thing that brings you ALIVE? 

Do more of THAT. 

That one. 

Do you... trust yourself enough, to even do that? 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. The purpose of your Life is to BE YOU, to remember who you are - the core of who you are - but are you even that? 

Are you even that person who trust's yourself enough to go all in? 

To go all out? 

To put yourself out there in the way that you KNOW you were born for, let alone what brings your SOUL ALIVE to even do so? 

Do you trust yourself enough to believe in the callings of your Soul and actually follow that? 

Trust Your Intuition is OPEN NOW and is your guiding post to allowing your Soul to not only say YES to life - but to LIVE that - EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

Click here for all the details, Trust Your Intuition awaits you:


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