🔥KARMIC FIRE - NO MORE - SCAPEGOAT ROLE - NO MORE 🔥 The Empath's that think it's their duty or responsibility to carry other people's shit - the blocks that keep us hiding. NO MORE. I CHOOSE TO SURFACE NOW. I CHOOSE TO NOT HIDE ANYMORE. (Didn't realise I still was! Out I COME!)

I release what I have carried of yours right up until this moment in time. I release what I thought was my karmic load to carry - when in fact, I just have been in shock until this moment in time, with the depth of sensitivity that I FEEL. 

If you're already resonating with those first two paragraphs - You feel. Oh gosh you feel. The slightest word, the slightest betrayal when you thought someone was your friend, then discover they have been bitching behind your back, the slightest remark of sarcasm when you know they really mean it underneath but laugh it off, but you've been cut to your core because you are so damn sensitive and tuned into other peoples feelings, that how can they even say that about you? 'Oh, I am just joking lighten up.' NOPE. I am not carrying your shit anymore. I am not being the one you take out your lack of responsibility for your karmic life choices, for your spiritual abuse roles you've played in the past and are blaming me for your shit in this lifetime - NO MORE. I RELEASE CARRYING YOUR LOAD RIGHT NOW. 

Oh, the things you discover when you drop into deep internal work. 


No longer will I be blamed for placing Black Magic spells on people's throats - NO MORE. If you even think this, you 1. don't understand the depth of Black Magic AT ALL, nor will you care to, because you 'think it is bad' and goodness knows what else 2. are throwing your lack of responsibility onto me and I will not carry your karmic load anymore, THAT is not my responsibility and I hand that right back to you right now. 3. Projecting your own darkness onto me. I RELEASE THIS NOW. 

No longer will I be blamed for bringing up your own subconscious shit for being who I am - because this is my job - but I sure as hell, I am CHOOSING TO NOW RELEASE THE ROLE of thinking I have to carry that for you! 

Empaths, Sensitive Souls - if you know that this occurs in your life, you will be deeply resonating with this yes? What I am sharing this for is that I have discovered a part of me, and perhaps you have it too, that you hide who you really are, because you feel bad for bringing to consciousness other peoples stuff (yes, I know sounds crazy right?!), yet, deep down, working through what is blocking or stopping me - this! I have been hiding this part of me, that this is me, even though I thought I was okay with it, there has been a part of me, frozen in time almost, for being yelled at in the past, for being taken their shit out on me (scapegoat) and so I have stayed frozen in time because I didn't want to rock the boat, or move forward or back or anywhere, because - well, there must be something wrong with me (little girl inside me), so I won't budge. That is a block. 

I have been in deep internal work this morning and have not realised how much the spider webs of other people's consciousness I have been carrying because.... I was too scared to speak up! Yep! 

I have journalled for a long time, but recently I have discovered there has been a part of me still hiding, still not being who I really am, what I stand for and strongly taking action on that. I have been hiding who I really am. That's why continued work is necessary, that is why this becomes a way of LIFE. 

Hiding because... fear of being seen, fear of losing them, fear of _________ there has been many in my purge - yet, they have all been illogical, because that stuff happens regardless?! And there it was, there it is, the blocks... many have surfaced - 


I am an Empath

I am a Lightworker 

I am an Ancient Blooded Healer that has returned to this Earth to be seen for who I am and that no one else's words or Karmic Load, is mine to carry - but for me to acknowledge and release, that is all. That is all. 

I am a sensitive, very sensitive, highly intuitive person, who is taking massive action to create beyond this current life, for future lifetimes and generations to come change in this world. 

I know I have a very, VERY out there point of view of the world and I am here to impact the consciousness grids with this VERY futuristic view of the world. 

This is what I stand for, this is what I know in my Heart, in my Soul, that I am here to create the change that not many on this planet can see - but I know there are many of you that also can see this too. And I know that you will be resonating with being any of the 'labels' I have listed here and I deeply encourage you to BE SEEN TOO. 

This doesn't mean you need to say things to the people who have been the loads you've been carrying - quite the opposite really - this is asking you to energetically release the karmic loads you've been carrying for them/from them and energetically step out of the consciousness spider web snake skins that you've been wearing of theirs - they are NOT YOU! Shed and release! Shed and release! 

Open back up YOUR consciousness channels to the Divine, strengthen these and only these, make them strong, make this your only focus and release anything else from your field that is not yours to carry. 

What part of you thinks that you need to carry it? Where is that part of you? 

You're not here to fit in, you're here to stand out, so why aren't you? 

I now release you from my energetic field, I now call back any Soul fragments of my pure self and my human self and I reclaim all of me now. I release any Soul karmic threads, binds or vows to my past, that I said I would save you, owe you or free you. I release this now in deep trust that you have your own journey and I mine. I release, I release, I release you now. It is done. It is done. It is done. 

Strengthen your connection to the divine. And only this. Breathe. It is done. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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