KARMIC FIRE - NO MORE - SCAPEGOAT ROLE - NO MORE  The Empath's that think it's their duty or responsibility to carry other people's shit - the blocks that keep us hiding. NO MORE. I CHOOSE TO SURFACE NOW. I CHOOSE TO NOT HIDE ANYMORE. (Didn't realise I still was! Out I COME!)

I release what I have carried of yours right up until this moment in time. I release what I thought was my karmic load to carry - when in fact, I just have been in shock until this moment in time, with the depth of sensitivity that I FEEL. 

If you're already resonating with those first two paragraphs - You feel. Oh gosh you feel. The slightest word, the slightest betrayal when you thought someone was your friend, then discover they have been bitching behind your back, the slightest remark of sarcasm when you know they really mean it underneath but laugh it off, but you've been cut to your core because you are so damn sensitive and tuned into other peoples feelings, that how can they even say that...

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