Let me re-introduce myself, my name is Hannah Andrews

about hannah Aug 01, 2023

Let me re-introduce myself, my name is Hannah Andrews and I have been living, breathing and teaching in this industry since 2005.

There is a lot of new people around, so welcome, to my space, my place, my home, Reality Awareness where our mission is Awakening the Consciousness of Humanity.

I am a Mother to my teenage daughter whom I have homeschooled/unschooled since she was 4 years old. I love animals and am a mermaid at heart, but for the last 3 years have been on an initiation of the highest order living on 250 acres learning the deep mysteries of the land, our ancestors and being trained in skills by the Fae and our Ancestors, that I thought I was already a master in.

You may be triggered whilst here in this space - take note.

I am Lapis Lazuli and I am here to awaken and allow you to realise the truth within you, to show you a different way of being to what you have been cloaked in from societies conditioning roaming this Earth.

I am here to remind you who the fuck you are and get you on your Purpose. I am, the Life Purpose Queen after all.

I am an Intuitive Healer, but I do not heal you. I teach you how to heal yourself, so only those ready to take radical responsibility for their life, take back their power and turn their life around are the ones who usually stay for a time.

After all, it is a transitionary place on this Earth we are, and Reality Awareness is a place some call Home for life, some come to transition through a time in their life that they need to heal, regain their power, accentuate their consciousness and step into the new version of themselves, the blueprint that their Soul originally had for them - that, is what you will find here at Reality Awareness.

I had my spiritual awakening in 2005 hitting rock bottom through a catastrophic relationship break up, waking up realising I was heavy recreational drug using, happy hard core and drum n bass raving every weekend, smoking crack and working in a strip club was ummmm….. wtf am I doing with my life?! May 2006 I stopped all these drugs. The more I stopped them, the more psychic I became and that was enough motivation for me, let alone what I learnt they do to your aura and so much more!

I took a year long course in my Lightworker Practitioner Skills and when I graduated in August 2006 as a Master Lightworker Practitioner, Reality Awareness and it’s mission was given to me in deep meditation that I remember so clearly to this day. As the Guardian of Reality Awareness, I have been living, breathing, creating and honouring this once in a lifetime gift that is being given to Humanity ever since.

I have been estranged from majority of my family since I stepped into this ‘psychic’ work - I literally chose to continue my mission, I chose my purpose than to be lured into the comfort of family ties that were telling me to ‘stop doing this psychic shit’.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was in court rooms getting domestic violence orders and have raised my daughter on my own since.

So when you see me talk of empowerment through abuse and coming out the other side of it, building Reality Awareness to a million dollar company stepping off the single parent pension, you’ll realised I’ve walked through the hardest there can be on so many levels.

I know a thing or two about abusive cycles, toxic relationships, near death experiences, being alone, money, business wealth building, private mentoring, financial and personal power freedom, living life on your terms, building and living your dream life from nothing but soul led, pure essence creation of what you WANT to do from the Heart.

I used to get triggered and be sooo reactive of those people shining a light on the disempowerment I was still living in, so I can understand when you are too, because I have been there. I don’t teach about the darkness through the deepest dark night of your Souls because I think I know it… I have lived it. You can feel the truth in what I share, it is why you are still here.

No one gets to the calibre they are, teaching what they do without walking through it and coming out the other side of it.

When you hear me talk of things that you think, ‘Yeah, but you haven’t gone through this, you don’t know what I am in.’ Actually honey, I do.

It is why I speak about what I do. It is why I can stand here in the fullness of who I am, owning my power, embodying a level of truth that most will get triggered from - teaching you to Trust Your Intuition, to become Certified in this work and transform your entire life.

It’s why I have the right to speak like I do.

If you find yourself questioning what I speak of, just check in - how long have you actually known me? Do you truly know my history? Or have you just started following me and have seen a few posts of mine?

A good reflection like this - can serve you well in how you’re judging or accelerating through your entire life.

If you catch yourself with how you are with me - you’ll notice the mirror in other areas of your life and if you choose to grow and expand instead of react and contract, your entire life will transform, your wings will emerge and you too, can stand in the light, transforming darkness where ever you go, rather than being stuck in the bog.

If you want to enhance, accelerate and understand your intuition and why life is like it is - my book, Ancient Blooded Healer, You’re One of A Kind, is for you. Find it on Amazon.

If you want to browse through my Self-Help Page on my website, you will find a plethora of tools, videos, blogs, meditations and so much more that will give you courage to find your power, your voice and understand why you are stuck in toxic cycles and… you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t ready to step out of them! It’s why Reality Awareness shows up in your life when it does.

If you’re ready for the next level and to truly transform your life, your consciousness and become who you were born to be, you’ll find us hanging out in the Reality Awareness Members Lounge - where you get access to all my paid trainings, courses and so much more.

If you’re ready to accelerate your growth and ready for the level of private mentorship that doesn’t just change your life, but aligns you and amplifies the reason you are born, that is what Life Purpose Accelerator is for.

I am here to show you what life can be about after the pain, after the trauma and if you’ve found yourself here, no one arrives at Reality Awareness without you being ready on a Soul level to heal, transform, awaken and empower your consciousness, so we can all, Awaken the Consciousness of Humanity Together.

Welcome, to Reality Awareness.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen πŸ‘‘