People will negate you and put you down, rise anyway.

People will negate you and put you down, fall in a heap, bawl your eyes out, straighten your Crown and carry on anyway. 

Only in the last two weeks, do I finally feel like I have started to 'arrive' here in my new home. 

I always say to my clients who are going through a house move - it takes 3 months to truly 'land' energetically when you move house. 3 months prior to you leaving somewhere - your Soul/energy has already started to leave and 3 months after you arrive, do you truly 'arrive' energetically. 

After 5 months on the road and then within two weeks of being back 'home' - did we pack up the house and move house - after being there for 8 years! 

I truly wasn't meant to be in that house ANY longer in Wurtulla.

It still is quite awe inspiring when I still think about it to this day, how I drove all those kms (25,000kms/15,500miles in 5 months to be precise!), arrived back 'home' to only dump 5 months worth of car baggage on the floor at home to then...

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I have been taking my time and I have been Souloving it.

I have been taking my time and I have been Souloving it. 

Although I have been frustrated at times, my Soul has been loving it. 

This is how it is supposed to be - back in LIFE again or something it feels like. Back in the flow that... I am not on go go masculine overdrive burn out go go mode. 

Some days I work fast and 'push' - but there is a different energy to it, a different energy BEHIND it. 

I think that is the difference from masculine, over-responsibility, 'have to do it all myself/pick up the pieces for the family lineage scapegoat generational role' that has manifested in me being too much in my masculine energy attracting men that are very feminine and deeply attached to their mothers it makes me dry reach (sorry not sorry guys!), however, that was a direct reflection of my energy and what I have been in, thus, attracting that.. which I didn't want. 

The difference in energy I feel these days, is hard to describe. 

I sleep so deeply, but I am...

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I had stopped trusting myself...

I had stopped trusting myself... and I didn't even know. 

Right now, layers upon layers, upon layers are releasing from me. 

And amongst that.. I didn't even know I had stopped trusting myself. 

I had been looking out there to this person and this person and this person for confirmation of what I was doing, for... something... and I didn't even realise I had. 

I didn't realise I had shut myself down. 

Today... layers upon layers upon layers have been releasing. 

It is making me wonder whether it is this 12 month commitment to the liver/gall bladder cleanse I have just committed to, or whether I have just entered into another 18mth cycle, where I am grieving... all that has covered me up... all that.. I LET cover me up. 

When I began online four years ago I was SOOOOOO excited and enthusiastic. I had FINALLY found my avenue, my outlet, the way I can FINALLY reach more than 10 people in a yoga class/chakra workshop and FUCKING CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!!...

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Yesterday we went for a mini road trip to pick up our two newest family members 🐀🐀

Yesterday we went for a mini road trip to pick up our two newest family members 

Only God knows why on Earth we drove two hours away to pick up the Ratties, even though there were some closer to home to us. 

I know there are several reasons why the Universe took us THERE of all places.. but at the same time it was STRANGE. 

I was feeling off... it was weird, I was feeling all sorts of things and realised I was probably picking up the woman's energy who had the rat babies, because of some issues prior to us arriving. 

I just wasn't myself. And yet, I was also conscious that I was subconsciously aware of entering Brisbane, where all the facial recognition ID has been turned on everywhere all over town....

I was also aware of where we were even heading to on the South side of Brisbane, wasn't the highest of vibe places.... 

But fuck knows why Spirit is taking me to all these sorts of places! Like Victoria and all that I uncovered there... 

We arrived...

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What a crazy topsy turvy upside down day it feels like!

What a crazy topsy turvy upside down day it feels like!
When nothing goes to plan..
When everything seems to block you..
When deep Peace undertones are always there, but waves of agitation and frustration ensue gah... what is ACTUALLY going on today?!
No... I was very aware of what is/was going on... let alone am I deep in my liver cleanse/gall bladder flush right now - the liver/gall bladder is located where our Solar Plexus is, which is where we trust ourselves, our self esteem, self worth lays, which is where we come into deep alignment with our Higher Self, which is where we feel empowered or disempowered.
And what I have been deeply discovering this last few days on the liver cleanse?
Is how much I have NOT been being myself! WWHHHAAATTT!?!?!
And yet - this does NOT come at a surprise to ME!
I have been feeling this for a while, but also, not knowing who Hannah is now. I am...
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No filter required, because the clarity I feel with my new life is exactly this - clear and beautiful.

No filter required, because the clarity I feel with my new life is exactly this - clear and beautiful. 

However, I found myself bawling my eyes out in deep, deep grief last night for over an hour. 

It was deep, deep grief, and it surprised me what it dropped into. 

My old house and what I went through being in that home for 8 years. 

What I learnt and grew through. 

The biggest piece being my ex of 5 years and what... I went through with that. What I grew through and the person it has made me today, because of it. 

But not a grief of missing it. 

Rather, the stored and buried resentment that I had tucked away deep inside my gall-bladder. 

Tears poured, out of no where as I climbed into bed. I found myself 'at my old house' in the lounge room on my knees, bawling my eyes out. 

I found myself, hovering/flying above my house/suburb, feeling trapped in the black sludge that I felt energetically in that suburb, that I repeatedly cleared for so...

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Some days I feel like a Galactic Queen and other days I feel like I am walking through sludge

Some days I feel like a Galactic Queen and other days I feel like I am walking through sludge... and this week has been definitely one of those weeks of experience it ALL.
There has been big bouts of sludge walking, dark entities appearing and 'latching on' to many I know... and... that is because we are RISING and becoming aware of the truth of what has been playing out, not just in the world, but in our own life too.
I know for myself, seeing patterns and old ingrained, outworn belief systems turning up left right and centre for complete observation and complete obliteration by me experiencing them, seeing them, and... choosing something different aka releasing them.
Parts of me, that I haven't seen for AGES!!!
And this?
Oh, that is CROWN CHAKRA BABY!!!
We are about to start Crown Chakra on Monday 8am AEST (see more details below) - and this?
Is where the LIGHT GETS IN BABY!
That means,...
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Who feels something HUGE is coming out of this series of Road Trips for me?

Who feels something HUGE is coming out of this series of Road Trips for me? 
I feel like I have been on an Initiation, a Soul searching Vision Quest and a recalibration all at once.
When Adaya took this photo the other day I was like WWWHHHHHYYYYYY have I done this intense and invigorating series of road trips?! 
I have been stripped bare, stripped back and only my Soul remains is what it feels like.. nothing else matters, nothing else is there, nothing else remains, but this slate of pure Platinum Light Frequency that IS who I am.
WWWWWHHHHHHHYYYYYYY has everything happened the way that it has?!?!
And yet - I know the answer to all of those questions.
I know there is still way more unfolding than I am aware of.
There is a HUGE Universal unfolding of my Life Purpose and 'why' all of everything that has happened on these road trips, and still is happening - there are so many pieces I am still...
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All that was lost
All that was stolen
All that was taken
All that was hidden away
Got buried deep down, so deep, so that I didn’t have to feel it anymore.
The crevices so deep they covered themselves over with the melded lava
She locked herself away, feeling that was the best way to never get hurt, rejected or tainted again
But that only caused more isolation that plummeted her to the depths of something that she thought was where she was meant to be, to... live... from this place of rbis big black hole
It’s been a journey and here in this air bnb I am rediscovering all parts of myself I long lain buried, tucked away for fear of them being trampled on.
I thought I was protecting myself by covering up my true self...
For when I was my true self, every time, someone would trample me down......
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I had been pushing for YEARS as that is what I thought it took.
And to be honest, to some extent in the start - 100% it takes work, constant dedicated turning up, sharing, being vulnerable, opening up, long, long hours, frustrations, set backs, heart broken pieces and so much to celebrate at the same time.
And it felt good to push and make things happen.
I have ALWAYS been and still to this day - find a way.
There is no such thing as can't.
There is no such thing as fighting the old with the old.
I just create something new.
For so long, I continued and grew into huge success in my business online and then, hit a wall...
A burn out wall...
A 'I made it, now what?' wall....
And this last 9 months has seen me in recalibration mode, finishing with 9 weeks off grid in the Realm of Faery, diving deep into my...
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