My Personal Story of how and why the Triple Goddess & Triune God Came to Me

My Personal Story of how and why the Triple Goddess & Triune God came to me, where it all started and how several years ago and why the pieces of the puzzle have only recently come together - coin and all.
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5 weeks ago, I chose to go Raw Vegan overnight. And it is having a significant vibrational shift in my entire body. I can feel it in my bones. My energy is different, very different. Let alone all the consistent journalling I have been doing for just over 2 years now, I can feel my vibration deeply shifting, from deep within. 

I have ben 100% raw vegan back in 2012 when the doctor told me I had to have my gall bladder out and I was like um, nope! And went Raw Vegan overnight and did significant detoxing to shift it out naturally. 

I have been getting signs and know since last year - that going 100% raw vegan is a big part of my life purpose somehow, I just don't quite know how at this moment in time. 

And... I am probably going to lose the raw vegan friends in this sentence and that's okay, as I am not stuck on who stays and who goes, because who is meant to be in your life will be, no matter what. 

About 2 weeks ago, I felt my...

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About My Tattoos


I have had a lot of people asking me about my Tattoos, so I thought I would share about them here.

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The surface stuff may trigger you… but what is DEEPER, what is UNDER that… TRAVEL THAT.


Which is… after all, my gift… straight to the CORE.

Straight to HEART of the matter.

It is just… what I do. Naturally.


That powerful place.

That…. safe place.

That…. place of Love.




If you are going to keep reading, I am letting you know, you MAY get triggered by this post. You may get upset by this post. If you choose to keep reading, please, if you get upset, please seek help and support - not bitch about me behind my back about it, please speak to me, or speak to a support person in your life.

I am here… deeply sharing my process… as I do… and even hesitated writing this, in depth, because…. of the content and nature of it.

This is usually only stuff I share - my deepest processes for my...

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I stopped looking for my Soulmate, when I realised it had been in front of me the entire time….

I stopped looking for my Soulmate, when I realised it had been in front of me the entire time….

Driving home from Brisbane on Wednesday night, after an already 16 hour fly day, picking up my daughter from New Zealand, and road works traffic taking 3 hours for us to get home, when usually it a 1 hour drive, Adaya (9.5yrs) out of the blue asked,

“Mum, can we just fruit fast for the next few days, I just want to eat fruit for a bit.”

“Sure, honey, sure thing.” I replied, quietly smiling deep in my heart.

I stopped forcing Adaya to eat the foods I made for her when she was a toddler. Why? Because she would go to her Dads - and I would be the ‘bad/not fun mum’ because I only had healthy food in the house. And - I wasn’t going to be the ‘bad/not fun mum’!

I remember being infuriated at the time, when I would pick up my nearly 4 year old at the time and learnt they had been at Maccas and icecream and so much more. I had...

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13 Years of the Goddess Walk

13 Years - this year, marks my 13th year, since I was spiritually awakened. I know some people irk at this, roll their eyes and slap their forehead and….I deeply smile, from deep, deep within my Soul, as I honour the deep drawing of the Goddess that has called me, from deep, deep within, as my Soul howls and screams like the Wild Wolves call, the veils were pierced long, long ago. And it is now, I know this time has come that my blood lays with those open veils like never before…. I have… come Home.


From the depths of my Soul, I called, I longed for Home. Yet, I never truly knew, where Home, was.


Yet, it was from my youth home in this lifetime, I wandered and I wandered far.


For a long time, over this past 15 years of living interstate from my blood family and not knowing why, there have been times I pine for my family, especially in the early years, as my siblings grew up, and I left and saw them only when they were...

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