Whatever dark abyss I travelled the other day - it returned me to the LIGHT OF WHO I AM It always does... you just have to know how to travel it.

Maybe I have been afraid to own it. 

Maybe I have been out of alignment. 

Maybe it is just fucking time. 

I definitely know I needed this time of deep recalibration that is for sure, I know I needed this space to remember who I am. I know I needed this space to shift out of and release my old life - I definitely know that. 

The other day, dropping into the deepest of deep grief that I haven't felt since 2013 - I KNEW something was shifting, although, it didn't feel nice, I witnessed myself in the total floor-less abyss that cleaned me out like no tomorrow. 

IN honour of REMEMBERING WHO THE FUCK I AM - I have woken - well, last night in the shower of course! All the things came streaming through reminding me...

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I used to run away from everything.

I used to run away from everything. I have been called unstable, lost and told that I don't know what I am doing time and time again. 

This used to break my heart 

And - it made for some deep self-reflection and consistent inner work with myself, counsellors and mentors over the years as people in my life would continue to say these things to me, so I looked at it. I took it on board. 

And yet, I did it in a way that made me feel like something was wrong with me. 

Of course I am grateful now, but gosh it knocked me down, tore my heart out and made me feel like I was broken for a long time. 

Over the years and with deep self reflection I have learnt that I am not unstable. 

Whilst the very people who told me I was unstable have changed jobs and career more times than I can count in the same time I have continued to build, expand and stabilise Reality Awareness.

Whilst the very people who also told me I was unstable and need to sort my shit out have...

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This last 9 months has been the hardest 9 months of my entire life..

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"You go first." - The Universe.

"You go first." - The Universe. 


My Soul is Opulence. My Soul is pure Light. My Soul is pure Desire. My Soul is everything I ever want and will continue to want, even when all my wants are met. 


My Soul is everything to me. 

And it is only now, today... that I realised why I have been through why I have been through... why I lost the connection to my Soul... or went unconscious to the connection of my Soul. 

This is hard to describe, but the best way I can describe it that was the big dawning realisation on the way home from my second surf today.... 

Was how Carl Jung had psychosis whilst he was understanding and creating the work that still lives on today, 88 years after he passed away. 

I used to live in full free flow of my Soul. I used to be 100% Soul driven, care free, deeply Soul led, in full synchronistic flow - every single day of my life from day dot. 

Breaking all the rules of...

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I choose to trust my intuition and bare my Soul 🤍

I choose to trust my intuition and bare my Soul 

Some days... like yesterday, I find that almost every single location I visit, someone always comments on my tattoos and then somedays, no one says anything. 

Yesterday, was a day where every place I visited, someone said something. 

"I love your tattoos!" he says as he walks out the door past me in the post office, much to the elderly ladies disgust as she looked at me from what he was saying. 

"What does your number plate mean?" says a Native American descent looking man as I was filling up with petrol as he walked over admiring it, as I replied that "I am a Healer, it means Light Dark," he smiled and said, "Some people call me a Healer too, I know what Light Dark means and also a disruptor of the systems that control us." I smiled back as he walked off, "I know that one!" I said, smiling realising that I have just had another huge energetic shift. 

When I find days like this... I know I have just had a...

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I walked into my office last night to make some last minute notes and updates for myself and my team before closing the door before I went to bed and looked around as I got up from my desk... so much mess - creative mess - everywhere. My heart smiled. She's back. 

There is oracle cards, crystals, coloured felt pens and pencils everywhere, creative notes everywhere, on the floor is piles of creative papers from my current projects and just stuff strewn everywhere.... 


I smiled as I looked around... I haven't felt this happy for what seems like years. 

Ask me that a few months back and I would've said that I am in the worst place in my life... and I was. 

I feel like I have 'popped' through the old paradigm that I had been trying to break out of especially for the last 2 years and something has massively shifted. 

I know it is because I am now valuing my...

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You’ve never been too much....

You’ve never been too much....

Your Life Purpose...

Your Innate Soul gifts...

Your Divine Destiny...

Is calling, that’s all.

There comes a time in the spiritual journey where your Destiny calls you into greater Service.

That time, has come for you, as you have found yourself reading this right now.

There comes a point where you begin to value your worth.

There comes a point where you rise to your next level by saying no to things that drain your energy, deplete your Soul and sink you further into depression.

There comes a time where you set stronger boundaries around 'giving free spiritual help and guidance' and honour your Life Purpose Destiny that is so clearly being shown to you because more and more people are asking for your help. 

There comes a point where you draw the line and even though for a period of time it becomes excruciatingly painful/hard to hold that line, so much that you walk in complete blind faith as if the ground is not beneath your feet...

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Ascension Upgrades, Rapid Light Influxes, Accelerated Life Changes,

Ascension Upgrades, Rapid Light Influxes, Accelerated Life Changes and all I can do is go slower, absorb more, sleep more and... drink sooo much water.

Did you know that two hours in nature, listening to nature sounds and being in nature completely resets your energy? Say goodbye to anxiety, depression and more at the drop of a hat, by adding minimum two hours of nature time PER DAY to your life and watch it transform before your very eyes and remember who you are. 

I haven't been sleeping much more either even though I have been quite wiped and feeling super 'weird' at times... I have actually been sleeping less. By choice. Not because I necessarily want to, but right now? 


Every single area of my life is being upgraded, shifted, accelerated, changed - EXPANDED.

With support, help, unexpected opportunities and at every turn, there is a huge expansive feeling to every single moment. 

And phew! Wanting to implement so much and all I...

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The more I create space, the more I receive 🤍

The more I create space, the more I receive 

I changed my mind again! 

I used to be so busy all the time, keeping busy, working so much, working sooo many hours just... non stop. 

This huge recalibration, these huge changes I have made over the last now stepping into four months - have been pretty hard going through from a workaholic, to consciously creating time for myself and putting in structures in place that deeply support that. 

I didn't mean to become a workaholic, it just happened - subconsciously - you know, how we create our reality subconsciously, yes, that one. 

A bit like yesterday, where I had committed to going for a walk with my best friend on the headlands at dawn, with the beautiful Full Moon still in the sky as the sun rose... so magical.

And yet, I cried the whole way there. 

I began feeling that busy feeling again, how was I going to keep up with it all again?!? On the drive, I was processing, keeping in check my mindset as I turned...

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And so it begins...

And so it begins... 

If you've been following me for a while, you would've heard me share about my food addiction, my coffee addiction and the adrenaline realisations I have had a long the way, especially in this last two years. 

On Thursday I was having my normal breakfast of black coffee and ghee and honey on my rye toast reading one of the books from the series I bought earlier in the week - you may have seen the Medical Medium books on my story early last week. 

Of course, I intuitively opened up to the page to begin with that was going to help me the most. It was... ready for this - ***DRUM ROLL*** - ADRENALINE!

Last year on my 5 month road trips was GO the entire time. I was the sole driver, driving us 8-10 hours a day for 2 days straight to get where we needed to go and so much driving in between over that 5 months, let alone the stress and trauma I experienced along the way. It was intense to say the least. 

But hey, I love road trips. And as...

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