My Shadow was right in my face and I didn't want to hear it...

energy update Nov 29, 2020
My Shadow was right in my face and I didn't want to hear it... let alone look at it.. even when the Universe was constantly right there... not going away UNTIL I did...
It has been a HEAVY and INTENSE few weeks... and yet... I was so aware of this heading in from 31st October portal onwards... hence Transcendence potently coming through to support these fast transcending energies shifting us all to the next level of dimension on this planet we call Earth.
With the Lunar Eclipse in just over 24 hours from now.. the energies are POTENT.
Intense potent 🤣
Eclipse season is here and this portal of Eclipses? Feels bigger than what we had in Apr-May this year, do you feel them?
Everyone has been waiting for reprieve from the energies, however, my intuition only keeps saying they are only going to increase.
For me, I have been super busy behind the scenes as I am handing over tasks to my team members, that.. begun back in 2018 and yet, I flipped and took it all back. It is so interesting that now, I am in a place where I feel comfortable at... LETTING MYSELF RECEIVE HELP!
However, and this is SUCH a strong message I am about to say - sooo many clients I have been saying this:
It almost feels like we are in a bit of limbo right now.. however, the most important thing you can remember is that Divine Timing is playing a HUGE part right now.
If you've been doing what you have been called to do, you haven't got anything to worry about - it IS happening. It is a matter of divine timing for you. Trust the process - even though you will probably be feeling a huge surge of impatience and just want the thing done already!
If you have been ignoring your intuition or delaying making those big life changing decisions you've been getting signs for, you may be feeling super exhausted and not being able to function.
This is simply because there is a back log of intuition that you have not paid attention to and is 'weighing you down' - it is heavy holding back the light! 💥 😉
My Shadow was right in my face and I didn't want to hear it...
Back in 2018, around this time of year - it was sooo heavy for me. And I 'recalled everything back' 'retook control' if you may and carried on.
Everything happens for a reason is such a cliche to insert right here as maybe that is my spiritual delusion in my own sabotage to my growth back then, for the following year saw me plateau and hit a wall that has taken me until now to figure out what was going on!
Sabotage perhaps.. one could beat themselves up with that and yet, right now, I am leaning into softness, kindness and gentleness with myself - because there is also a HUGE part to all of this, that sees deep within me, I simply wasn't ready back then.
And now - looking at my shadow - my LIGHT shadow by the way, that has been in front of my face the entire time.
I just wasn't ready to CLAIM it.
There has been HUGE internal recalibration going on for me since December 2019 and now, this last 6 weeks especially has been the external reality and structure of my life shifting to match what has shifting and recalibrated internally.
2021 is going to be intense... and... Global World Prediction Update coming in December 2020...
For I have been deeply recalibrating in my business AND personal life to support what is coming in the next 5 years, for the 'delay' back in 2018 that I could sit there beating myself up with regret for not 'doing it sooner' is... almost the 'final layer' to this huge recalibration.
My Shadow was right in my face and I didn't want to hear it...
When I delve into my triggers and process them - instead of not hearing them..
When I delve into why I take back control - instead of not trusting...
When I delve into why I react - instead of holding space...
When I see everything as a reflection in my reality and dive into why that is 'in my face'... ESPECIALLY when I can't stop thinking about it, or it annoys me, or I feel envious or pissed about it...
When I ask the question, 'What is the message and lesson that this is in my face for?'
THAT is when my life shifts.
That is when 'all the blocks are magically removed'...
Because it isn't about 'What is blocking me?' - it is more about - 'Where am I not listening deep enough?'
Where am I not sourcing the gift of this shadow, this light, this trigger, this issue right in front of my face?
How can I lean in deeper to what is right in front of my face and transform it like the homeopathic remedy that it is?
Where, are you needing to look deeper to what is right in front of you? Right.. inside you?
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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If you are ready to discover your Life Purpose...
If you are ready to get off the treadmill...
If you are ready to finally shift out of that co-dependent relationship...
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