Okay you got me! Yes, I want a relationship, a divine union - but I ain't settling for just anyone.

about hannah Nov 23, 2020

Okay you got me! Yes, I want a relationship, a divine union - but I ain't settling for just anyone.

It seems recently I have had an influx of messages from people randomly telling me I should just get in a relationship and just be with someone. Companionship would be good for me. 

Ummm... left field random messages from people I barely speak to. But okay then 🤔

Some even coming from people who are in relationships they aren't 100% Soul happy in, but won't leave either 🤔🤔

Yes, of course I am wanting a divine union relationship, but I definitely ain't just settling for something for the sake of it and... the other thing? 

I don't have time for a relationship right now. 

Correction - I am not making time for a relationship right now - because we ALWAYS have time for ANYTHING - it just depends where we prioritise our time - correct? 

I purposely said it like that to make a point. 

Your language and your words COUNT. 

ESPECIALLY the ones you say in passing comment. 

Recently in my Reality Awareness Facebook Support Group, there was a conversation about money and many people commented things that I went and pointed out to them and 99% said, 'Oh, no Hannah I didn't mean it like that." However, I purposely pointed it out to them, what their passing comments on the fly said. This is your subconscious talking - pay attention. The words you speak subconsciously are creating your reality.

This is where the GOLD is - if you can catch it. 

I'm getting off topic. Back on subject... relationship. 

Yes. Divine Union. Yes. 

Story of my life is I have tried and tried and tried and the reality is? 

I haven't wanted anything yet, maybe I have wanted it, but not been ready for it. Two very different things. Anything before, maybe convenience but what it was actually? 

Is someone paying attention to me and then me jumping in blindly. 

Not happening anymore ❌

That ALWAYS ends up with me in more failure, pain and trauma than before I began! 

I wasn't going to share any of this, but then tap tap tap and Spirit talks, I listen. Obviously there is some reason for sharing it beyond what I know right now. 

After my recent road trip escapades, that taught me sooo much. I wasn't even wanting a relationship it was an escape from lockdown and old patterns saw me jump right in like I do. Giving my all and having it thrown in my face. #nomore ❌ 

I KNOW that was the last of the crazy escapades. 

So much was shown in my face about how much my life was in shambles and a mess and it was time to clean it up. Inside and out. Hence the reflection of the level of darkness I found myself in. 

I am still not done cleaning up my life yet. 

It feels like to me, like before I 'opened the box' of learning how to build online courses/businesses. I had about 3 other courses on the go, was teaching in person courses and workshops and had a lot on. I finished the 3 other courses, graduating as a Level 2 Yoga Instructor and Master Lightworker Practitioner and 'tidied' up my life. I couldn't start new ventures, definitely not such a life changing one with old threads still hanging around unfinished. That just causes heavy weights and scattered in the field and can't concentrate properly will all these loose ends. 

It kinda feels similar now, with preparing to be ready to date and meet someone that I know is waiting for me too and aligning to what I am calling in at the same time. This ain't no normal life I live, so it definitely won't be no ordinary life we live together and this man, also has this. We are a match in so many ways #ofcourse. 

Some say that is about being too perfectionistic and I am like, no.. you know when you know and you know when it is a distraction to your purpose work - to your LIFE and when you are.. ready. 

The road trips showed me just how much help I need to create space in my life again, for myself and my daughter, let alone even thinking about dating. Hence the expansion with my team and handing over of tasks to create space... for my creative projects to expand again and create more space in my life for.. life 🤩

I am not sure what it is that I say that prompts people to message me and say I should just get in a relationship with someone (for the sake of it).. and yet when I tune in and se the reflection in their life.. it is kinda interesting projecting/perception. 

Maybe because they want me to feel love. 

Maybe because they know my history with my family. 

When I have looked at why this has come to me these 'random' messages... well yes, there is a part of me that of course wants this. 

Maybe because sometimes I do feel quite alone but do you know what I have noticed about that feeling? Is when I feel my ex (s) in my field! It ain't me! 

I love my life, I love what I do and what I am creating for myself and my daughter. I know what I am looking for in a divine union and I definitely ain't in a hurry to date yet, when I haven't finished cleaning up my life. 

That... delaying 'tidying up my life' with loose ends, unfinished business/creative projects in my business and more - only attracts someone who is a 'mess' and not in full alignment with their mission yet either. And I have walked through that more times than I care to count so I definitely ain't just going to share my energy and life with someone for the sake of it! I got work to do baby! 

At the same time, of course I want to experience a divine union with someone. I just.. know that all the work I am putting in now is so I CAN experience this, there needs to be space in my life to create such, hence.. the expansion going on over here and receiving support so I can create time and space for my... life. 

It's coming and I ain't in no rush. 

I can feel my time for meeting someone is on the horizon. I know this is a divine destiny alignment that I deeply trust with my Heart and Soul. 

I know precisely what I am looking for, aligning to and worthy of and I definitely won't settle for anything less than my full hearts desire in relationship - or life. 

I know those road trip escapades were for the sole purpose of clearing out the traumatic debris stuck in my aura and body which is why I ended up in such refection. 

Now that has shifted out, my boundaries are stronger, my energy and heart are stronger, I am more empowered and definitely have a tonne more self worth on board. 

Take me to the freezing cold, lose our bird to dog attack within 3 days of arriving, off grid with an online business and kill my soul in the process? Oh yeah... talk about a Soul wake up call to getting life back on track and rising to greater heights. What a contract to clear out the remaining elements so I could be free. #sohuge 

It definitely cleared out to pull me into greater alignment, than I could've ever asked for, ending up in warm sub-tropical, Noosa Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, with a salt water pool in the middle of paradise. #wortheverymoment

From now, I rise, to even greater expansion and choose to heal through joy. 

I choose to heal through love. 

I choose to heal through conscious communication, support and compassionate understanding. 

I choose to create an amazing life, with amazing Souls around me that all share the same vision, choosing to do what we love, day in day out, with no routines, no schedules in complete Soul freedom and joy of following our Hearts passion, abundantly supported in all ways. 

We create our reality... 

You just have to keep going UNTIL. 

And then expand some more. 

Are you, clear on your vision? 

On your choice of reality and follow that path in unrequited dedication? 

Do you truly believe, you are worthy of the deepest, most conscious love your Soul knows is in your Destiny that it is time to, align to? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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