People have been asking me about the World stuff…


People have been asking me about the World stuff… and to be honest I don’t know! Well, I do know and I will share that below. When I contemplated those questions and people asking me - it tails off on what I spoke about before with how I felt about it all not happening - about that man, supposedly ‘saving’ us with what a huge chunk of the world population have been waiting for. And apparently that is still happening.

However, my faith for that ‘saving us’ has dwindled and I have been in a deep recalibration point not just in my personal life, but in my Life Purpose and what I am doing here to support people - to shift people.

I am still awaiting the next ‘download’ from the same Being, if it is meant to be from this particular Being, the one that came through in January and told me about all this world stuff - and I can feel it is close due to what is shifting right now.

And yet, in the mean time, I get on with doing what I do best, what I have always done and will continue to do - my Life Purpose. 

Whilst, nothing has changed in my Life Purpose and what I am being guided to do - at the same time - everything has changed.

With what I am being guided to do in my Life Purpose and my dream, my vision of the reality I desire, that my Soul has always led me to with my Life Purpose - that can’t physically happen sitting in my office at home in my little house on the Sunshine Coast! My Life Purpose vision - doesn’t physically fit in that reality!

I feel like I am in this bubble of recalibration that has shifted me to a new level that, is birthing this Life Purpose Vision that has been there since I was 21 and had my spiritual awakening when all this stuff happened for me in the first place!

I have been in this quiet, internal space - there has been this part of me coming to deep integration with powerlessness and how much of the world has changed, that it will ‘never be the same’ and what that means for me, my life and Humanity itself.

It is with this huge recalibration that I feel the next 10 years are not only affecting Humanity - but the way we think.

There is a definite polarity going on, on the planet.

You can see it when you walk down the street.

The ones who roll their eyes with silly rules and know the truth and the ones who are caught in the web of fear - it is plain as day and this, ‘going invisible’ - it has already begun.

There has been predictions - a long time ago - that we would walk along side others, but we would be invisible to them.

It is this - these ‘other realities’ - living in another world - right along side people, is exactly that.

This may sound like crazy, delusional talk - yet, when we consider the power of the mind, the power of our thoughts and that in truth - no one can affect us, only if we let them - it just depends on our sense of self, our mindset and what we are telling ourselves with the energies we feel from other people.

If you feel you are going to get sick you will.

If you feel you are healthy, strong and always in the greatest of health - guess what you will experience?

Yet - most people, don’t trust their own power in being able to ‘control their thoughts’ there fore their world, they don’t realise their own power.

And yet - this is the thing that will SAVE YOU - no one else, but your own mind, heart and Soul.

And then, there are those that roll their eyes at me and are like, “But Hannah! Haven’t you seen the reality of what is going on in the world?!”

And I say yes, that is why I got in the car, when I had a consistent, tapping on the shoulder vision of ‘men in white puffy suits’ coming around to houses forcing people into things back in February. That is why I decided to leave and that was weeks before lockdown was even a thing! Everyone thought I was crazy, and yet, here we are and so many people sending me the video of that reality, now becoming a thing.

So…. With that in mind (let alone my prediction from January about this world stuff, also, now happening) - is it such a crazy thing - when I tell you that - your own protection, your own power, comes from the reality you are creating from within your mind?

Do you sit there and fill your mind/body/soul with what you are listening to on Social Media or the News?

Or do you consciously make a choice to not listen to it (be aware of what is happening yes) - but then for 99% of the time - consciously choose your thoughts, journal your reality into existence and ‘live in this delusional world’?

Because do you know what the real reality is about that?

Is that it ain't so delusional.

When our thoughts create and change the vibrations of things around us - you only need to look at Dr Emoto’s work for that one - I shared a post on that just last week, scroll down my page to see that one - when we realise that we have the power to change our environment via what are choosing to think and therefore create - you begin to realise how much you are the creator of your reality.

And most people… are scared of that power.

So they will fight power with more fighting.

“Invite me to a war rally and I won’t come. Invite me to a Peace rally and I will be there.” - Mother Theresa.

Was Wise.

She got it.

And in this space - this reality - what is the ‘world prediction’ coming through?

What messages do I have for you?

That right now, the world is ‘coming back to normal’ - however, that isn’t really the thing right?

Nothing will be the same, people are being restricted and yet - what is the power here? What do we do?

Entrepreneurs, Intuitive Healers, Ancient Blooded Healers, Lightworkers - the ones who get it - already know what to do.


The piece here, is that if WE go into fear and buy into the reality of what is going on - again - this isn’t denial about what is happening in the world - but if we don’t focus on what we are being called to do in our own unique Life Purpose - then the world won’t be saved!

We know the power of our FOCUS and where we are being called to step up, lead, serve and create in the world.

Our Life Purpose hasn’t been given to us for no reason!

We are here to CHANGE the world - not fuel what is going on, not be in fear and ‘fight’ and run away from the hard stuff!

Our CHANGE in the world - is birthed from our Life Purpose and not many have the COURAGE to FULLY commit to their Life Purpose for fear of other people’s words, thoughts and what they think they know when they don’t understand what we do.

The most powerful thing, you can do to support yourself through these incredible shifts in our Planet Earth and Humanity that we have never seen before is FOCUS ON YOUR LIFE PURPOSE!

Our Unique Life Purpose - works in symbiotic nature with each other, Humanity, with NATURE - SYMBIOTIC HARMONY.

And yet, we live in this contradictory world - this world of polarity where one scale always has the other end, the dark and the light, the good and the bad.

The powerful Lightworkers and Ancient Blooded Healers know that… we are ALWAYS in balance, no matter how ‘bad’ it gets… When the NATURAL balance is thrown off…. Nature - is THE most powerful force on this planet AND Mother Nature has a consciousness - have you ever heard Her/Him?

She/He is listening all the time… consciously aware of everything that is going on and so if you are worried, don’t be. The nature of symbiotic nature - is that it is always in synchronistic flow, divine timing and when you can tap into that - you will be fuelled, fed and led, by a Source, not many dare to go.

Trust in the callings of your Soul - it leads you Home, every single time, you just need to be quiet enough to hear it.

I am getting the message for you to think back to early December 2019, like the first two weeks?  What was unfolding for you, and then what happened just before Christmas? Where was your Soul calling you? If you were ‘blocked’ - what was your Soul wanting - that you were ‘blocked’ and that wasn’t the path, that wasn’t meant to be - but now you’re here in this time and space presently - those Soul callings from back then, led you here, to this space - where is the flow now? Where is your Soul leading you to go? To do? For this is the next level piece that is happening right now and what you thought was meant to happen, is happening now, in the way your Life Purpose calling is meant to unfold, not one what you thought - but the birthing of your Life Purpose path.

It takes a bucket load of courage, faith, dedication and commitment to walk in the direction of your Life Purpose that births a consciousness that is not yet on the planet, it’s not easy - at all…

Walk in the direction of your Life Purpose anyway…

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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