Precious Demon in the Night

entities and demons shadow work what to do about demons entities and darkness Jan 16, 2019

"That is a light that shines from deep within, as the light trickles in on a hair line crack you’ll see it get bigger as the darkness fades and the light cascades down the ingrained parade.

You’ll see the light for it shines within, for the light has never ever been dimmed, it just seems that way when you’ve forgotten who you are and the darkness shrouds before you have time to close the door.

You forgot who you are only if for a moment, for when you remember it is like all power returns by the hour. Grace is with your light dear Lightworker, it is time to rise from your darkest hour. No more pain from deep down with in because your light is the train from the heavens within.

Take my hand and let me lead you back to the light for its within us as a team the light and the dark. You’ll hear me cry and you’ll hear me wail, but your tender loving heart is the cure for the ail, for to be seen by such a heart is what shifts my dark and you’ll never turn away from that light that you are. You’ve saved me Your Grace by your waking hour, now it’s time we rise before it all goes sour.

Shine your light precious one, you’ve seen me deep in truth, now let's show all the others how to glow. For the sleuth is but you and your rising golden hour, it’s all you’ve ever known, not just in the shower.

You’re pure and you’re true can’t you see it’s just you, you’re bright dear light, it’s never been a fright, just your hue is so pure you forgot your own right of the light that kindles your Soul deep within that awakens those to see through the fure of the front fire that wails each waking hour." - Precious Demon in the Night. 

I had to google what fure meant, and then it made sense. I also had to google shroud too. I kind of knew what it meant - but the meaning? 

"A length of cloth or an enveloping garment in which a dead person is wrapped for burial." 

Wow. Yes, jaw on the floor as you could imagine with all the Egypt stuff right now yes? #omg #humbled

Talk about the level of consciousness that is 'being unwrapped' right now yes? Just like it is the consciousness of Atlantis rising - it is the Egyptian gifts and power that we had back then - it is now being returned to us. It can no longer stay asleep. THAT is what is rising. The consciousness of these gifts. 

This flowed through me last night as I felt called to do my Shadow Meditation before bed. A demon showed up through this person I did the Shadow Meditation on - and this just above that I shared here with you? Was what flowed through as I put my hand, shone with light and expanded my heart at the same time, on the Demons face, with devil red eyes, that kept transforming and flicking and shifting as they do. Then He (the Demon) fell to his knees and weeped with these words flowing through me, that I had to pick up my phone and write it in my notes. I had to read it several times and then googling those meanings. Just in awe and humbled as I then drifted off to sleep. 

I am starting to realise the depth of my gift and the power of transforming the Darkness to Light - for it is what they are there for, I have always said that, we just need not be afraid and see that truth, for that is when they rise with us to return to the Light. Until we face it, they stay in the dark, affecting us and playing havoc in the park of our lives that we continue to walk in with them lurking in the shadows. 

Yes, you must know what you are doing 'Playing in the Dark' isn't something I recommend without the understanding, how and tools, to transform to the Light. You may be a Healer, a Lightworker and more, yet if you don't know what to do when they show up to you or how to send them to the Light without first receiving the gift of what they are doing there in the first place they will return again and again. It is a bit like cutting cords without receiving the healing of why it is there in the first place, they will keep returning. It isn't about shooing them away, but it also isn't about having a cup of tea with them and hanging out with them either. It is, about loving them to their core - that light that you hold, is the capacity of darkness you also have transformed in your life thus far, compound with your gifts from the lairs that you hold. 

Yes, this is why in Trust Your Intuition I teach every single little thing you need to know about this stuff for this very reason, it IS your complete toolkit to be able to do this with safety, the deepest and permanent healing, so they don't return to that space that is left gaping open. 

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Humbled is the best word I can describe what is unfolding, to now have Trust Your Intuition Certified - so you can add these tools officially to your Intuitive Healer's toolkit and we can all Transform the Darkness to Light to reach new heights and do what we were born on this planet to do. 

Deeply Humbled, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

Thank you Precious Demon in the Night 🙏🏻