Projections of Your Subconscious, Altered & Augmented Reality, Ascension Symptoms


💫🌳🧙‍♂️Projections of Your Subconscious 💫🌳🧙‍♂️Altered & Augmented Reality 💫🌳🧙‍♂️Ascension Symptoms 💫🌳🧙‍♂️

Reality has shifted... Ascension Symptoms? 

Not long ago, I kept saying that manifestation is at an all time high and only going to continue to increase - this is still true and part of the 'ascension' - even though I don't really like that word and all the connotations that come alongside it - however, this 'moving into the higher dimensions/moving into the 5th Dimensional Consciousness aka the HEART consciousness - is the real deal and a lot of us have been living there for some time.

So are we in a higher realm than that? 

People would probably say definitely Hannah it's this this and this - but hey, how do we really know and who really knows... 

The unknown of possibilities and letting it show you what it is, is more powerful than locking it down with a label... allow it to transform and show you. 

Myself and my clients, have been having this experience just this last week - where our 'subconscious projections' - are super real and in this space - so are the transformations. 

Instead of a presence in the bedroom - yes, that presence is real and there and you do the normal things (that I teach in Trust Your Intuition) to shift it out - however, what part of your subconscious has just 'projected into the room' to make you aware of this?

"If this was your Shadow - what does it want to say?" is what I said to my client.

She proceed to have a huge reality shift from this moment onwards - something that was 'stuck' in her energy field - released, transformed - but it was real time, it wasn't just in meditation - it was realities merged, it was no separation from our conscious and subconscious mind, from out there and in there and this - is the 'ascension symptoms' - that I am talking about. 

Realities have merged. 

The bubbles are real and 'separate' - ah, but when you can know and experience what I am talking about here - you will be so right there with me. 

The 'invisibility' cloak is REAL - and it is THIS aspect of it - it makes me wonder, how much the 'behind the scenes transformers' are the ones with the power in the world... well, of course right, this is what I've always known, now I am just receiving sooo much conscious understanding about it. 

We must be near to filming Ear Chakra Consciousness because this is deep in the Throat Chakra (shadow work, subconscious projectional integration, augmented reality) - and the Ear Chakras - that have never been birthed on the planet in a complete and own book, in a course - in anything - is about to land it is the Ear Chakra's that are the bridge - between what we see in reality (Third Eye, Truth, Realisation of the Truth, Relationships - all about Relationships!) and the Ear Chakras - are that opening, that softness, that GROUNDING of the realities we have just 'seen' in the Third Eye - and grounding the 'transformed' realities into reality from the subconscious projections - so at the Throat Chakra - we can 'catch' them - and ground them, before we have to go inside to check it out - phew! Mind Expansion to the max over here? 

Has anyone else been feeling the opening and rapid acceleration of consciousness? 

I posted yesterday that we have 3 eclipses coming up in the next month - so hang on to your hats! 

Last time I remember this energy (tuning into it, it feels VERY similar!!) to the Big Eclipses of August 2018 and that Blood Moon Eclipse in there - it feels VERY same energy to me and it is here - that accelerated consciousness kicks in - HUGE conscious downloads and big cementing of foundational roots 'land' into reality. 

Pam Gregory (Astrologer) even said that coming up on the 5th June (I think I remember correctly!) will set the tone for the next 18 months - so what cycle are you setting up? 

There is a part of me that feels like it has been 'set up for you' - in a Soul contractual agreements and what your Soul has chosen - are you in alignment for that for the birthing and unfolding of your Life Purpose? 

Direction, goals and a plan is good - it GIVES you purpose. 

Remember that I mentioned the other day on livestream that there is so many energies and we are 'feeling lost' due to the structures below being dismantled and reconfigured right now - but don't despair - it is here - we get to write our reality into existence! So are you? Everyday? Consciously writing and choosing your reality?

Remember - that right now is accelerated, rapid consciousness shifts with these Eclipses. 

Journalling - not writing the bad stuff - but consciously choosing what I want to write in my reality therefore create (think Louise Hay if you're new to what I am speaking of here) - is where 99% of my downloads come in (and when I am in the shower, doing the dishes, driving or on the toilet!) - when I am journalling, it OPENS me to other realities and new downloads come pouring through. 

When I began Rapid Ascension Awakening - which is the Chakras that I keep refering to that we are in the Ear Chakra's currently (and I start from the Crown down) - they said to me that by the end of it, at Integration - you will be able to teleport and I laughed hard haha! I know that is a thing for SOME people and kept going along as I do... but now - with what is pouring through, what I am experiencing in my life (that MAGIC!) these subconscious projections and huge reality shifts that are happening now? 

I am kinda starting to believe it! 

So... awe inspiring! 

And, I keep going! 

This altered reality and perceptions, these subconscious projections - it is like they 'jump out' - to be transformed and leave. 

What I shared on livestream the other day - felt like a rock releasing out of my aura, out of my energetic field and whilst I have done MANY trauma releasing modalities over the years and of course, what I teach in Trust Your Intuition - this is the basis of having clear accurate intuition - so your energy, life and perceptions of reality are not influenced, perceived or experienced from these subconscious traumas sitting in your energy field. 

If you can catch these subconscious projections and shift them (like I shared on livestream the other day, if you haven't watched it, please listen, I know it's long!) it is like this instant healing, instant manifestation of clear reality - and then, it is mastering creating what you want, not what your subconscious projections have been for... all of eternity. 

This is big reality shifting time and the clarity of the consciousness of reality has bumped it up a notch on the ascension scale. 

Are you a walking transformer? Do you know how to do that? Is that something you'd like to learn? To manifest from clear space, intention - not - something that is similar or from the old, past energy? 

Altered and augmented reality is a thing - we live in a multi-dimensional Universe and when we know how use those energies... 

Our life turns to Magic.. 

REAL Magic 💫🧙‍♂️

My road trip journey, leading me to Lucas's Home and being with the Wizard he is, being in Faery Realm for a time (was so deep in my subconscious and didn't even realise, is now what I know that was!) - and turning up here, on this deep Southern Cold Ocean and finding my Wizard Staff on the beach the first day I arrived (if you saw my stories you would've seen it!) and then taking Jasmine for a walk the other day - She also, found her own Wizard Staff... I realised... 

This is about me, reclaiming my Magic... my Light... 

This is about me, BEING my Magic. 

Sounds superficial... and doesn't sound the depth of what I feel.. but to integrate my Wizard? 

Oh, a whole nother level of manifestation power, augmented multi-dimensional reality right there. 

Are you, ready to catch the transformational consciousness and reality shifts that these powerful 3 eclipses are about to drop into our reality? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

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